THE PERFECTnHOLIDAYnGIFTnlimitited number availablenCrackling entertainment.. .references to thenChandler family are scarcely veiled. ^ …ninformative and spellbinding. 2 … As much funnas a highminded gossip column.3 .. .if you likensaga stories, and newspapers, don’t miss this.”n.. .Outrageous metaphors.. .massive andnmemorable characters… simply good reading.^n.. .vituperative attack on the Los Angeles Timesnnewspaper and its founding family.. .an intriguingnnovel.^ .. .not very good.’^n1. Publishers Weekly 2. St. Joseph, Missouri News-nPress/Gazette 3. Los Angeles Copley’s Daily Breezen4. Oklahoma Tribune Review 5. Idaho Press 6. PasadenanStar-News 7. Los Angeles TimesnAsk for THE PAPER DYNASTYnat your favorite bookstore,nor order direct from the publisher.nALLEN A. KNOLL, PUBLISHERS, INC ^”^n111 SILVER SPUR ROAD, STE. 219, ROLLING HILLS ESTATES CA 90274nPlease send THE PAPER DYNASTY to:nD check or money order enclosed.nBill me later.nTo use Mastercard or Visa (shippednwithin 24 hours) call :nToll Free 800-777-7623n..Money back guarantee:nYou’ll be delighted or send it backnfor a complete refund.nName (print clearly)_nStreet Address:nCity _State : Zip_nNumber of books @ $25.00 each. = TOTAL $_nFREE! If you would like your books gift wrapped and autographedncheck here (Autographed books are not returnable.)nCard from: _innn