BOOKS BYnWalternLaqueurnEUROPEAN PEACE MOVEMENTS ANDnTHE FUTURE OF THE WESTERN ALLIANCEnWalter Laqueur and Robert Hunter, editorsnThis extraordinary compendium concerns the future of the Western alliancenand the development of the peace movements in Europe and in thenUnited States. The peace movement is an old phenomenon given new life bynNATO decisions concerning nuclear deployment in Europe and the Sovietnresponses along the same lines. After a long postwar marriage, Europeansnand Americans alike are reexamining the premises of the Western alliance.nThe work contains an extraordinary array of talent from both the Americannand European perspectives. Among the major contributors and theirnthemes are Henry Kissinger on “A Plan to Reshape NATO”; William G.nHyland on “The European Peace Movement and NATO”; Irving Kristol onn”What’s Wrong vi’ith NATO?”; Theodore Draper on “The Western Misalliance”;nNiels Haagerup on “The Nordic Peace Movements”; Martin Ceadelnon “The British Nuclear Disarmers”; and Jeffrey Herf on “The SPD and thenPeace Movement in West Germany.” This is a well-integrated text, with nonrandom essays.nISBN: 0-88738-035-2 (cloth) $39.95n1985 385 pp.nAMERICA, EUROPE, AND THE SOVIET UNIONnWalter LaqueurnBringing together for the first time his many penetrating essays on U.S.nforeign policy, Europe, and the Soviet Union, written during the Carter andnthe Reagan administrations, Laqueur in this book focuses on the absence ofna U.S. global strategy.nLaqueur shows that this lack of strategy, a hallmark of both Republicannand Democratic administrations, has its counterpart in the general drift thatncharacterizes Western European politics. For both the United States andnEurope, there has been a weakening of political will.nExposing the myth that the United States is in an enviable position in thenworld, Laqueur reveals how the media and the academic community havenbeen unwilling to accept the fact of diminished U.S. stature in the Westernnworld.nISBN: 0-87855-362-2 (cloth) $22.95n1983 200 pp.nWalter Laqueur is editor-in-chief of The Washington Quarterly, one of thenmost influential foreign policy journals in the nation. He is chairman of thenInternational Research Council of the Center for Strategic and InternationalnStudies at Georgetown University, and codirector of the Wiener Library andnInstitute of European History in London.nnnYOUNG GERMANYnA HISTORY OF THE GERMANnYOUTH MOVEMENTnNew introduction by the authornWalter LaqueurnYoung Germany explores the revolt ofnthe younger generation in Germanynfrom 1896 to 1933. It is a readable historynof the Free Youth Movement, onenof the most significant factors innshaping modern Germany. Laqueur,nwho grew up in Germany, retraces thenhistory of the movement, its centralnideas, and its cultural background.nISBN: 0-88738-002-6 (cloth) $24.95nISBN: 0-87855-960-4 (paper) $12.95n1984 260 pp.nTHE POLITICALnPSYCHOLOGY OFnAPPEASEMENTnFINLANDIZATION AND OTHERnUNPOPULAR ESSAYSnWalter LaqueurnThis volume takes its title from onenof the most controversial and prescientnessays of our times: an analysis ofnEurocommunism, not simply as anWestern European heresy but as anconsequence of military stalemate andnthe atrophy of will in the West.nLaqueur’s papers cover the areasnwith which he has become stronglynidentified in recent years: Americannforeign policy, European affairs, politicalnfutures, terrorism, the MiddlenEast conflict, and finally, Judaica.nISBN: 0-87855-336-3 (cloth) $19.95n1980 283 pp.nonOrder from your bookstorenor prepaid from:nTransaction BooksnRutgers—The State UniversitynDepartment WL 7nNew Brunswick, New Jersey 08903n