48 I CHROIVICLESnTo flee and shame the racenfrom which we’d sprung.nLife, to be sure, is not so muchnto lose.nBut young men think it is, andnwe were young.nThe librarians, the fascist conscripts,nthe Vietnam draftees — no doubt allnwere scared young men. But they didnnot choose to flee, and the memorialsnhonor them for it. We can sympathizenwith their causes or not, but wenshouldn’t deny those who wish to rememberntheir kin and countrymen.nMaybe we should even honor them,ntoo.nThese thoughts came to mind lastnspring, as I was walking across thenbeautiful, flowering campus of thenFrom ThenRockford InstitutenAfirst-of-its-kind directory of religiousnorganizations, people, and publicationsnengaged in public affairs. IVIore than 160nlistings with bacl