all having secret agreements among themselvesnto cooperate, and to share financingnand research.” Mr. Pickens recounts hownthe Japanese have tried to keep him offnthe corporate board; how he mustncontribute to the fees that Koito pays tonAmerican lobbyists who are working innWashington to keep him off the board;nhow they refuse to show him the corporatentax records; how Toyota sells thenLexus at below cost in America in annattempt not to win profits but to gainnmarket share, and how Japan can affordnto do this in numerous industries becausenof the financial security that keiretsusnprovide. The price of the Lexus maynbe low now, he warns, but “when enoughnmarket share has been acquired, that pricenis going to go up. And GM, Ford andnChrysler are losing market share so quicklynthat it is scary.”nIn These Times and New Republic editornJohn Judis, and former president ofnthe USBIC, Anthony Harrigan, discuss thenpolitics of the current debate over nationalneconomic strategies. As Mr. Judis discoverednwhile researching his landmarkn1989 expose on Japanese lobbying, the exactncomposition of the “Japan lobby” isndifficult to categorize because it createsnsome strange economic and political bedfellows.nHe nonetheless clearly separatesnthe various factions, and traces as well hownJust complete and mail the adjoiningncoupon witli your checl: or money order,nand we’ll promptly send each recipient angift card in your name.nTO ORDER BY PHONEnCALL TOLL FREEn1-800-877-5459nWorld War II and the Cold War causednfissures over free trade on both the leftnand the right. Anthony Harrigan concentratesnon the revolving-door networknbetween U.S. government officials andnthe foreign lobbyist community andnhighlights many of the Beltway’s “conservative”nthink tanks:nConservative and libertarian thinkntanks such as the Heritage Foundationnand the Cato Institute continuento grind out statements thatninsist that everything is wonderful.nMany of the conservativenthink tanks, to be sure, are recipientsnof massive financial grantsnfrom Japanese, Korean, Taiwanesenand European interests. Manynconservative think tanks now havena tremendous vested interest inndefending foreign commercialnentities.nThe “old national interest American publicnphilosophy,” concludes Mr. Harrigan,n”has been abandoned by these self-stylednconservatives.”n* * *nIn Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal thensquire Jons says to his master, “For tennyears we sat in the Holy Land and let thensnakes bite us, insects prick us, wild an­nimals rip us, heathens slaughter us . . .nfevers consume us, all to the glory ofnGod…. Our crusade was so stupid thatnonly an intellectual could have inventednit.” What an apt description of America’sncurrent economic plight. In plain face ofnour lost industrial base, mounting foreignndebt, and increasing vulnerability to technologicalnblackmail, only Ivory Tower punditsnentirely removed from reality or politiciansnand think-tank lackeys on the takenfrom foreign nationals could be indifferentnto the parasitical trade practices debilitatingnour body politic for the greaternglory’ of the Free Trade God. RichardnNixon recently chastised America for notngiving Russia sufficient foreign aid innits time of social and economic need,nwarning that fifty years hence we maynwell be debating “Who lost Russia?”nas we debated “Who lost China?” in then1950’s. But with free trade, multiculturalism,ntransnationalism, and unlimitednimmigration reigning supreme, it isndoubtful whether America will have thenluxury in the next century of debatingnRussia’s socioeconomic state. The pressingnquestion of the day will be who lostnDetroit, Miami, Los Angeles, and thatnerstwhile republic known as the UnitednStates of America. <0nChronicles Gift Subscription has long been a popularnchoice as a gift for family and friends. And now, our special ratesnmake giving Chronicles a considerable value, too. Give anone-year subscription to Chronicles for only $24—you saven$6 or 25% off the cover price.nGIFT FOR GIFT FORnADDRESS ADDRESSnCITY CITYnMY NAMEnADDRESSnFOREIGN ORDERS ADD $6 PER SUBSCRIPTION. U.S. FUNDS ONLY. CHRONICLES SELLS FOR $2.50 A COPYnSEND TO: CHRONICLES • P.O. BOX 800 • MT. MORRIS, IL 61054nnnJUNE 1992/31n