only be loyal to one country. They have to choose to be eitherrnAmerican or Mexican, but this is exactly the choice that thernMexican government does not want them to make, Tlie governmentrnof Mexico has lobbied furiously in the United Statesrnon behalf of NAFTA and against California’s Proposition 187rndenying welfare benefits to illegal immigrants. More recently,rnMexico passed a law granting dual citizensiiip to Mexican immigrantsrnwho become naturalized citizens of the United States.rnMexican ethnic lobbies such as the League of United LatinrnAmerican Citizens (LULAC) may profess loyalty to the UnitedrnStates, but most of their actions are directed toward makingrntheir followers an alien force within the body politic. InrnSeptember, the California chapter of LULAC sounded the callrnfor action against Ron Unz’s initiative opposing bilingual education.rnDescribing Unz as a “Silicon Valley millionaire”rn(rather than as the leading libertarian Republican in the state),rnLULAC condemned him for his “cynical strategy” in seekingrnthe support of Hispanic families. Mr. Unz’s cynicism consistsrnin believing that Mexican-Americans will abandon identity politicsrnand vote according to their self-interest—low taxes, goodrnschools, the knowledge of English that is essential to economicrnsuccess.rnFor LULAC leaders and their ilk, the game transcends politics,rnand they stand to lose more than influence if Mexican-rnAmericans refuse to play their game. Ethnic lobbyists, who devoterntheir careers to dividing Americans against one another,rnshow no reluctance in accepting the federal tax dollars paid byrnall of us mostly European-Americans. In 1994, LULAC receivedrna $750,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Educationrnto “help Hispanics better understand their rights under thernAmericans with Disabilities Act.” In the United States, this isrnwhat “education” means—teaching a minority of a minorityrnhow to buy their one-way tickets for a ride on the governmentrngravy train.rnThe code-word for the bizarre labyrinth of preferencesrnbased on color, origin, sex, and style of kinkiness is “diversity.”rnBut real diversity—the living and breathing differencesrnbetween families of diiferent regions and cultures — is the enemyrnof the unitar’ state. To destroy it, masters and magistratesrnhave to create a wax-doll substitute, a diversity based on artificialrnidentities (like Hispanic or African-American) and a systemrnof quotas that guarantees the destiuction of any genuine ethnicrnheritage (especially the Anglo-American traditions that are thernfoundation of the nation). Once they have given us a numberrnand taken away our names, they will be free to impose a unityrnwhose ultimate source is the power of a military government tornconscript its subjects into a national army of soldiers. PeacernCorps volunteers, bureaucrats, welfare clients, and prisonrninmates.rnAs dependents, we become collaborators. Nice liberalrnjudges and school superintendents destroy the lives of our children,rnsometimes with the best of intentions. “As individuals, asrnfamilies, as neighbors, as members of one community, peoplernof all races and political views are usually decent,” but as a wisernChinese immigrant tells the hero of Dean Koontz’s Dark Riversrnof the Heart: “In large coqjorations or governments, when greatrnpower accumulates in their hands, some become monsters.”rnIn one sense, America’s rulers are playing the very ancientrngame oidivide et impera. Julius Caesar, who coined the phrasernduring his conquest of Caul, not only set Cermans againstrnCauls, tribe against tribe, but succeeded in stirring up factionalismrnwitiiin the various communities of Caul, all with an eyernto preventing a common defense. Successful conquerors andrnempire builders, before and since, have used the same technique.rnPhilip of Macedon was a master at dividing the Creekrncity-states, and in more modern times, separatist movements inrnScotiand and Ireland received aid and comfort from imperialrnCermany (in 1916 many Irish rebels were expecting a Cermanrnlanding) and more recently from the Soviet Union.rnIf Americans ever do succeed inrntaking their country back, itrnwill not be by joining the KKK orrnblowing up federal office buildings.rnThey will have to rebuild their countryrnin exactly the same way they built it thernfirst time: neighborhood by neighborhood,rncity by city, state by state.rnCommunists also backed various black nationalist movements,rnincluding Martin Luther King, Jr.’s crusade for civilrnrights, and it was a legitimate fear among some English Toriesrnthat separatism and devolution, before the collapse of the SovietrnEmpire, were playing into the hands of Britain’s (and America’s)rnenemy. If the Soviets were still around, they would probablyrnbe infiltrating the Nation of Islam, LULAC, and perhapsrnthe League of the South.rnOf course, America’s “divide and rule” tactics are somewhatrnunusual, being applied within the nation itself instead ofrnagainst a foreign enemy. The parallels are instructive. Austriansrnand Hungarians found a variety of ways of preventing theirrnSlavic subjects from developing a sense of solidarity. They jiggeredrnborders, privileged one group against another, and evenrnarranged or supported the internal colonization of their empirernthat tiirned the Balkans into an ethnic patchwork qiult. Stalin,rnof course, pursued a similar strategy within his empire, and thernBritish in India did nothing to quell (and perhaps a great deal tornincite) antagonisms between Hindus and Muslims. Thesernwere all imperial governments ruling over subjects they regardedrnas alien and inferior. But the same is true in the UnitedrnStates, where an alienated ruling class looks out fi-om its highsecurit)’rnhigh-rises and moated suburban castles upon the helplessrnserfs and peasants whose only choice is to hade their libertyrnfor the doubtfiil security of a steady job with benefits.rnHere in Rockford, the Democratic machine, battening onrncontributions from public contractors, has done a good job ofrndividing the city against itself: East side against West, whiternagainst black, native-born against Hispanic immigrant. Playingrnthe Mexican national anthem has the double benefit of makingrnFEBRUARY 1998/11rnrnrn