right Kach party, founded by the laternRabbi Meir Kahane and espousing thernremoval of all non-Jews from Israel, hasrnbeen outlawed. In Germany, likewise,rncertain far-right parties have been outlawed.rnIn addition, certain insignia,rnlike the swastika, and gestures of the NationalrnSocialist (Nazi) party are illegal.rnMein Kampf cannot be bought, sold, orrnowned. Holocaust-denial is also illegal.rnIn France, a person can go to jail andrnface fines for denying the holocaust orrncertain aspects of it, like the use of gasrnchambers. In Canada, certain types ofrnspeech involving the holocaust are alsornoutlawed.rnThis is not the case in the UnitedrnStates. Unless the speech incites imminentrnviolence, it is protected by the FirstrnAmendment. Thus, we have the AmericanrnNazi Party. The swastika is freelyrnshown. Mein Kampf is openly available,rnand you won’t get arrested for selling it orrnfor buying and reading it. Holocaustdenial,rnin its many forms—some involvingrnthe gas chambers, others involvingrnthe number of deaths of Jews in Europernbetween 1933 and 1945—is not anrnindictable offense. In fact, the UnitedrnStates has become a major source of haternmaterial for Europe and Canada.rnWhat kinds of speech and press arernproscribed in America? Speech that incitesrnimminent violence, pornographyrnthat involves minors, harassing speechrnin the workplace, and “fighting” wordsrn(like yelling “nigger” at a black or “kike”rnat a ]ew). That’s it in the United States.rnFor this reason, speech codes at universitiesrnhave proved impossible to maintain.rnSpeech codes at the large public universities,rnlike the University of Michiganrnand the University of Wisconsin, thatrnban certain kinds of racially offensivernspeech have been found unconstitutional.rnAs a consequence, these speechrncodes have been thrown out, and privaternuniversities, like the University ofrnPennsylvania, have followed suit. Forrnthis reason also, it has proved impossiblernto regulate the speech of Professor Jeffries,rnLouis Farrakhan, and his aide KhallidrnMuhammad, as well as countlessrnwhite supremacists, though their speechrncontains many willful errors and deliberaterndistortions regarding race andrnethnicity and definitely incites racialrnand ethnic hatred.rnBut our usage of the word “racist” isrndefinitely on a different course from thernattitude reflected in law, and one wondersrnhow long this will last. The legal situationrnin Europe and Canada regardingrnspeech inciting racial hatred is clearly arnwarning shot across our bow.rnDaniel R. Vining, Jr., is an associaternprofessor of regional science at thernUniversity of Pennsylvania.rnA Good Soldierrnby Harold McCurdyrnAt Duke, before the blacks came, there were JewsrnTo keep the tensions up we’ll never losernWhile stereotypes that mark off herd from herdrnObscure the singularities conferredrnOn every uncloned individual soul.rnIn that environment a smouldering coalrnOf racist feeling scorched the scholady airrnBetween a Boston Jew and Mellon heirrnProud of his Aryan blood. The feud was wagedrnWith pinpricks, micro-insults, whispers gaugedrnTo irritate: kosher Bostonian tone,rnLoudness of an expensive herringbone,rnOlive complexion, arrogant Aryan eye.rnNothing that could be called a filthy lie.rnIn time, the herringbone marched off to diernAgainst the Hitler panzers, but too laternTo stem the tide of anti-Semitic hatern(And anti-Christian) that made Rudolf HoessrnThe Commandant of Auschwitz. Whom hear confess:rn”I was a lonely boy, companioned byrnWater and trees and animals, and shyrnWith my devoted parents. Father meantrnMe for the priesthood, but my destiny sentrnMy guttering faith into the Kaiser’s warrnAnd I emerged apostate, unfit forrnThat occupation. While I still could prayrnI witnessed Baltic slaughter. To this dayrnThose half-burned huts beside the Dvina, crammedrnWith charred child-bodies, prove mankind is damned.rn”Imprisoned six years for a traitor’s death,rnI suffered among criminals, out of breathrnNow for all prayer, but strenuous to survivernAnd farm good German soil, and cleanly wive.rnAnd have fine healthy children. And I did.rnMy rural dream fared well, till Himmler bidrnMe back to a soldier’s life and to Dachau,rnA nightmare unforeseen. I remember howrnI went all hot and cold when first I sawrnTwo prisoners flogged. But I believed in law,rnIn law and order, and the soldier’s code.rnDachau. Then Sachsenhausen. Then my roadrnBrought me to Auschwitz, where, above the gate,rnArbeit macht frei spurred enemies of the StaternTo do their duty, as I did myself.rnZealously, even when pity cut me in halfrnPeering into a gas-chamber, or turningrnMy eyes away from children chosen for burning.rn”Let the great public continue to regardrnMe as a beast, the cruel, heartless, hard.rnSadistic murderer of two million Jews.rnThat’s my indelible image in the news.rnHow can I contradict it? I, in fact.rnWas a good soldier, disciplined to actrnAs one cog in the complicated machinernOf the Third Reich. Now that the great machinernIs broken, this one cog, as the cog knew.rnMust be destroyed. Neither Gentile nor JewrnHereafter will comprehend, or ever can.rnThat Hoess too had a heart and was a man.”rn48/CHRONICLESrnrnrn