A little salt and pepper is interesting, enlivensrnand invigorates culture, and introducesrnnew perspectives. But what if thatrnnumber becomes 40, 60, 80 percent ofrnthe population? Still no problem? No, Irnthink it is called fragmentation, separation.rnBalkanization. Los Angeles is anrnoutstanding example of this. Whilernpoliticians, school officials, and other socalledrncommunity leaders mouth inanernslogans such as “Our Diversity Is OurrnStrength,” whites flee to far-flung suburbsrnas fast as their SUV’s will carryrnthem. Ever wonder where all the whitesrnin southern Orange County or easternrnVentura County came from?rnThere are so few whites left in the LosrnAngeles Unified School District that busingrnonly means that blacks and Hispanicsrnare bused to schools in white neighborhoods.rnAll the white children whosernparents can afford it are in private orrnparochial schools, leaving the localrnschool no more than 20 or 30 percentrnwhite. As a whole, the district is now lessrnthan 15 percent white. In I960, beforernbusing and uncontrolled immigration, itrnwas 85 percent white. Schools werernovercrowded, on double session, and explodingrnwith children. Take a look atrnthose same schools today. In most of thernelementar}’ schools, English is a foreignrnlanguage.rnIt seems to me that it is perfectly natural,rnmoral, ethical, and legal for a peoplernto want to preserve their identity. WouldrnJapanese allow themselves to becomernRussian? Would Israelis allow themselvesrnto become Arab? Would Indiansrnallow themselves to become Chinese?rnWhy should it be our fate to lose ourrnAmerican identity? Moreover, most ofrnthe changes I cite in California (Los Angeles,rnin particular) have come about onlyrnsince 1965. This need not have happened.rnNo, I don’t think this is what Col.rnDavid Shoup, Lt. William Deane Hawkins,rnS. Sgt. William Bordelon, Lt.rnAlexander Bonnyman, Maj. Michael P.rnRyan, Cpl. John J. Spillane, and the otherrnheroes of Tarawa fought for. I mightrnadd that three chaplains—Wyeth Willard,rnF.W. Kelly, and J.V.E. Loughlinwererndecorated for their bravery atrnTarawa. Not a Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhistrnamong them. If anyone wants tornknow what the Americans looked likernwho stormed ashore at Tarawa, simplyrnview the documentary, With the Marinesrnat Tarawa. The color combat footage isrnthe best ever shot. Take a close look atrnthe faces of the Marines as they mob EnsignrnW.W. Kelly after he lands his Hellcatrnon Tarawa and as they leave the island.rnThose are the lads. God bless you,rnbo vs.rnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnT H E NATO AIR STRIKES againstrnthe Republic of Yugoslavia have suddenlyrnprecipitated us 60 years back. We findrnourselves faced with events whichrnstrangely resemble the aggression directedrnby Germany, first against Czechoslovakia,rnthen, with the aid of the SovietrnUnion, against Poland. It was striking tornhear President Bill Clinton compare hisrn”essenfially humanitarian” action in Yugoslaviarnto the solitar)’ resistance of WinstonrnChurchill and Great Britain inrn1940 to the conjoined alliance of Nazirnand communist totalitarianism. In fact,rntoday we are dealing with aggression onrnthe part of the United States and their alliesrnagainst a sovereign nation which,rnwhile at peace with its neighbors, has tornface a violent interior revolt. For thosernwhose memon,’ is short, the alliance thatrnso quickly routed Poland in 1939 unitedrnNazi German totalitarianism with Russianrncommunist totalitarianism in a singlernwill to continental hegemony.rnPresident Clinton is playing preciselyrnthe role that Adolf Hitler played in 1939,rnand his country, the United States ofrnAmerica, now plays the part of Nazi Germany.rnBut the will to hegemony is nornlonger local, continental, and European;rnit has taken on worldwide, universal, totalrndimensions.rnThe resemblances between the aggressionrnprogrammed by NATO againstrnthe Yugoslav Republic and both that ofrnGermany against Czechoslovakia andrnof the Russo-German alliance againstrnPoland are striking: the same confidencernin brute force; the same disdain for legalrnobligations and restrictions; the same disdainrnfor international institutions and forrnthe law of nations, a precise law replacedrnbv the universalization of the rights ofrnman, open to every abuse and pretext;rnthe same will to geopolitical hegemony;rnthe same preparation, the same ideologicalrnjustification of a pure aggression byrnpropaganda campaigns; the same utilizationrnof ethnic (nationalist) demands inrnorder to intervene in the affairs of an independentrnstate at peace with all itsrnneighbors.rnBut the differences are equally striking:rnthe will to power (hegemony) of NATOrnis no longer merely continental, butrnworldwide; the abilih’ of any state to resistrnthe American and European polities ofrnutilizing apparently irresistible bruternforce to resolve problems of internationalrnpolitics is virtually non-existent. Byrncontrast, in 1939, an important part ofrnthe world’s nations were in a position tornresist Nazi-communist aggression.rnToday’s means of propaganda are infinitelyrnmore sophisticated and effectivernthan those at the disposal of Goebbelsrnand the Comintern at the time. The ideologyrnspread by this propaganda is nornlonger that of race or of class, but a newrnreligion, the moralizing humanism ofrnthe Rights of Man, a religion that seeks torndefend the pretended universal rights ofrnan abstract and global man. The ideologyrnbehind which the violence of the NATOrnforces hides is moralizing and pantheistic.rnThis moralizing and religiousrnscreen makes it much more difficult todayrnthan 60 years ago to offer any resistancernto the social and political propagandarnof the totalitarian ideologies of thernday. The speeches of the chiefs of staterntrying to justify this exercise of bruternforce have a fundamentally religiousrncharacter. We are evidently dealing withrna new war of religion, and this time it isrncarried on in the name of the new god:rnMan.rnF’inally, the world economy today is inrnan extremely precarious condition, menacedrnas it is by the threat of the deflationrnof the enormous speculative financialrnbubble which is nourishing Americanrnprosperity in a perfectly artificial manner.rnToday, with Serbia’s refusal to surrenderrnto the aggression of a West that refusedrnto understand her, we see ourselvesrnfaced with one of the lastrnpossibilities of resistance by a state to thernproject of a totalitarianism claimingrnworld power, the brutal action of whichrnwe see unrolling across our continent. Itrnis at least strange to be obliged to affirmrnthat the last bastions of liberty in thernworld depend for their survival on the calUNErn1999/5rnrnrn