Murray…has finallynand unanswerablyndemolished both thenmoral and thenpractical claims ofnthe welfare state**n-GEORGE GILDER, The American SpectatornThis breakthrough book is making conservatives purr and liberals squirm.n”Murray’s book, relentlessly logical and well-documented,nshould convince any serious reader that it must at least bensquarely faced.. . . The heart of the book, the best and mostndevastating part, is a long compilation of data meant to proventhat the poor have done worse as government programs aimednat them have flowered. It is especially uncomfortable readingnbecause the case is made by comparing blacks to whites.. . . Nondoubt that racists will love Murray’s book. So what? Whennmillions of people are suffering, it seems irresponsible for the leftnto expend its intellectual energies on these blame-shifting exercises.n… his is a vision that coheres, as the left’s on this subjectndoesn’t any more.. . . This is the problem that liberals must address;nMurray’s book in effect throws down the gauntlet tonthem. The standard responses (most of which Murray neatlynsets up and demolishes) won’t do, because they don’t offer realnhope of a solution.”—New Republicn”Irrefutable.”—John Chamberlain, syndicated columnn”Without bile and without rhetoric, it lays out a stark truth thatnmust be faced.”—Business Weekn”Devastating.. . . Those who already believe welfare is a povertyntrap that undermines independence, ambition, and upwardnmobility will find Charles Murray’s new book a powerful andnwell-documented affirmation of that belief.”—National ReviewnHow to ^i^^^^ii^^^'”^nvolume ff^^^nEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) How you ggt the a free Club copy of tlie WorksnClub Bulletin, which offers younthe Featured Selection plus a good choice of Alternates — all of interest to conservatives.n* If you want the Featured Selection, do nothing. It will come automatically. • If youndon’t want the Featured Selection or you do want an Alternate, indicate your wishes on tiienhandy card enclosed wifli your Bulletin and return it by tiie deadline date. * The majoritynof Club books will be ottered at 20-50% discounts, plus a charge for shipping and handling.n* As soon as you buy and pay for 3 books at regular Club prices, your membership maynbe ended at any time, eitiier by you or by tiie Club. * If you ever receive a Featured Selectionnwitiiout having had 10 days to decide if you want it, you may return it at Club expensenfor hill credit. * Good service. No computers! * The Club will offer regular Superbargains,nracily at 70-90% discounts plus shipping and handling. Superbargains do NOTncount toward hdtilling your Club obligation, but do enable you to buy fine books at giveawaynprices. •*• Only one membership per household.n”A great book. Others have recently made the same argument.n. . . But Charles Murray’s version … is particularly convincing.nHe writes with flair, but his tone is steadfastly nonpartisan; henmarshals an immense amount of data . . . but never loses thenreader in numbers; and he never ventures a conclusion fornwhich he has not laid the most elaborate and convincingngroundwork…. By the time Mr. Murray gets around to conclusions,neven devotedly non-Reaganite yuppies will be ready tonagree.. . .James Coleman, the University of Chicago sociologist,nis quoted on the dust jacket … as saying ‘future discussions ofnsocial policy cannot proceed without taking the arguments andevidencenof this book into account.’ Dust-jacket puffery isnnotorious, but in this case the compliment is, if anything,nrestrained. Mr. Murray’s book is so well wrought that it is likelynto dominate those discussions well into the 1980s.”— Wall StreetnJournaln”Murray unabashedly asserts that slashing social spending is thengreatest favor the Government can bestow upon the poor.. . .nConservatives have made that argument before, but no one hasndocumented it as thoroughly as Murray does.”— TimenImportant for ChristiansnIs welfarism the way to help the poor? The NationalnCouncil of Churches and the Catholic bishops thinknso. This book leaves them with only their biases.nCONSERVATIVE f !! BOOK CLUBn15 Oakland Avenue • Harrison, NY 10528nPlease accept my membership in the Club and send me, free andnpostpaid, Charles Murray’s $23.95 volume, Losing Ground. Inagree to buy 3 additional books at regular Club prices over thennext 18 months. I also agree to the Club rules spelled out in thisncoupon. CCUL- IInNamenAddress.nnnCity _ State. _Zip_n