vatives like Alain de Benoist. Nor didrnPaz ever completely overcome his leftistrneconomic prejudices. Unlike MariornVargas Llosa, Paz never embraced thernfree market and never quite grasped thernfrindamentally unethical basis of socialism.rnPaz’s best poems, like the monumentalrn”Piedra de Sol” (1957) and the difficultrnand immensely learned “Blanco”rn(1967), will likely remain among the enduringrnmonuments of 20th-century literature.rnAt a deep level, Paz’s poetry is asrnmuch a reflection of his love of liberty asrnit is a reflection of his aesthetics, anthropology,rnand sexuality. As was the casernwith the French surrealist Andre Breton,rnto whom he owed the most as a thinker,rnPaz’s rejection of socialist totalitarianismrnwas ultimately prompted by his realizationrnthat creative freedom could notrnstand apart from political freedom, andrnthat neither was possible within thernframework of Marxism.rn—Dario Femandez-MorerarnEPICYCLES:rn• Protecting Their Own: Last August,rnBoundary County, Idaho ProsecutorrnDenise Woodbury, in an unprecedentedrnmove, indicted FBI sharpshooter LonrnHoriuchi on manslaughter charges. Horiuchi,rnwho fired the shot at Ruby Ridgernthat killed Vicki Weaver, was the firstrnfederal agent charged with committing arnstate crime while in the line of duty, andrnsome had hoped that Woodbury’s actionrnheralded a new age of state restrictionsrnon federal power. Unfortunately, Horiuchi’srnlawyers were able to get his casernmoved from state court to U.S. districtrncourt, even though the federal governmentrnhad previously declined to prosecuternhim. Not surprisingly, in May, U.S.rnDistrict Judge Edward Lodge dismissedrnthe manslaughter charges, arguing thatrnthe Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitutionrnprotects federal agents fromrnstate prosecution when thev are acting inrnthe line of duty. The implications of therndecision are troubling. Perhaps the FBIrnshould change its motto from “Fidelity,rnBravery, Integrity” to “I vas just followingrnorders.”rn• Jack the Ripper: In June, “Doctor”rnJack Kevorkian took his assisted suicidernfehsh a step further, harvesting the kidneysrnof one of his “patients” and offeringrnthem for transplant. While his lawyersrncharacterized his actions as those of a humanitarianrnwho wants to save lives in ad-rnJ^^^ Co^arnHoly Dying (Amo Press),rnChristian death.rnC.S. Lewis, Miracles: A Preliminary Studyrn(Touchstone Books). A concise understandingrnof God, man, and nature.rnJohn T. Noonan, Jr., A Private Choice:rnAbortion in America in the Seventies (FreernPress). The classic examination of therntreatment of abortion in common law andrnconstitutional law.rnJeremy Taylor, The Rule and Exercises ofrnA primer on preparing oneself (and others) for arnRaphael Brown, editor, Little Flowers of St Francis (Image Books).rnDespite the efforts of animal rights activists to portiay St. Francis as thernpation saint of vegetarianism, Francis’s own stories reveal a proper Christianrnunderstanding of man’s relationship to nature.rnRichard Brautigan, The Abortion: An Historical Romance J 966 (Simon &rnSchuster). An unvarnished picture of the effects of an abortion on the life ofrna librarian and his girlfriend.rnGodfather II. Includes a memorable scene in which Kay smugly tellsrnMichael—with no hint of irony—that in order to stop the killing, she’s hadrnan abortion.rndition to relieving suffering, Kevorkian’srnown words made him seem more likernthe Grim Reaper. “The odds of [the kidneys]rnbeing used are nil,” he stated at arnpress conference at his lawyers’ office.rn”No so-called legitimate medical outfitrnwill touch it.” Of course, if he didn’t believernthat the kidneys would be used,rnwhy did he harvest them? Could it be forrnthe fiin of it? Meanwhile, Kevorkian—rnwhose suicide machine had been confiscatedrnand returned to him—lost his rightrnto carry a concealed weapon after anrnargument with police in Royal Oak,rnMichigan. Apparently, you can kill arnhundred people and cut their organs out;rnjust don’t mess with the cops.rn• Gays Are Investors, Too: Earlier thisrnyear, the Financial NetNews announcedrnthat “The Cay Financial Network hasrnteamed up with FarSight Financial Servicesrn. . . to provide an online tradingrnpackage geared toward the gay and lesbianrncommunity.” Those wonderingrnhow gay investment services differrnfrom straight ones can now check outrnthe Gay Financial Network’s website, GFN, which bills itself asrn”the first fully integrated virtual communityrndevoted to the distinct financial informationrnand investment needs of therngay and lesbian community,” offers arnmix of investment advice and homosexualrnculture. As the website’s welcomernpage proclaims, “We understand the importancernfor the gay community in securingrna strong and stable financial future.rnBecause we’re gay, it’s important tornus t o o . . . . We are a group of experiencedrnand knowledgeable gay professionalsrnand we’re here to help.” Typical articlesrn(from a week in mid-June) include arnlook at the “tax pros and cons of gay marriage,”rn”Lesbian Nation, a web offeringrnfor gay women,” and “the real Rehobothrnand why this is the ideal gay destination.”rnGFN’s logo? A green triangle.rn• Know Thy Enemy: While the UnitedrnStates government attempts to appeaserna resurgent Islam (especially inrnBosnia), Muslims are making no effort tornhide their intentions. In a May 20 articlernin the Saudi newspaper Riyadh al-]azirah,rnMuhammad Ibrahim MuhammadrnBin-Fai argues that Israel and Serbia arern”two faces of the same coin.” Accordingrnto a translation of his article by thernConference for Middle East Peace (arnpro-Israeli website at,rnMuhammad Bin-Fai declared that thern8/CHRONICLESrnrnrn