ing a rallying point that would be genericrnvet visible, the insurgents conceivedrnthe “privileged, white heterosexualrnmale,” and identified him with ” csternrncivilization” and “Judaism and Christianit.”rnSo what if “Europe,” “whites,”rnand “Christianity and Judaism” werernhardly snonymous? As Jenkins pointsrnout, these religions were born in thernMideast and spread through NorthernrnAfrica and Asia (and some 90 percent ofrnAmerican blacks are Christians). Thus,rndevout Jews and Christians teaching relipionrnmust be silenced because thev arcrn”the enemy,” while feminist, Islamic,rnAfrocentric, and gay theologians mayrnproselytize without fear.rnThis is the logical result of higher educationrntoday, which has sacrificed truthrnon the altar of the self and permitted certainrngroups to create Cod and the worldrnin their own image.rn—Nicholas StixrnBrooklyn, NYrnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnIMPERIAL WASHINGTON in thern90’s is the gaudiest political theater sincernthe Emperor Elagabalus went to his reward,rnand Clinton’s second inaugurationrnwas as sophisticated as an Arkansas highrnschool prom, complete with theme—rn”An American Journey”—and decorations:rna mock-up of the President’srnBridge to the 21 st Century.rnThe celebration stretched out for arnweek, with tent shows, church services,rnand a Sunday night gala performancernhosted by Whoopi Goldberg, CandicernBergen, and porn-star Michael Douglas.rnBarshnikoy limped and shuffled aroundrnthe stage to patriotic music, and SteviernWonder (no one this fat can be calledrn”little”) performed with a Gospel choir,rnas the President vainly tried to keep timernwith his hands.rnHe repeated his hand-jive performancernthe next morning at an A.M.E.rnchurch ser’ice in honor of Martin LutherrnKing, where he was lectured on characterrnand morality by the Reverend Jesse Jackson.rnThey made a perfect pot-and-thekettlerntwosome, since the Reverend Jackson’srnpersonal and financial shenanigansrnarc a match for Clinton’s—Jackson isrneven said to have faked his role at King’srndeathbed.rnThere was some carping, even fromrnDemocrats, about the conspicuous expenditurernin a bankrupt city, where onlyrntwo miles from the Capitol, D.C. residentsrnare living in urban squalor. The totalrnbill was something like $43 million,rnalthough less than $12 million was beingrnpaid for by American taxpayers. Therncost seemed particulariy extravagant forrnwhat is, after all, a repeat performance.rnThe W’hite House tried to generate arnsense of excitement by releasing rumorsrnthat Clinton was hard at work on hisrnspeech, boning up on previous inauguralrnaddresses and reading poetry. In fact.rnthe President must have had a hand inrnwriting his speech—it was that bad. Hernbegan with a series of progressive cliches,rnhow this great nation, founded on thernprinciple “that all men are createdrnequal,” ended slavery in the last century,rnsaved the world from tyranny in this one,rnextended opportunities to women, andrnended up as “the world’s indispensablernnation.” The President then declared hisrnnew political creed: “Government is notrnthe problem, goernment is not the solution.rnWe, the American people are thernsolution.” (By Clinton’s logic, the peoplernwould also have to be the problem.)rnWe were told to hold onto the old idealsrnof the American promised land, whilernbuilding a new “land of promise,” whichrnwould entail “a new government for arnnew century.” We had tried a republic,rnmoved on to democracy, and now it isrntime for change.rnDeclaring the “future is up to us,”rnClinton told Americans that they wouldrnhave to assume personal responsibilityrnnot just for themselves and their families,rnbut for the entire nation. If it takes arnillage to raise a child, then every child’srnparent is responsible for everybody else.rnOr something like that. A bright newrnda)’ was dawning as we entered the newrnmillennium, with equal opportunity forrnall bos and girls in the schools of theirrnchoice. “Our streets will echo again withrnthe laughter of our children.” Yes, Irnthought, as the Fairy Queen’s threatsrnechoed in m- head, and “titles will ennoblernthen, / all the common eouncilmcn, /rnand a Duke’s exalted station / be attainablernby competitive examination.”rnOnly W.S. Gilbert could do justice tornthe Clinton dream. He would have enjoyedrnthe whole day: a children’s choir ofrnevery combination of race and genderrnexcept the white and male, singing aboutrn”the rainbow bridge to the 21 st century.”rnthe President mouthing the words ofrnpatriotic songs during Jesse Norman’srnperformance, as if the di a required hisrnassistance, and Chief Justice WilliamrnRehnquist’s attempt to get through thernoath as quickly as possible only to bernbogged down by Clinton’s batheticrnsolemnity. Quickly shaking hands withrnthe President, Rehnquist scuttled off therndais without further ceremony, probablyrnin a hurry to get on with the Paula Jonesrncase.rn—’Hiomas FlemingrnLEGAL IMMIGRATION, m thernopinion of Senator Spencer Abrahamrn(Republican-Michigan), is somethingrnwe shouldn’t do anything “more” aboutrn”until we have a fuller debate on the benefitsrnof immigration.” The new chairmanrnof the Senate immigration subcommitteerninsists that he is “not tr ing tornbadmouth the other side, but the’vernhad the chance to make their case.”rnIf being allowed to address an audiencernof hostile deaf mutes in an unventilatcdrnauditorium where the sound systemrnhas been turned down and the lightsrnhave been shut off amounts to a chancernto make one’s case. Senator Abraham’srnclaim ma’ have some slight basis in fact.rnAs for a “fuller debate,” what I called inrn’ihe Immigration Mystique “the unwelcomerndebate” has deteriorated in the lastrn12 months into the almost nonexistentrndebate. The spring of 1996 foundrnCongress addressing the issue with somerndegree of forthrightness, but the legislatorsrntook care to be done with the issuernbetween the primary season and therngeneral election. Thereafter immigrationrnreform—also INS illegalities, DorisrnMeissner’s duplicity, and the Clintonrnadministration’s mass production ofrnDemocratic voters by a speeded-up nat-rnAPRIL 1997/7rnrnrn