No one, to our recollection, has tried to summarize thenLiberal Culture’s overall stance, so let us try.nThe Liberal Culture has a philosophy. It is based on mistakingnthe spontaneity of life instincts for indeterminism. Such anview of the nature of life brings permissiveness forward as thenultimate guide for existence and behavior—it establishes then”truth” that whatever is permitted is right and good, andnwhatever prohibited wrong and bad. The ontology andnhumanism that derive from such a vision of being mustninevitably lead to what D.H. Lawrence described as “the villageidiotnmind, playing with muck.”nThe Liberal Culture has its surrogate of religion. It centersnon the cult of incoherence of thought and instincts, constantlynadvertised through the cultural media as a salutary andnpropitious alternative to codified and organized humannendeavors. Such religiosity was once perceived as eccentricitynand inanity, but its libcultural version has a tremendousncapability to mess up human lives.nThe Liberal Culture has its ethics. It deems indulgencensuperior to love. It advocates normlessness of emotions andnpersecutes any preference for moral order. It promotes amorphousnlatitude in lieu of a principled commitment to passionnor person.nThe Liberal Culture has its psychology, or, in point of fact,nfavors the wholesale substitution of psychology for religiousnand lay morality. Libcultural psychology is supposed to be thenanswer to all existential enigmas, and the supreme guidingnagent of soul and mind. The symbiosis between modernnpsychology, as omniscient and omnipotent, and the LiberalnCulture has resulted in the daily newspapers championing annadaptability to neuroses as a triumph of progress and socialnconscience. If we feel lower than Sodomites in the area ofnmores these days, it is because the libcultural psychology hasnestablished every animalism and bestiality of impulse andnpredisposition as a human value. The Sodomites, to theirnadvantage, didn’t have cameras and fast-printing presses, whichnthe Liberal Culture monopolizes. The foremost casualty ofnthe libcultural fascination with psychology: the human sensenof normalcy which is being wiped out of our current reality.nThe most helpless prey: children who are being robbed ofntheir childhood by rampant pornography, libcultural psychology’snfavorite toy Libcultural psychology operates virtuallynunopposed by the social forces that traditionally influencenconsciousness and behavior. To the contrary, one has thenimpression that a monstrous collusion of cultural influences—nfrom the New York Times to Newsweek to Vogue, the liberalnfaculties of Ivy League universities, and all the Warhols,nAltmans, Jaggers, Yves St. Laurents, Pasolinis and Vidals ofnthis world—is trying its best to implant libcultural psychology’snsupposition that self-destruction is the primary privilege of annindividual and a society. An atmosphere of murderous licensenin which everything can be inflicted on everybody for a cheapnprice is created daily by the media. Sexual molestation ofnchildren is nothing new, however, it has never been a culturalnnnprerogative endorsed by psychology. It is now, thanks to thenpower of the Liberal Culture.nThe Liberal Culture has its sociology which peddles thenshapelessness of social interaction as freedom, and anarchicnegomania as egalitarianism. It mercilessly extirpates commonnsense from politics and economics. It superimposes ideologicalndivisiveness upon the American family and politicizes bothnthe dinner table and the movie house. It fanatically touts thenlegislation and bureaucratization of moral and personal sensitivities.nFeelings are forcibly kneaded by libcultural sociologyninto platitudes determining our social conduct and privatendestinies. Feminism, the libculture’s perversion of the educationalnprocess, half-baked theories of crime, justice, and thenpenitentiary system are leading contributors to the decay ofnthe American civilization.nAnd, of course. Liberal Culture has its aesthetics, literature,narts, and its overpowering cultural credo. Its creativity in thisnvein has brought us to the point where the distinction betweennbrutal explicitness and sincerity has been lost. The abominablenhas been declared beautiful and equated with innocence. ThenLiberal Culture has entered a claim that the degenerate bengiven not only equal rights and compassion, but also a title tonartistry—and he has gotten it all. It has declared the responsibilitynfor vice null, thus opening the door to miserable sophistsnwho extort the money, fame and honors society once reservednfor prophets. Liberationism—that weird progeny of the LiberalnCulture—has come to mean both ideology and lifestyle: it hasnmade people, who are completely free, claim that they shouldnbe freed from nonexistent oppressions, e.g. from the prerequisitesnof civilization, marriage, driving regulations andnbreakfast habits. Needless to say, such an “ideology” is lessnamusing when it causes acts of imbecility, reduces people tondoleful libcultural marionettes, and ultimately wreaks havocnin human lives. The most ominous feature of the LiberalnCulture—its mortal sin—is the cultivation of moods of disintegrationnand decomposition. These have been translatedninto pop-cultural fare by countless books, movies, plays, rocknconcerts—while the liberal critics and teachers declare themnhumanity’s deliverance. The libcultural sway over the medianand entertainment industry has endowed the psychopath, thendeviate, the vicious criminal humanoid with the status ofncultural hero. As E.W.F. Tomlin puts it in his excellent essayn(“Intellectual Treason,” in the British New UniversitiesnQuarterly, Summer 1978):n”Low and deviant tastes have been catered for in every society,nbut never before have they been deliberately moulded.”n”A climate of legalized lie and hypocrisy, which pervades ansubstantial sphere of the American reality, differs very little fromnthe Soviet cant. There—it is an official cant imposed by the partyncontinued on page 30nChronicles of Culturen