pacity of Russia and China to resist thernmadness of world domination of thernAmerican-European alliance.rnWe must incessantly affirm and repeatrnthis: The resistance of the entire Serbianrnpeople to the bloody aggression of a Westrnunited in a murderous and destructivernmadness appears to be one of the lastrnchances open to nations to preserve evenrna semblance of political liberty. After anrnindependent South Africa has beenrnforced to its knees, making it a Marxistrnsatellite of the United States, and afterrnthe government and most of the politicalrnclass of the Swiss Confederation hasrnbeen reduced to the level of valets of internationalrnpower, it is now the turn ofrnthe Republic of Yugoslavia to pay thernprice of its pretension still to exercise itsrnnational sovereignty. But we shall seernhow difficult it is to reduce to nonexistencerna people that prefers death to slavery.rnThat which had to happen has happened.rnYears of media calumnies seekingrnto demonize Serbia have attainedrntheir goal. Woe to every nation that willrndare to oppose even the least scrap of resistancernto the wills of the bestial empirern(the Beast, Revelation 13) which has todayrnbecome American. Despite its faultsrnand its undeniable sins (but is it alone inrnthis?), the Serbian people and their presidentrnhave known how to remain faithfulrnto their history, preferring, as so often inrnthe past, sacrifice to dishonor and to cowardice.rnThis people is thus becoming, byrnan unprecedented divine grace, the revealerrnof this limitless iniquit)’ that hasrnconquered the whole West.rnNow with the public evil installed inrnthe sight of all at the highest level of thernAmerican state, largely approved by thernnation, openly endorsed by the Popernhimself, and legally whitewashed by thernSenate, it is evident today that the protectivernhand of God, which was stillrnholding back the power of darkness fromrntotally submerging a West that has gonernastray, has been withdrawn.rnIn this tragic situation there remainsrnone single consolation for us Swiss: Inrnspite of the world-embracing politics ofrnour rulers, we are not yet, thank God, officiallyrntaking part in this bloody farce.rnToday, as in 1939, we must hope for therntotal confusion of the nations that, underrnthe mask of the most beautifiil humanitarianrnsentiments, are animated by a brutalrnand limitless will to power. Let usrnpray God that He may reduce to nonexistentrnthe shameless actions of a once-rnChristian West, which, in its apostasyrnand to its loss, has become the dwellingrnplace of an incredibly perverse politicalrnspirit.rn—Jean-Marc BerthoudrnWARS, according to the one-dimensionalrnview of world history favored byrnBill Clinton and Madeleine Albright,rnare caused by bad or mad men. Oncernwe, the almighty, self-appointed arbitersrnof worldwide justice, determine who thernbad guys are, we can go in, blow themrnaway, and make the world safe forrndemocracy. This approach is foundedrnon fantasy and doomed to endless failure;rnits false premise guarantees morernsuffering for the populations of thernworld. The tragedy in Kosovo is simplyrnthe latest example.rnThe causes of wars are indeed complex,rnbut some underlying forces arernnearly universal throughout history andrnacross the globe. Massive shifts in populationsrncreate unstable situations inrnwhich one group fears domination byrnanother group. Fear—whether of thernloss of power, of territory, of cultural expression,rnof the means of sustenance,rnor of religious predominance —incitesrnreaction which, if not dissipated orrnchecked, results in a self-protective assertiveness,rnoften violent and brutal.rnThese demographic shifts, measuredrnin historical terms, can be destabilizingrnand threatening to peace even if they occurrnover two or three generations. In therncase of invasions, like the Mongols overrunningrnEurope, such shifts can happenrnsuddenly. In the case of migrations, theyrnhappen more gradually. Demographicrnshifts can also be caused by discrepanciesrnin fertility rates between neighboringrncommunities. Bad or mad men do notrncreate these situations: They are createdrnby the normal competition of human societiesrnfor space and resources.rnWhile the West does all it can to alleviaternthe suffering of the Kosovo Albaniansrnand seeks an emergency solution to arnnearly intractable problem, we should berncasting a discerning eye around thernglobe in an effort to anticipate futiirernKosovos. Sadly for America, the southwesternrnUnited States could become arnTex-Mex-style Balkan powder keg in thernnot-too-distant future.rnCNN has broadcast images of tens ofrnthousands of reftigees, a sea of displacedrnhumanity. Multiply this picture into thernmillions, and you begin to approximaternthe number of economic refugees whornare streaming into the southwesternrnUnited States from Mexico and CentralrnAmerica. Again, there are no good guysrnor bad guys here, but an indigenous populationrnliving above the Rio Grande andrna migrating population moving up fromrnthe other side. If history is any guide, therngroups will eventually come into conflict.rnThe only question is: How will thisrnconflict be managed?rnUnlike other migrations into NorthrnAmerica over the past 300 years, this onernis occurring across a contiguous border,rncreating a novel situation. Hispanics arernentering the United States in muchrngreater numbers than any other ethnicrngroup has since the British colonized therneastern seaboard in the 17th and 18thrncenturies. Moreover, they are able tornmove back and forth across the commonrnborder in a way no other immigrantrngroup in American history could do.rnThis natural fact of geography is furtherrncomplicated by historical claims—untilrn1846, what is now the Southwest UnitedrnStates was the northern part of Mexico—rnand governmental policies that supportrnbilingual education, officially sanctionrndual citizenship, grant permission tornvote in the elections of both countiies,rnand offer federal assistance to non-citizens.rnWhether this territory should belongrnto the English-speaking Europeans whornconquered from the north or the Spanish-rnspeaking Europeans who conqueredrnfrom the south is almost a moot point.rnOver the next 20 years, according to projectionsrnbased on current rates of legalrnand illegal immigration as well as sharplyrncontrasting fertility rates and so-calledrn”white flight” to the Pacific Northwest,rnthe migrating population from south ofrnthe Rio Grande will become the majorityrnin California, Arizona, New Mexico,rnand Texas—the former territory of oldrnMexico. This raises important questions.rnHow will this affect the peace andrntranquillity of the United States? Is thisrnan inevitable development? If this doesrnhappen, how can the inherent competitionrnbetween the resident and migratingrnpopulations be managed?rnIt is not enough simply to say, as ourrnfeel-good leadership in Washingtonrnwould have us believe, that if we justrn”understand” and “tolerate” one another,rneverything will be all right. Humanrnhistory has shown that ignoring the potentialrnconflicts between human societiesrnis a recipe for disaster. The recordrn6/CHRONICLESrnrnrn