transactionnNew and Recent Books on Family and PolicynThenSwedishnExperimentnin FamilynPolitiesnIHE MVRDALS ANDnTHE INTERWARnPOPULATION CRISISnAllannCarlsonnThe,. .npoliticsnHunriannNaturenThomas FlemingnEamilynQu^t^nsnl^ln ^^’^nReflections on thenAmerican Social CrisisnAllan C. CarlsonnTHE SWEDISH EXPERIMENT INnFAMILY POLITICSnTHE MYRDALSAND THE INTERWAR POPULATION CRISISnAllan CarlsonnThis devastating account of the work of Gunnar and Alva Myrdal portraysnhow two young scholars used the power of ideas to help engineer a newndomestic order in Sweden. It offers the general reader remarkable insightninto the nature of Scandinavian social life, and the specialist a criticalnperspective on how social science can itself become the problem, rathernthan providing solutions in contemporary post-industrial life.nISBN: 0-88738-299-1 (cloth) 314 pp. $39.95nTHE POLITICS OF HUMAN NATUREnThomas RemingnThis effort to understand human nature in a political context takes up sexnand gender differences, democracy and dictatorship, individual andnfamilial patterns of association.n”Probing and thoughtful” -Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Chroniclesn”Learned, thoughtful, and superbly written”n-Robert Nisbet, The National Reviewn”Progressives and radicals could benefit from grappling with Fleming’snintellectually stimulating presentation.”n-The Progressiven”A wide-ranging and freewheeling review of sundry madnesses affectingnmodern political thought.” -This WorldnISBN: 0-88738-189-8 (cloth) 276 pp. $32.95nFAMILY QUESTIONSnREFLECTIONS ON THE AMERICAN SOCIAL CRISISnAllan CarlsonnWhat accounts for the crisis in American family life? This creative searchnfor answers borrows from conservative, feminist, and socialist traditions,noffering a number of provocative explanations.n”One of the most profoundly sensible voices on the American landscape.n… All of his positions are carefully laid out and supported by meticulousnresearch and precise reasoning.”n-William Tucker, The American Spectatorn”Genuinely profound” -E. Calvin Beiser, Worldn”Of interest to historians, social scientists/planners and students at thenupper-division undergraduate level and above”n-D.A. Chekki, ChoicenISBN: 0-88738-206-1 (cloth) 335 pp. $39.95nOrder from your bookstore or direct from the publisher.nmnMajor credit cards accepted. Call (201) 932-2280ntransaction publishersnDepartment FP012nRutgers-The State UniversitynNew Brunswick, N.J. 08903ntransactionnnn