compete. American companies dominaternthe marketplace. No protective tariffrnneeded here.rnConcerning Raimondo’s general oppositionrnto tariffs, however, some sacrificernhas to be made to bring back lost industries.rnWhat is paying a few morerndollars compared to the sacrifice soldiersrnmake for their country? But free-tradersrnare no longer interested in their country;rnonly prices and profits count with them.rnLanguage, history, customs, tradihons,rnancestry, religion—these are of little concernrnfor them. Neither are trade deficits.rnSelf-sufficiency is not merely an issuernof aesthetics (as Raimondo argues) but ofrnsecurity.rn—Herbert MertzrnNorth Palm Beach, FLrnOn BuchananismrnA generation ago, utopianism was mainlyrna leftist mental habit. In the pastrndecade, the right has adopted the Utopianrnframe of mind, not a surprise forrngroups out of power for so long.rnBy utopianism, I mean PatrickrnBuchanan’s lament in Chronicles (“TowardrnOne Nation, Indivisible,” July), arnrather one-sided analysis (among excellentrnobservations), closer to a teacher’srndictation to recalcitrant pupils than a viablernplan of reform, let alone a major politicalrnplatform. By claiming to be a realistrnconcerned with the grass roots,rnBuchanan ignores the following parametersrnof the situation.rnFirst, America’s identity crisis—hencernthe ambivalence of the slogan “AmericarnFirst” —is as old as the United States itselfrnIt is located in the founding dilemma:rnIs America a nation or a blueprint forrnan ideal mankind? Washington has beenrnfollowing both lines at once, confusingrnfriends, foes, and itself alike. This policyrnhas led to an empire malgre lui, an invitationrnto all to join, and probably to a futurernimplosion. Minority groups are thernfirst to feel that the center is yielding; thernsturdy and numerous ones may becomernsecessionist nations in the not-too-distantrnfuture.rnSecond, Buchanan is surprised that inrnthis hesitant empire, like in late Rome,rnnot the “people” but the praetorianrnguard commands and sets policy on immigration,rnhuman rights, foreign affairs,rnand of course economics. But using thernlanguage of economic interest, when hernactually bemoans the thinning of nationalrnconsciousness, leads nowhere, certainlyrnnot to the re-cementafion of a nationalrnconsensus. Meanwhile, the “idealrnmankind” which is Washington’s not-sohiddenrnagenda, induces planners to constructrna globalist strategy—military, economic,rnand cultural. America, as shernnow stands, is not likely to backtrackrnfrom the global fronfier and its dynamics.rnBecause of its post-Cold War hubrisrn(see the New York Times op-ed page forrndaily arrogant details), the United Statesrnwill soon face global enmity. An implementedrnBuchanan policy would exacerbaternit. Yet, the “values” that Buchananrncites as blocks of popular resistance arernin low supply and even lower consumption:rnAmerica is in no position to sustainrna world-siege, from Mexico to East Asia.rnThose others do not suffer from an identityrncrisis. “Keeping capital at home” as arnmeans of punishment is a feeble attemptrnat isolation when American capitalistsrnand ideological strategists can hardlyrnwait to teach free trade and democracy tornAfghan tribesmen and Tutsi militia.rnThey want to invest abroad—now.rn—Thomas MolnarrnRidgewood, N]rnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrn”LA PREFERENCE NATION ALE”rnhas reentered the French political vocabulary.rnIn June, former Prime MinisterrnEdouard Bahadur shocked the Frenchrnestablishment by calling for an open nationalrndebate on the tabooed questions ofrnimmigration and the French identity.rnThe dialogue would inevitably includernJean-Marie Le Pen and his NationalrnFront (FN), which continues to grow inrnpopularity and support.rnDescribing M. Balladur as “un honneternhomme” of the old school, Le Penrnwent on (in his publication Franqaisrnd’ahordl) to add that any sane man, endowedrnwith heart and reason, would endorsernthe positions of the FN: “In fact.rnNational Preference has nothing to dornwith racism, Nazism, or who-knows whatrnelse…. The national preference is a naturalrnpreference. It is inscribed in the naturalrnlogic of the world, which desires thatrna man protect, above all else, his children,rnhis kith and kin, in a word thosernwho belong to the same community.rnEthnology, the study of the behavior ofrnanimal species in their natural habitat, isrnin this regard of the highest interest forrnpolitical life.rn”For us French, our constitution isrnbased on the feeling of belonging to thernnation, which is a community of destiny.rnIt is therefore normal that the organizationrnof social life take account of the nationalrnpreference, when certain problemsrnare posed on the grand scale. EvenrnPrime Minister Michel Rocard recognizedrnthat France could no longer acceptrnall the world’s misery. One of thernessential functions of politics consists inrnconfronting choices. Certain choicesrnhave to be made against the heart, withoutrnenthusiasm, but they must be madernbecause the greater interest of the countryrnrequires them. The reversal of migratoryrninflux is one of them. When a countryrnis no longer able to supply its childrenrnwith work, when it is no longer capablernof assuring them a decent life, . . . then,rnyes, when one is a politician, one mustrnhave the courage to make choices.”rnOn the question of immigration, LernPen made his own choice years ago, andrnwhile it has endeared him to millions ofrnhis fellow-citizens, it has cost him thernsupport of all right-thinking people inrnpolitics and the press. There are Americanrnpoliticians and journalists, far lessrnforthright than Le Pen, who have paidrnthe same price. If you can believe thernRepublican press, Mr. Buchanan is thernworst thing that ever happened to America.rnThere can be no room for a nationalrndebate on immigration, because thatrnquestion was settled by Emma Lazarus’srntinny verses on the Statue of Liberty. Because,rnfor there to be a national debate,rnthere would first have to be a nation,rnwhich is exactly what the globalists havernto deny.rnThis past Bastille Day, Jacques Chiracrn(a figure adored by globalist conserva-rn6/CHRONICLESrnrnrn