comeback, the struggling oligarch mayrnneed a new base of operations, perhaps inrnthe Caucasus. At any rate, the word is outrnin Moscow that it was BAB as much asrnBin Ladin who inspired the Dagestanrnfighting: If the fighting got out of control,rnYeltsin could declare a state of emergencyrnand call off the next elections. At thernvery least, BAB could make himself usefulrnonce more, mediating between thernKremlin and his old friends in Chechnya,rnregaining lost ground in Moscow.rn— Denis PetrovrnTHE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONrnis still one year away, but now is the timernfor American patriots of all stripes to reconsiderrntheir political attachments.rnSince the end of World War II, domesticrnopponents of the American Empire havernstruggled fruitlessly to contain its growth.rnAs a philosopher friend recently remarked,rnwe have no politics today inrnAmerica. There is no significant contestrnof issues, policies, or principles, merelyrnan imperial party line adhered to by thernmedia, the two-part)’ cartel, and much,rnthough certainly not all, of the vast Americanrnmiddle class.rnThe anti-imperialist movement hasrnfailed, most obviously because it has usedrnthe wrorrg vehicle—the Republican Party.rnThe Democratic Party of the 1960’srnaird 1970’s was hopeless, and anti-imperialistsrnaccepted the only alternative availablernin the two-party system. But thernRepublican Party, in its origins, its predominantrninterests, and its natural ideologyrnhas always been a vehicle of the imperialrnstate —even before the DemocraticrnPart)’ succumbed early in this ceirtury.rnIt is truly astounding that “conservatives”rnwho have been betrayed over andrnover again by the empt)’ rhetoric of shallow,rncynical politicians should still, at thisrnlate date, be attached to this failed vehicle.rnBut there are signs that the unnaturalrnattachment is beginning to wear thin.rnThird parties have no chance of winningrn—so goes the conventional wisdom.rnVery well, but the purpose of politicalrnaction is not necessarily to win, but to influencernthe outcome. The most constructivernantiestablishment influencernexercised in recent history has comernfrom the grassroots movements organizedrnby George Wallace and Ross Perot.rnIf Wallace had not built a large movement,rnthe Republican Party would stillrnbe in rhetoric, as well as in actuality, thernparty of Rockefeller. And whatever mayrnbe said about Perot, he reduced thernDemocrats and Republicans both to minorityrnparties in two presidential elections.rnIf Pat Buchanan had run an independentrncampaign in 1992 or 1996, hernwould today exercise much more influencernover events.rnEven in my limited, mostly apoliticalrnacquaintance there are numerous formerrnstalwart Republican activists who have finallyrndefected and are now without arnhome.rnWhat if dissidents—the Constitutionrn(formerly U.S. Taxpayers), Reform,rnSouthern, and Libertarian parties —rncould be vmited behind a presidentialrnslate of integrity and articulateness—say.rnSen. Bob Smith and Rep. Ron Paid?rnThe object would not be to elect a President,rnbut to change the terms of publicrndiscourse, to turn the press conferencesrncalled presidential “debates” into the realrnthing. Given a forum, men of characterrncould easily uncover the empt)’ suits ofrncreatures like George W. Bush and AlrnGore. The candidates would, of course,rnhave to ignore the media and polls andrnspeak directiy to the people in every wayrnpossible.rnIdeally, such a coalition would alsornfield candidates in some states for thernHouse of Representatives and governor,rnwith the same object of education inrnview. There are plenty of articulate, attractive,rnand principled young conservativesrnaround. In a three-way race with arnstrong ticket at the top, a few peoplernmight even be elected in the states. Arnlong-range goal would be to get a balancernof power in the U.S. House so that therntwo-party cartel would be unable to organizernthe process without concessions tornthe swing vote.rnHere’s a suggested platform thatrnshould appeal to all of the dissident parties:rnan immediate, real, and substairtialrnmiddle-class tax cut; an immediate enforcementrnof immigration laws and arnmoratorium on legal immigration; anrnimmediate end to affirmative action andrna reduction of business regulations likernthe Americans With Disabilities Act; anrninvestigation of the government atrocitiesrnat Waco and elsewhere and punishmentrnof those responsible; defeminization ofrnthe military; an end to imperial militaryrnactions like Kosovo; legislation to enforcernthe Tenth Amendment by removing allrnstate domestic concerns from the jurisdictionrnof federal courts, including criminalrnlaw and abortion; and an end to allrnfederal expenditures and regulations regardingrneducation.rnI would advise setting aside the issuesrnof Social Security, Medicare, and thernfederal debt for the nonce simply becausernthe opportunity for two-party liesrnand confusion is too great. Other thanrnthat, add your own ideas, and I’ll vote forrnthem.rnDoes anybody have a better idea?rn— Clyde WilsonrnNATO has emerged victorious from thernwar in Yugoslavia, and the real powerrnwithin NATO, the United States and itsrnArmed Forces, has given the world a salutar)’rndemonstration of its abilit)’ to enforcernpeace and security in Europe. This, sayrnMr. Clinton’s pundits, was America’srnfinest hour since the end of World WarrnII.rnPerhaps they are right. However, therernis disturbing evidence that the punditsrnare wrong, as they usually are, on bothrnpoints: U.S./NATO has not broughtrnpeace to Kosovo, and the principal effectrnof the NATO bombing campaign againstrncivilian targets in the heart of Europe hasrnbeen to convince the Europeans that thernUnited States is the latest iir a series of imperialistrnpowers who have attempted torndominate the continent: Jacobin andrnNapoleonic France, Hitler’s Germany,rnStalin and Brezhnev’s Soviet Union.rnNews of the escalating violence inrnKosovo has seeped even into the statecontrolledrnmedia of the United States, althoughrnevery few dozen Serbs murderedrnare usually described as “revengernkillings”—as if Serb attacks on Albaniansrnhad nothing to do with over a hundredrnyears of Albanian violence and ethnicrncleansing. Nearly all of the 350,000 non-rnAlbanians of Kosovo —including Jews,rnGypsies, and Muslims — have fled, andrn”ironically” many of these non-AlbanianrnMuslims have moved into the Serb capital,rnBelgrade, where they are living unmolested.rnKFOR Gen. Sir Mike Jacksonrnquickly became exasperated by the behaviorrnof the “victimized” Albanians andrnhas denounced KLA violence in no uncertainrnterms, and Col. David Hackworthrnpoints out that, since the NATOrnvictory, “more Serb civilians have beenrnslaughtered than ethnic Albanians werernbefore the NATO air campaign began.”rnHackworth has also revealed that NATO’srnair war left Yugoslavia’s military capabilityrnvirtually intact.rnEven Bob Dole —the senator fromrnTirana whose list of $l,000-plus contrib-rn8/CHRONICLESrnrnrn