“Buy it, read it, send it to a brother orrnsister in the catacombs.” —Pat Buchananrnr ! ix ‘i NsrnLeading Ccrtlielic laymenrnand priesto are fakingrnnoticesrn* “The best publication available today, bar none. You findrnyourself saying to people., ‘Diti you see the article on thatrnin The Latin Mass?’ It covers not only the Mass and what’srnbeing done to restore it, but manf other topUs that arernconsidered too hot to handle by all other magazines I’mrnaware of. 1 know many priests who read it cover to cover,rnas do I the day it comes. They read it in the Vatican, theyrnread it in seminaries all over Rome, and thev read it atrnmany Catholic universities in America—and theyrncondemn it at manv, too. Which is high praise for arnCathohc publication tixlav.” —Father James McLucas,rnFormer Editor, faith and Kemon, STD, The Angelicum, Romern« “Invaluable.” —Wiiliam F. Buckley, Jr.rn* “The Latin Mass magazine, one of the finest newrnpublications on the market, is on the cutting edge ofrnCatholic traditionalism, and is must reading for tbo.se whorncherish the Church we grew up in. Buy it, read it, send itrnto a brother or sister in the catacombs.” —Pat Buchananrn* “When Notre Dame’s Richard McBrien attackedrnCardinal Alfons Stickier for his devotion to the traditionalrnLatin Mass, he referred to this magazine. When anrn-American Cardinal attacked “ultra-conservatives” from hisrnpulpit, he also referred to this magazine. It has beenrnbanned at the bishops’ meeting in Wa.shiiigton, where it wasrnonce distributed to each bishop and available in the pressrnroom. And, it has been refused admission to the CatholicrnPress Association. And, needless to .say, it is forbidden atrnmany seminaries. One issue will suffice to show you why.”rnFather Ignado Barreiro, STD, Santa Croc*e University, Romern* “Widely read by concerned clergy, including our bishops,rnThe Latin Mas magazine presents traditionalist views goingrnfar beyond the Roman Catholic Mass itself. The spirit ofrnVatican II having become a free-for-all for some, I commendrnThe Latin Mass magazine to concerned laity as w^ell.rn(Additionally, the magazine’s annual Rome pilgrimage is arnrefreshingly spiritual experience for its readers.)”rn—William R Clark, former Secretary of the Interior andrnNational Security Adviser to President Ronald ReaganrnFeaturing arficl«s Hk» th»»e SiAVIrn1 a*’rn• Young TradHionalisf Clergy: Why So Many’rn• Right-wing liberals in the Churchrn• Wiiliom F. Buckley, ir. on the Old Moss and Vatican IIrn• The Traditionalist Woman Who Set Italy on Its Earrn• Changing the Moss: Cardinal Spellman’s Misgivingsrn• The Mother of All Mosques (Thonras Moinor onrnthe Meaning of the Moslems’ New Home in RcHne)rn• Pontifical Universilies: Not Ail They’re Cracked Up To Bern• Troditional Art and Architecture Returnsrn• Sheila Rouch Kennedy: Cruelty at the Heartrnof Today’s Annulmentsrn• Archbishop Weakland’s Hysteria. MichaelrnOavies’ Responsern• Neil McCaffrey, Rlf>: The Man and the WorldrnHe Raised Me In, by Roger McCoffreyrn• The Next Pope—Tv»o leading Concfidotes,rnLargely ignoredrnI ^ 1rnThe Latin Mass Magazine • Box 2286 • Fort Collins, C O 80S22-2286rnQ YES—send me one year of The Latin Mass quarterly @ J14.50, a savings ofrn50% off the subscription price.rn• Add a second year @ $28.95 ($43.45 for two years).rnQ I’ve attached a listing of gift subscriptions, al] at the Imroduaory SubscriberrnRate of $14. JO for one year.rnQ Enclosed is a tax-deductible donation: $ y. Namern.Address_rnCity State Zip_rnPhonernQ Rush me information about your annual Latin Mass pilgrimage to Rome.rnI 1rnrnrn