All Things Consideredrnby Charles Edward EatonrnIf you aim at a target you may notrnHit the thing in mind but something else:rnConsider the color of that dahlia fed on apricot.rnYou have the flower but you do not have the fruit,rnThe thing you wanted, the luscious filling in the mouth.rnThe orange going down into the depths, the chute.rnNight comes and fireflies light their fire—rnYou wanted lanterns strung along the gardenrnTo send you on your latest ego trip as dauphin of desire.rnYou sit on the porch and think you hear a dulcet fountain giving voice:rnThe gulping gone—all suave and silvered aftermath.rnThe sound, it seems, is some late swimmer dripping in the house.rnTake the little drama then, giving up the fruit, the trip, the fountain blest-rnThe wet intruder looks exquisite in the moonlight.rnAnd cool is the comfort in your hand when you caress her breast,rnCaress and hold, caress and hold, here in the present tense—rnExeunt omnes all things wanted otherwise:rnLife is more adept than you at setting terms and switching evidence.rn14/CHRONICLESrnrnrn