Mexican immigrants feel just a little less loyal to the UnitedrnStates and the locals just a little more hostile to the newcomers.rnOur national masters play the same game on a larger field, importingrnmillions of immigrants to manipulate, passing affirmativernaction laws, and race-norming everything from the federalrncensus to the number of Medal of Honor recipients. If they getrnwhat they want, we will all join one or another of the racist organizationsrnthat act, objectively, as if they were established byrnthe FBI for the sole purpose of starting the race war our governmentrnwill be more than happy to suppress by force.rnBack here in Rockford, where it is difficult to find out therntruth about anything going on in the city, the citizens reachedrnthe stage of quiet desperafion some time ago. A few solid citizensrnhave been ready to join the milifia, but most (includingrnme) were convinced that the machine was invincible. More recently,rnhowever, the machine has started to squeak and malfrmction.rnIn the close mayoral election of last spring, voter apathyrn(and the machine’s superior organization) insured therndefeat of a reform Republican mayoral candidate—but by arnsmall margin. Only a few months later, a coalition of propertyownersrndefeated a Superfund deal put together by the mayor,rnthe EPA, and a few major industrialists. Then in October, votersrnwoke up to discover that two rebel candidates had beenrnelected to the school board (giving the antibusing forces a majority),rnand before the day was over, they learned that a state appealsrnjudge had ruled in favor of a group that had sued thernschool district for misapplying tort flmd money to “desegregation”rnexpenses (thus potentially cutting off funds for the Master’srnsocial engineering).rnAs much as I hate to say it, the system can work occasionally.rnLast February, when we held a meeting to discuss and protestrnjudicial taxation, our slogan was “vote, organize, and protest.”rnThat is exacdy what has been done, with little or no help fromrnme. There is a long way to go before the people of Rockfordrnwill be able to say that their city belongs to them, but they arernheaded in that direction. If Americans ever do succeed in takingrntheir country back, it will not be by joining the KKK orrnblowing up federal office buildings. They will have to rebuildrntheir country in exactiy the same way they built it the first time:rnneighborhood by neighborhood, city by city, state by state.rnThey will undoubtedly be opposed every step of the way byrnthe classes that own the government. Liberal Democrats andrnRepublicans, it goes without saying, will be against them, butrnthe leaders of the consen’ative establishment—Trent Lott andrnthe Weekly Standard—iust as much as Bill Clinton and thernNew Republic, fear the American people far more than theyrnfear the aliens they are importing to fight their civil war.rnR E G A R D I N G I M M I G R A T I O NrnIMMIGRATIONrn• .^MTlltrnAMERICAN IDENTITYrnurnA publication of The Rockford Institutern232 pp., paperrn$14.95 List Price (plus $2.50 for shipping & handling)rnFor a decade, writers in Chronicles have beenrngrappling with this elemental and nation-breakingrnforce in their brilliant, often literary, sometimes histrionic,rninvariably idiosyncratic but undeniably diverse way. The presencernin this volume of California’s Governor Pete Wilson, easily reelectedrnsince his essay ^Citizenship and Inunigration’ first appearedrnin Chronicles* November 1993 issue and now widely mentioned asrnthe possible catalyst of the immigration issue in presidential politics,rnis only one reason Chronicles* editors can fairly say: you read it herernfirst”rn—Peter BrimehwrnTo order by credit card, call: 1-800-397-8160rnOr send check or money order in the amount of $17.45 ($14.95+$2.50 shipping & handling) tornChronicles, P.O. Box 800, Mt. Morris, IL 61054rn*For immediate service, please list on payment or mention when ordering SOURCE CODE: A9509, andrnITEM CODE: MGRT.rn12/CHRONICLESrnrnrn