NEWnModem editions of classic works for today’s readers.nON LIBERTY, SOCIETY, AND POLITICSnBy William Graham SumnernEdited by Robert C. Bannistern”This is the finest single-volume edition of Sumner’s works ever to appear”n—Ronald Lora, University of Toledo”nChiefly remembered as one of the founding fathers of sociology William GrahamnSumner was also a strong classical liberal. Revealing his overall development, thisncollection shows he was uniquely sensitive to the relations between liberty property,ntradition, and progress, as well as to the need for a hardheaded realism to counter then”schemes” of those who feel more intensely than they think.n424 + xlii pages, index. Hardcover $30.00 0-086597-100-5; Paperback $7.50 0-086597-101-3nD Enclosed is my check.nD Please send me a catalogue.nNamenPlease send me the following titles:nSJITS-S-*^ _^ ,~- “” ” “nONlJBERrsocffiUnOTHER NEW AND SIGNIFICANT TITLESnFURTHER REFLECTIONS ON DISCOURSES CONCERNING RATIONALISM IN POLITICSnTHE REVOLUTION IN FRANCE GOVERNMENTnAND OTHER ESSAYSnBy Edmund BurkenBy Algernon SidneynBy Michael OakeshottnEdited by Daniel E. Ritchien-Edited by Thomas G. WestnForeword by Timothy Fullern”It is now possible to have ready andn”A handsome, scholarly and fullyn”Oakeshott returned continually toneasy access to Burke’s widernannotated edition, one of the majornthe central theme of his work: freedom,ndiscussion of the French Revolution.”nclassics of English political thought,nseeking to explain not just freedom innH.T. Dickinson, University of Edinburgh and one which exerted a powerfulnthe political sense, but freedom as anHardcover $25.00 0-86597-098-xninfluence on educated Americanndefining characteristic of man.” ThenPaperback $ 7.50 0-86597-099-8nopinion in the run-up to 1776.” John P.nKenyon, University of Kansas.nLondon TimesnHardcover $24.00 0-86597-094-7nORIGINS OF THEnCOMMON LAWnBy Arthur R. Hoguen”The book has an important functionnfor which it does not have any realncompetition. It deals with thendevelopment of the English CommonnLaw on a level which is accessible.. . .nIt is well-written and reliable.” R. H.nHelmholz, University of ChicagonHardcover $10.00 0-86597-053-xnPaperback $ 4.50 0-86597-054-8nHardcover $35.00 0-86597-088-2nPaperback $12,00 0-86597-089-0nTHE STATE OF THE UNIONnBy Albert Jay NocknEdited by Charles H. Hamiltonn”Here is social and intellectualncriticism at Its best, from a thinker whon, will surely climb in due course to hisnproper place in the Americannpantheon.” Jacques BarzunnHardcover $20.00 0-86597-092-0nPaperback $ 7.50 0-86597-093-9nPaperback $ 7.50 0-86597-095-5nPOLITICAL SERMONS OF THEnAMERICAN FOUNDING ERA:n1730-1805nEdited by Ellis Sandozn”In this and other volumes of a similarnnature. Liberty Fund has establishednhigh standards of scholarly exactness.”nJournal of the Early RepublicnHardcover $38.00 0-86597-090-4nPaperback $12,00 0-86597-091-2nAddress.nCity.nState/Zip.nTo order by phone, call 317-842-0880; fax 317-577-9067. Prepaymentnby check, VISA, or MasterCard is required on all orders not for resale.nShipping and fiandling and a $15 minimum apply to credit card orders.nWe pay book rate postage on orders prepaid by check. Please allownapproximately four weeks for delivery.nm^r”-^nQuantity Title HC/PBnLIBERTY FUNDnI 7440 North Shadeland, Dept. M203, Indianapolis, IN 46250-2028 InnnSubtotalnIndiana residents add 5% sales taxnTotalnAmountn