This (Ionian Needs VOIInShe is enduring terriblenanguish in our society. Fromnevery side, she is being encouragednto negate herself.nIncredibly, in the name ofn”feminism” she is being urgednto imitate men! In thenname of “equal rights” she Isnbeing stripped of the privilegesntraditionally accordednthe fairer sex. Tragically, Innthe name of “population control”nshe is being informednthat it’s OK to slay the fleshnof her flesh in her womb.nIronically, in the name ofn”sexual liberation” she wouldnbe made the slave of thendespair of one-night-stands.nFortunately, all over ournland Christian women arenstruggling to reclaimnwoman’s special dignity andnreveal the ugliness behindnthe mask of “women’s liberation.”nYet, the outcome of thenbattle remains in doubt, andnthe future of the mystery ofnfemininity hangs in thenbalance.n(Please allow 2 to 8 weeks for delivery of first issue.)nWhether you’re a lady or angentleman, it’s time for younto investigate the NEW OX­nFORD REVIEW and find outnwhat’s being done in thenworld of ideas to affirm thenGod-given grandeur of femininenidentity, reinvigoratenand strengthen the traditionalnfamily, and defend thenlives of unborn children.nRecently, we’ve featurednDonald DeMarco on the neuroticnabortionist mentality,nHelen Hull Hitchcock onnEvangelicals and the family,nJames Hitchcock on Catholicsnand the family. Dale Vreenon the curious relationshipnbetween Communism andnwomen’s lib, Juli Loesch onnthe Moral Majority, JanicenMalaguti on whether womennshould be paid for housework,nEvelyn B. Vltz on Christianitynand cuisine, SheldonnVanauken’s case againstnthe ordination of women,nand Thomas Howard’sndefense of marital fidelity.nKindly subscribe today.nSPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES FOR FIRST-TIME SUBSCRIBERSn• One-year subscription … $9 (reguiarly $14)nD One-year student or retired person’s sub. … $7n(regularly $12)n• Three-year subscription . . . $19 (regularly $36)nNAME (Please print or type)nSTREET ADDRESSnCITY STATE ZIP CODEnmonthly magazinenn One-year Canadian or foreign subscription … $11n(regularly $17) (Payment must be drawn in U.S. funds)nn Sample copy . . . $3.50nMake check payable to “American Church Union”nand mail to:nNew Oxford ReviewnRoom 272n6013 Lawton Ave.nOakland, CA 94618nPAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY ORDERnnn