<^*nDiscover Our Heritage of LibertynQUANTITY COMMON SENSE, THEnRIGHTS OF MAN, ANDnOTHER ESSENTIALnWRITINGSnby Thomas PainenThe powerful writings on humannliberty that sparked revolutionsnin America and countries aroundnthe world.n’#2008 288 pages, paperback, $8.95n^nAMERICAN POLITICALnWRITINGS DURING THEnFOUNDING ERAn(2 vol), ed. by Charles S.nHyneman and Donald S.LutznA seminal selection of the highestnintellectual quality, containingnseventy-six pieces whichnshaped the founding of America.n#2011 417pages,hardcover,$29.95nTHE IDEOLOGICALnORIGINS OF THEnAMERICAN REVOLUTIONnby Bernard Bailyn, Ph.D.nUnquestionably the finest booknon the ideas of liberty that generatednthe American RevolutionarynWar Pulitzer Prizen#2004 335 pages, paperback, $8.95nETHNIC AMERICAnby Thomas Sowell, Ph.D.nA stimulating history of nine ofnAmerica’s largest ethnic groups,nthis powerful book questions thenmerits of government racialnpolicies and shows that “there isnno single majority but rather ancomplex mosaic.”n#1011 353 pages, paperback, $9.95nTHE FEDERALISTnPAPERSnby Alexander Hamilton, JamesnMadison, and John JaynThese famous articles, writtennduring the bitter debate over thenConstitution, formed the basisnfor our resulting federal systemnof government.n#2016 150min.,setof2cass.,$17.95n#2042 510 pages, paperback, $7.95nCOMMON SENSEnby ThomasPaineandnTHE DECLARATION OFnINDEPENDENCEn^^ by Thomas Jeffersonn^ 3 #2012 150 mill., 2 cassettes, $17.95nORDERnTOLL FREEn1-800-n345-2888nCreditncard ordersnonly. Call anytimenQUANTITY THE UNITED STATESnCONSTITUTION, BILLnOF RIGHTS, ANDnOTHER AMENDMENTSnnar. by Walter CronkitenEspecially produced for thenBicentennial, here is thenauthoritative and fascinatingnstory of our Constitution.nAbsolutely excellent!nSet I: The Backgroundnand Debaten#1097 i hrs., 4 cassettes, $39.95nSet II: The Documentsn#1098 5 hrs., 4 cassettes, $39.95nComplete Sets of I and IIn#1099 10 hrs., 8 cass., $69.95nAsk for anLibertyTreenoperator.nQUANTITY THE WEALTH OFnNATIONSn(2 vol), by Adam SmithnPerhaps the most influentialnU’n^neconomics work of all time, ThenWealth of Nations is an extensivenstudy of economic laws and thenharmful effects of governmentnencroachments into freenmarkets.n#2025 1080pp.,paperback, $14.95n#2026 5 hours 4 cassettes, $39.95n#2036 28 min.,VHS/guide, $79.95n^nTHE OLDnREVOLUTIONARIESnby Pauline MaiernHere is the breath-taking storynof SAMUEL ADAMS,nRICHARD HENRY LEE, andnothers who actually made thenAmerican Revolution. “Maiernmakes her subjects live!”n-NEW YORKERn#2002 309pages,hardcover,$15.95nLIBERTYTREEnNECKTIESnHandsome, all silk—a must fornany wardrobe and the perfectngift! (Boxed)nThe Statue of Libertyn#1041 NavywithGold $24.95n#1042 Maroon with Gold $24.95nThe Thomas Jeffersonn#2034 Navy with Silver $24.95n#2035 Maroon with Silver $24.95nNOVUS ORDOnSECLORUM: ThenIntellectual Origins of thenConstitutionnby Forrest McDonald, Ph.D.nThe outstanding, Pulitzer Prizenf inaUst on the men and ideasnbehind the Constitution. “Bristlesnwith wit and intellectualnenergy.”—CHRISTIANnSCIENCE MONITORn#2015 359pages,paperback,$12.95nTHE LIFE ANDnSELECTED WRITINGSnOF THOMAS JEFFERSONned. byAdrienneKoch andnWilliam PedennThis powerful biography andncollection of JEFFERSON’snwritings reveals the basis of hisnenormous influence as a leadernof the American Revolution.n#2006 756pages,hardcover, $14.95^nLibertylree NetworknI I Please rush me your free catalog of books, audio tapes, video tapes, games, and collectibles.nMethod of Payment (Add $2.50 U.S. Mail/$4.00 UPS shipping):n(Calif, residents please add appropriate sales tax: 6-7V2%) Name.n1 ChecknQ Enclosed D VISA U MasterCard D Am. Express AddressnCardnNo._nSignature.nExp.n. Date.nMAILTO: LibertyEieeNetworii eeoo siiacci Way, Dept. P2, ciiroy, CA 95020nnn