THE YEAR IN REVIEWrnW”- rn^ ^ mz^rni^rnM * . trn•ArnThe Coming Wrath—January 1992—Samuel Francisrnon James Burnham and the managerial revolution,rnAndrei Navrozov on democracy and dictatorship,rnTomislav Sunic on the future of nationalism, andrnHarold O.J. Brown on the prophecies of PitirimrnSorokin. Plus Chilton Williamson, Jr. on DeeprnEcology, William Grigg on the case against thernBoy Scouts, and Anne Marie Morgan on thernbureaucracy of getting married.rnBread and Circuses: The Politics of Welfare—rnFebruary 1992—Allan Carlson on how federal housingrnpolicies have contributed to the breakup of thernfamily, William Murchison on the doctor and thernstate, and Christina F. Jeffrey on Social Securityrnas family policy. Plus Barbara McCarthy onrnwelfare and illegal immigration, and JeffreyrnTucker on Housing and Urban Development.rnFaces of Eve: Goddess, Starlet, Poetess—Marchrn1992—Janet Scott Barlow on the devolution ofrnwomen on the screen, Thomas Fleming on marriagernas the real right to privacy, and R.S. Gwynn onrnAmerican women poets. Plus Betsy Clarke onrnthe politics of rape, Anne Marie Morgan on thernnew technology of fertility control, andrnKenneth Craycraft on Mary Ann Glendon’s RightsrnTalk.rnThe Spanish Americas—April 1992^—RichardrnEstrada on the Hispanic contributions to Americanrnculture. Mario Vargas Llosa on the difficult rise ofrnthe Latin American novel, Chilton Williamson,rnJr. on bullfighting in Juarez, Mexico, andrnpoems by Jorge Luis Borges. Plus BradrnLinaweaver on Albert Jay Nock, WilliamrnMurchison on LBJ, and Murray Rothbard on violencernin New York City.rnLaw and Order: Crime and Punishment—rnMay 1992-—Thomas Fleming on the role of thernexecutioner, Philip Jenkins on the drug war andrnpersonal liberties, Graeme Newman on the casernfor corporal punishment, and Theodore Pappasrnon vigilante justice. Plus Murray Rothbard on streetrncrime. Llewellyn Rockwell on vagrancy law, RichardrnIrving on taxi drivers and minority crime, and arnfirsthand account of life in prison.rnRestoring the Republic—June 1992^ClydernWilson on the republican approach, SamuelrnFrancis on the nationalist approach, and E.rnChristian Kopff on the Augustan compromise.rnPlus Thomas Fleming on why we have the governmentrnwe deserve. Theodore Pappas on Japanese-American trade.rnChilton Williamson, Jr, on illegal immigration, and Murray Rothbardrnon repudiating the national debt.rnA^^^rn.’XrnCitizenship—July 1992—John Lukacs on patriotism,rnRichard D. Lamm on why great nations need greatrncitizens. Richard Flathmau on four models ofrncitizenship, and Peter Schuck and Rogers Smith onrnwhy citizenship should be based on consent and notrnbirth. Plus Thomas Fleming on the rebirth ofrnnationalism, and Samuel Francis on the BuchananrnRevolution.rnReactionary Modernism—August 1992— ThomasrnMolnar on Celine and French reactionary modernism,rnPeter J. Stanlis on Robert Frost, J.O. Tate onrnWyndham Lewis, and Larry Woiwode on DosrnPasses. Plus David R. Slavitt on the novels of 1991,rnJustin Raimondo on Ayn Rand as plagiarist, BillrnKauffman on Sinclair Lewis, and ChiltonrnWilliamson, Jr.’s review of R. Emmett Tyrrell’srnThe Conservative Crack- Up-rnRotten to the Core: American Colleges —rnSeptember 1992—Thomas Fleming on literature andrnthe curriculum debate, Robert Weissberg on the lifernof a campus conservative. E. Christian Kopff onrna true classical curriculum, and student reportsrnon political correctness at the University ofrnFlorida, Grinnell College, and GeorgetownrnUniversity. Plus Laura Rogers’ expose of the Parentsrnas Teachers program.rn1492: Italians and America—October 1992—rnChristie Davies on blaming Columbus, E.rnChristian Kopff on Margaret Fuller in Rome,rnChilton Williamson, Jr. on pseudoscholarshiprnabout Columbus, and Samuel Francisrnon The Godfather as political metaphor. PlusrnThomas Fleming on the changing frontier, David R.rnSlavitt on Lorenzo Da Ponte, and Thomas O. Jonesrnon Columbus’ descendants.rnAin*t Freedom Grand: The 1992 Election-rnNovember 1992—Donald Warren on the emptyrnvoting booth, William J. Quirk on the unrepresentedrnmiddle class, Thomas Fleming on thernElectoral College, James S. Fishkin on deliberativernpolling, and Samuel Francis on the passivity of thernelectorate. Plus Allan Carlson on proportionalrnrepresentation, and Theodore Pappas on Martin LutherrnKing, Jr.’s eariy plagiarisms.rnTen Commandments—December 1992^rnA round-table discussion on the Decalogue—rnby Thomas Molnar, Gary North, Frank W.rnBrownlow, Allan Carlson, Jacob Neusner, TheodorernPappas, Murray Rothbard. E. Christian Kopff, Harold O.J.rnBrown, and George Garrett. Pius Philip Jenkins on the panicrnover priestly pedophilia. Sally Wright on Malcolm Muggeridge, andrnWilliam Wilson on C.S. Lewis.rnB A C K I S S U E O R D E R F O R Mrn1 to 4 issues $5.00 each; 5 to 9 issues $3.00 each (postage & handUng included);rn10 or more issues $2.00 each (postage billed separately)rnDate Qty. Cost Date Qty. CostrnJanuary 1992rnFebruary 1992rnMarch 1992rnApril 1992rnMay 1992rnJune 1992rnNamernJuly 1992rnAugust 1992rnSeptember 1992rnOctober 1992rnNovember 1992rnDecember 1992rnTotal Enclosed $ .rnAddressrnMail with check to: Chronicles * 934 North Main Street * Rockford, llhnois 61103rnrnrn