“Persuasion At Work . . . tells how we might worknmore effectively to counter the spoilers of thenAmerican system.”nPersuasion At Work is a newsletter specificallyndesigned to keep the businessman apprisednof the important developments in thenopinion-making contest. Each month we offernan analysis of a publication, an organization orna movement pushing public attitudes one waynor the other on an issue of importance to thenbusiness community.nThese commentaries are drawn fromndirect sources including attendance at thenmeetings of activist groups, study of their pro-n—Ed FeulnernPresident, The Heritage Foundationnfrom a nationally syndicated columnn”I’m impressed with the argumentsnmarshalled by a newsletterncalled Persuasion At Work.”n—Ranee CranenEditor-in-chief,nCrane’s Chicago Businessnmotional literature and monitoring of theirnperiodicals.nIn this era when “corporate responsibility”nhas become a bludgeon used by activist groupsnto force corporations to meet their demands, annew level of understanding is needed by thenbusinessman to hold his own in a kind of contestnfor which he has had little preparation.nPersuasion At Work is a sentinel resourcento help guard a poorly protected flank.nSubscribe to Persuasion At Wori(nO Please send me a one-year subscriptionnto Persuasion At Work (12 issues) forn$10.00.nSEND CHECK OR MONEY ORDER TO:nPersuasion At WorknThe Rockford Instituten934 North Main StreetnRocltford, IL 61103nNamenAddressnCitynState Zipnnn