doesn’t understand what eervone in Russia knows to be true?”rnOffieial Soviet war diaries were made available to Count Iblstov,rndocuments which show the full extent of the collaborationrnof British V Corps negotiators with SMERSH. Most importanth’,rnTolstoy has a videotape of an interview with CaptainrnSolo’ie’, the former SMERSH officer who conducted the secretrnnegotiations with the British V Corps, hi it Solovievrnclaims that the plan for the turnover was first suggested to himrnb- his British opposite number, the late Et. Colonel Ralph Turton.rnTolsto^ obscres that on the basis of his discoveries in Russia,rn”I was over-charitable to Keightlcy and his colleagues in mvrnbook.”rnThe aim of Tolstoy’s supporters in Britain—and they includernmany distinguished people—is to secure justice for him. Tornthis end, the European Court of Human Rights will soon considerrnwhether the imposition of the enormous libel penaltyrn(not for his book but for a pamphlet) is a violation of Tolstoy’srnright to tell the truth without being penalized. It is unconscionablernthat he should have to labor under this burden in hisrnendeavor to tell the full stor’ of a crime against humanity. Ultimately,rnthe awful details must be made known in Britain, acknowledgedrnofficially, and the process of atonement begun. Inrnthe United States, a new generation must also learn of the horrorsrncommitted during Operation Keelhaul.rnAmerican journalists and historians need to uncover therndocuments associated with these crimes and to expose thernpersons responsible for them in the Roosevelt administration.rnIt is late in the day to recognize the achievement of Julius Epstein,rnbut not too late. Of course, he should have received thernMedal of Ereedom 20 years ago. In Count Tolstoy’s ease, a NobelrnPrize would be an appropriate honor. Tyvo nations that havernupheld liberty over centuries have a special obligation to honorrncitizens who fearlessly expose those in high places who violatedrntheir countries’ traditions of freedom. crnCoRCYRA MEMORANDArn” U ords changed their oidiimrv mennings and ii ere construed in nen senses. Recklessrnduring passed for the courage of a loyal partisan, far-sighted hesitation was the excusernot a coward, moderation n as the pretext of the unmanly, the power to see all sides ofrna question ^^as complete inability to act. Impulsive rashness was held the mark ot arnman, caution in conspiracy ^^as a specious excuse for avoiding action.”rn—IhucvdidesrnW hat \ ill ha]3pcn when all tiiese hphenated kids grow up and get married!’ Must the daughter of SusanrnBurgess-Charter and Dennis EAcrton-idint go through life as Am Burgess-Cartcr-Eerton-Mint!’ I he daughterrncould siniplifx things somewhat b” dropping the names before the Inphens and becoming AmrnC’ai ter-Elint. But this use of the two fathers’ names would miss the point of Inphcnating the names in thernfirst ])lace (i.e., to gic the woman an cc|ual share). She could, instead, use the preh|5lieiiatcd part of herrnmaiden name and the postln phenated part of her husband’s (Ann Burgcss-l’lint). But then she could ne-rner Innc dinner at the Carters’ (her paternal grandparents) or the I’Acrtons’ (her husband’s maternal grandl)rnarents). Of course, all of this ignores the fact that an hi)henated name is a dubious indication of eciualsrnmaternal grandlessrneuiJlioniorneed, she w ill most often IIMMrnstatus, w hiel jiiieii w ho choosernasons of pcrs(rnessional wonirnisband’srne latter is:rn.iphonio IS and or lowerrnre integral part w ith the w ife b making the w ife a more integral part of his identit. Keeping the male from roarnting him h) support and protect a famih (in toda ‘s |xirlanec, “getting him to make a commitnrnalwa s and e crwhcre been a primar task for women. Ideolog is one thing, real life is aiiotlnrnlatter alwa s trumps tlie former. ldeolog can pretend that men are the wa the arc simpK bernlia e been socialized that wa. But real life must take into account the realit of what men and vrnand wc can no more pretend that men roam oiiK because of soeiali/atioii than we can prctencrncould he socialized to gie birth. lost women are aware of this, and that is wh, when use of trn.’ trom roaming, getcommitmcntrn”), hasrn:c is another, ancrn’ simpK becausernlal rctjuirement ot tcminism, ncrn—Sfcrc’/i L,rnFEBRUARY 1995/13rnrnrn