DO YOU THINKnTHE MEDIAnARE BIASEDnAGAINSTCONSERVATIVES?nIf SO, MediaWatch is for you. Every monthnMediaWatch will give you examples, quotes,nstudies and analysis exposing the liberal bias ofnthe media, especially the TV networks.nWilliam Rusher, Publisher of National Review, callsnMediaWatch “by long odds the most inspired idea thatnhas hit the conservative movement in years. Yourndetermined and comprehensive coverage of the media’snperformance has almost no competition and absolutelynno equal whatever.”nWhat other readers say:n• “Bravo to MediaWatch for exposing the hypocrisy innso much of what’s going on in the ‘news’ business.”n-Senator Jesse Helmsn• “On many important issues, and especially with SDI,nMediaWatch convincingly exposes the liberal biasnwhich is constantly being forced-fed to the AmericannPublic by our national press.”n-Lt. Gen. Daniel 0. GrahamnUSA (Ret.), Director,nHigh Frontiern• “Where most conservatives complain vaguely aboutnmedia bias, MediaWatch gives names, dates and incriminatingnquotes. It reports the prejudices of the pressnin action, and pounces.”n-Joseph SobrannSyndicated Columnistn• “MediaWatch performs a vital public service in callingnattention to those instances where bias in the mediandistorts and misrepresents the public’s right to know. Inhope your audience grows prodigiously.”n- Congressman Phil Cranen• “MediaWatch is an effective observer of our FourthnEstate—a valuable service to the country.”n-William J. BennettnFormer Secretary of EducationniMiMediaWatcnDouble Standard EuMcnl In CouemoenCONVENTION CONTRASTSnBill..iiriihfnvi|H«M»fenBMediaWatch.n{ BUSH UeHGUK BVALUn.AX10H ^4BC-•^tH B*»nt»w»BU.»b(»i to Id Ctttp; BohnJdlllnjlhe en ronmtnU Wgl.n”• n&fRnJlw Onaba INij^lVnES !i%e LoguE 0 CongiTvitlonn!n{LCVl.£iaHtlKniK(il(>ntonrp» *2XiCV> ityoa ari on Itien’^pnii(icntU]”J«usidm. Oiluliiin^P^KMSBNEWSBITES JJi^ ZnWetmorlcs Come lo the Aid of DukakisnMAD AT THE ADSnXReponm drbtled why DuluWi Igt thr thligts ‘go untnjinThe Bush ad began: Tlukakisnhas opposed virtually everyndefense ivslem.” ThielkBidncoimleted; “In fact, he stn« Ihe “riuiltrkl iBry by oong thinmentod p(«ywhillhey cl>n»lw»docurH.tjitu,nl«>llolBut>..Tads.n’n* BushCAmpiignibopravided evidence lo bacli up Ihrtr pH»n furloughnrlira Wlltun diyiCBSn10 ponnylng Uir Dul-nHJic On Noym.-nâ„¢Hmortihiiig~Jnlirmc Siy* You n WQDC Oif__ ^ sjnABC Htm ConmdliU IlicU^j:: T,ntk