“For intellectual and spiritual supportnand reinforcement, parents will want to readn-ry4mericas=nJfope THEnH.WOIJJMrn— miii-nJAMliSnHITCHCOCKnFAMILYnA M E R I C A ‘ S H O P En.. .it will lift your spirits and strengthen your determination to fulfill the role you andnGod have undertaken together: that of being the best parents you can possibly be innspite of those who would destroy the foundation of Western civilization.”nThis liook is tlesij;ned to ho of assistiinco to paronts,ntoachei-s. counselors, clervy, le,;islciloiv social servicena;4ency personnel, UTid others whoso r(?Sf)onsihilitiesnatfcct the well-heinx of the family.nI’.minent spokcjsnien for the family review thenprimary fimrtions of the family, examine ciaumstanccsnwhich inhihit those functions, pmpose some actions forncounteractina anlifamily influenc;es, and consider somenof the ways in which relij^ion may nior-e effectivelynsupport the family.n• “The .American I’amily. an Kmhattled Institution,” hynMichael Novak, author and ivsidert scholar at then,’merican F.nterprise Instituten• “The Role of the Family in Nurturing the Child lornResponsihie Adulthood.” hy Hamlcl M. Voth, M.I).,nsenicjr psycliiatrisl and psychoanalyst at the Menninfjernl-‘oundationn• “The Family as a StabilizitiK F^jrce in the Life of annAdult,” hy lames Hitchcock, Catholic social critic andnprolessor of history at St. l.ouis Universityn• “Moclern C^ulture and the Norms tor intimatenRelationships.” hy the lale U^opoldTyrmand. formernvice president of The Rocktbrcl Instituten—The Barbara M. Morris Reportn• “Relij^ion in Support of the Family—.4 JcicishnCommcnldry” by Mayer tlisenstein, M.D.. a Chicagonphysician, vice chairman of the American College oinHome Obstetrics, and on the Council for lewish I’.lderlyn• Religion in Support of the Family—.A Cullwlirn(‘(>mnu’nt(tn’ by Archbishop Nicholas 1′. liiko, Vicain(ieneral of the Arc.hdiocc^se of (Cincinnatin• “Relij.;ion in Support of the I’aTiiily-A MormonnConntit’titan’.’ by loe 1. Christenseti, president of Ricksn(iollejje and former Director of Seminaries andnInstitutes Worldwide of the (Ihurch of lesus Christ ofnLatter-day Saintsn• ‘Reli;,>ion in Support of the lamily—.A ProtcstdiitnCommentary” by Marold O.j. Brown. chairiTian ofnthe department of theolo<;y at Trinity I’.vani^elicalnDivinity Schooln• “IJpholdinj; the l’rin(;i[)lc^sc}f Family Solidarity ina?inAdveiNary Ciullinv,” by John A. Howard, president ofnThe Rockford Institute-n$4.00 (S2..S() each. 10 or more)nPublished by The Roc klord InstitutenTHE FAMILY: AMERICA’S HOPEnORDER FORMnD Please send mencopy(s) of The Family: America’s Hopenat $4.00 plus 50(1: postage & handling each (10 or more, $2.50 each).nD Please send me more information about The Rockford Institute.nName ^ ^.^nAddress.nCity_nState/Zip_nQuantity orderednAmount ^nPostage & handling ^nPlease make check or money order payable to The Rockford Institute. U.S. Funds Only.nThe Rockford Institute • 934 North Main Street • Rockford, Illinois 61103nnnTOTALLA_nFSS/In