Serbian “rejection of the independencernof the Mushm countries is as strong asrnEurope’s rejection of the creation of arnMuslim state in the middle of Europe.rn. . . Now, as we walk blindly in the darkrntunnels of peace, neither Europe nor thernUnited States has any desire to correctrnthe mistakes of the past.” What doesrnMuhammad Bin-Fai recommend?rn”Only a genuine Arab-Islamic unity canrnstop Israel’s obstinacy and Serbia’s arrogance.rnWe should not allow the woundsrnto continue bleeding, because the morernwe wait, the costlier it becomes to redressrnthese wounds.”rn• Driving Ol’ Dixie Down; ScrippsrnHoward reports that North Carolina’srnDivision of Motor Vehicles is becomingrn”culturally sensitive and completelyrnbilingual.” The reason? The DMV hasrnreceived complaints alleging discriminationrnagainst Spanish-speaking customers.rnAccording to Scripps Howard,rn”Responding to complaints from Latinornadvocates, the agency is expanding its listrnof acceptable forms of identification torninclude Mexican passports and an IDrncard for people who have served in thernMexican military.” At 20 local offices,rnHispanics applying for a driver’s licensernwill also be able to substitute an oral examrnin Spanish for the standard writtenrnone in English. No word yet on an oralrnexam in German or French.rnOBITER DICTA: it’s not too late tornsign up for The Rockford Institute’s FirstrnAnnual Summer School. Come joinrnthe editors of Chronicles here at our officesrnthe last week of July as we discussrn”The Roots of the American Right.” Forrnfurther details, see the registration formrnon p. 23.rnTwo poets grace our pages thisrnmonth. R.S. Gwynn is a professor ofrnEnglish at Lamar University in Beaumont,rnTexas, and the editor, most recently,rnof two volumes in the LongmanrnPocket Anthology Series, Fiction andrnPoetry. Our second poet is HaroldrnMcCurdy, the author of eight volumesrnof verse, including his current collection,rnRealizing Westward.rnChronicles’ art director Anna Mycek-rnWodecki has illustrated this month’srnissue. She has exhibited her work inrnWarsaw, Paris, New York, and Rockford.rnCouldn’t Make Last Year’s ^iihit ^^tcuzclxy^A (DIUA? Hear it on Tapern”The Future of Amer i c a: N ati onali sm or Secession?”rnThe following tapes are $12.50 each, shipping and handling included. Quantityrn”THE NATIONAL QUESTION” by John O’SulIivanrn”THE NATION OR THE GLOBE?” featuring Christopher Check and E. Christian Kopffrn”TUDICIAL IMPERIALISM” featuring Stephen Presser and William Quirkrn”CHICAGO GOVERNMENT: THE EVIL THAT YOU KNOW” by Thomas RoeserrnTOTAL _rnThe following tapes are $15.00 each, shipping and handling included.rn”FOREIGN FAILURES” featuring Paul Gottfried, Srdja Trifkovic, and James Jatrasrn”A NATION OF REGIONS” featuring Chilton Williamson, Jr., Bill Kauffman, Michael Hillrn”THE FUTURE OF AMERICA: A DEBATE” featuring Samuel Francis and E. Christian Kopffrnvs. Thomas Fleming and Clyde Wilsonrn”TWENTY YEARS OF CHRONICLES: A ROAST OF TOM FLEMING”rnTOTAL (QrnThe entire set of tapes is available for $90.00, shipping and handling included.rnTOTAL sets @rnTOTAL COSTrnNAMErn$12.50 =rnLirn$15.00rn$90.00 :rnADDRESSrnMake check payable to The Rockford Institute and mail with completed form to:rnJRC Tapes The Rockford Institute 928 N. Main Street Rockford, IL 61103rnAUGUST 1998/9rnrnrn