About thenRockford CollegenInstitutenThe Rockford College Institute is founded on the premise that both America andnWestern civilization are in urgent need of the revival of certain ideas whichnhave become decomposed, bemuddled and trampled by the culture of our time.nIt attempts to restore reason, order and tradition to their natural role in humannaffairs. It believes that a new meaningfulness can be found in permanent valuesnby raising the level of cultural sophistication, which should not be confused withnintellectual sophistry.nThe Rockford College Institute seeks to assist Americans in regaining a commitmentnto those attitudes and principles required of an effective free society,nand essential to the private enterprise system, about which there are so manynconfusions that need clarification.nThus, we strive to make it plain and credible that freedom without responsibilitiesnis freedom’s undoing; that pragmatism, the American message tonmankind, must be calmly’employed but passionately defended; that compassionndevoid of rationality turns into neurosis; that imagination divorced fromnprudence impoverishes instead of enriching the sense of existence; that consciencenhas tobe judicious to serve civic and personal purposes.nAmerica’s incomparable success as both a civilization and a society came from anhealthy balance between authority and freedom. Nothing could pervert thisnfunctional arrangement until the critics of America turned into haters andnpersecutors during the sixties and succeeded in branding authority as tyranny.nThe malaise, even oppression, brought upon us all by their disjointed thinking,ninjured the consciousness of an entire gelieration. Confounding authority withntyranny proved an easy way to demolish the permanent value of freedom.nWe, at the Rockford College Institute, believe that there is an unmistakablendistinction between authority and tyranny ; that one is as essential to freedom asnthe other is incompatible with it.n* * *nTTie Rockford College Institute offers a variety of services to the Americannbusinessman, and any other group, or individual, who may be interested in ournwork.nWe publish pamphlets, essays, and treatises on topics related to our concerns.nSeminars and conferences will be held on the Rockford College campus andnprovide insights by the country’s best qualified scholars and specialists. _ _ -_nVJ^lnChronicles of Culturennn-lon