ously, and from there easily create anrnAmerican identity. Any who cannot bernbothered can wait for the next amnesty.rnAnother difference between the newrnimmigration and the old is that the oldrnwas intermittent, broken by lulls duringrnwhich recent immigrants were assimilated.rnIn contrast, the new immigration isrncontinuous. The constant inflow ofrnaliens overwhelms the assimilating powerrnof communities, while preserving thernalienness of the immigrants. Indeed,rneven if communities could assimilate,rnthe Justice Department would probablyrnfile suit to halt the process as a threat torndiversity, a protected right. In manyrnquarters today, assimilation is regarded asrna racist goal designed to maintain whiternhegemony. Local communities arernforced at taxpayers’ expense to teach thernchildren of legal and illegal aliens in theirrnnative tongues. Whether legal or illegal,rnimmigrants have access, protected byrncourts, to the social safety net.rnWelfare for aliens has proved to be expensive;rnhence the success in Novemberrn1994 of California’s Proposition 187 banningrnwelfare for illegal aliens. However,rnthe people’s decision has been put onrnhold by federal judges who apparentlyrnbelieve that illegals have an inalienablernright of access to the incomes of the native-rnborn.rnOur new breed of immigrant also hasrnother rights that take precedence overrnthose of native-born whites. Eightythreernpercent of legal immigrants, andrnalmost all of the illegal immigrants, qualifyrnas “protected minorities.” They havernquota rights to go to the head of the linernin college and university admissions,rnemployment opportunities, access torntraining programs, and promotions.rnThese preferences are expanding as thernlogic of a privileged and protected classrnunfolds. Every year two or three millionrnculturally diverse immigrants enter therncountry and are granted legally protectedrnrights of preference over the indigenousrnwhite population.rnBrimelow has a term for this insanity,rnborrowed from former senator EugenernMcCarthy. The United States hasrnbecome “a colony of the world.” Arnguilt-ridden white population is doingrnpenance for the success that made Englishrnthe world language and the dollarrnthe world currency. To atone for racistrncultural hegemony, whites are turningrnover their country to Third World immigrants.rnJust after the middle of the nextrncentury, whites will be a minority in thernUnited States and can begin to worryrnabout the ethnic genocide that has oftenrnbeen the African and Asian response tornmulticultural societies.rnBrimelow tells his story with facts andrncharts and logical implications. Despiternhis confidence in his case, he feels beleagueredrnand frustrated. He is frustratedrnbecause his opponents take refuge inrnemotional reflexes and deny the obvious,rnand he is beleaguered because it isrnmorally impermissible to defend anythingrnEuropean or white. So what if arnbunch of white people lose their country?rnIt will be a better place after they arerngone. And besides, what about ourrngrandfathers? Weren’t they immigrants?rnYes, says Brimelow, they were, but for thernmost part they were white, and for thatrnreason few would be able to immigrate tornthe United States today.rnImmigration has become a civil rightrnthat noncitizens enjoy in the UnitedrnStates. Brimelow speculates that thernpromiscuous altruism that calls for openrnborders is simply an expression of hatredrnfor the nation-state. Here the emotionalrncontext becomes complex. Libertariansrnhate the state and favor open borders as arnway of attacking it. Conservatives wantrnto preserve the state in its unifying role.rnLiberals want to harness it for the latestrnprogressive social goals—namely multiculturalism.rnAnd populists favor immigrationrnas a way of combating the formationrnof a ruling class.rnNew blood keeps things stirred, but ifrnthe new blood is multicultural, privileged,rnand nonassimilable, blood willrnprove stronger than geography. Even Europeanrnempires have broken apart forrnethnic reasons. Separatist movementsrnare threatening some European nationstatesrntoday and frustrating the driverntoward European unity. A multiculturalrnUnited States is unlikely to fare any betterrnthan the Austro-Hungarian Empire.rnAmerica, it is sometimes said, is an idea,rnnot a nation. But once this point isrnmade, it remains true that a multiculturalrncommunity is not a people, and withoutrna people there is no country. ThernUnited States is a country that is becomingrnas diverse as the world. Since 1965, itrnhas acquired more cultural, linguistic,rnand racial diversity within its bordersrnthan has been required to maintainrnEurope as a collection of diverse and separaternnation-states. An immigration policyrnconstructed by Camelot liberals isrndeconstructing our country, and if wernwant to remain a country, we will havernto address the issues raised by PeterrnBrimelow.rnThis is not an easy task. There are organized,rnvested interests—lawyers, politicians,rnand purveyors of welfare—thatrnbenefit from the influx of aliens. To preventrnany rational discussion, they encouragernthe inclination to dismiss anyrnmention of an immigration problem asrnracist. Brimelow has already had a tasternof the treatment that Enoch Powell receivedrnwhen he first raised the issue inrnGreat Britain in 1968. There, as here,rnthe immigrant population concentratedrnin specific regions so that the bulk of therncountry could not see what was to come.rnPowell was simply disbelieved when hernspoke of a constituent whose child wasrnthe only white pupil in a school class.rnSimilarly, Brimelow reports that in thernUnited States today, 75 percent of thernimmigrants locate in six states. Thus,rnmany Americans fall victim to the liberalrnmedia’s line that the “immigrationrnscare” is racist hate-mongering.rnThe topic certainly scares many intellectualsrnand demographers whose primaryrnconcern is to avoid being calledrn”racist.” The epithet stifles discourse,rnbut Brimelow, like Powell, has couragernand sticks to his guns. As the facts disseminate,rnBrimelow will have an impactrnon immigration policy. A quarter of arncentury ago Powell was denounced in arnhysterical editorial in the London Timesrnand stripped of his ministerial positionrnin the Conservative Party. But todayrnthe official policy of Creat Britain andrnEurope prohibits prime immigration.rnOnly residual family reunification isrnpermitted, a process that is expected tornbe completed soon.rnThe 1965 Immigration Act warrants arnbig debate. Prior to this act, the reproductivernbehavior of the native-born wasrnstabilizing the population at around 260rnmillion. But the federal government deceptivelyrnadopted an immigration policyrnthat is pushing the population to 390rnmillion by 2050, 140 million of whomrnwill be post-1970 immigrants and theirrndescendants. This socially engineeredrnchange in the racial character of thernUnited States population, together withrnthe race-based quota privileges that havernbeen read into the 1964 Civil RightsrnAct, have enormous implications for therndescendants of native-bom whites, who,rnat best, will be second-class citizensrnin the 21st century if current policiesrncontinue. rnJULY 1995/29rnrnrn