EPICYCLES:rn• More Cultural Enrichment: Santeria,rnan Afro-American religion that combinesrnChristian symbolism with paganrnpractices such as animal sacrifice, has becomernincreasingh popular in immigrantrncommunities, especially in Miami, NewrnYork, and Washington, D.C. During thernsummer of 1989, while D.C. police werernfinding the remains of chickens andrngoats in local cemeteries, the Smithsonianrnhistitution sponsored Santeria ritualsrnat its annual Folklife Festival on the Mall.rn(They also sponsored Palo Mayombernrituals, the “black magic” side of Santeria,rnwhich made use of a nganga, an ironrnkettle filled with herbs, animal parts,rnand human bones.) Spurred on bv thernSmithsonian, Santeria has becomernmainstream. As the New York Times reportedrnin January, there are now Santeriarnsites on the World Wide Web (withrndiagrams of the proper way to sacrificerna chicken?), and a Broadway musical isrnin the works. While Christianity is nornlonger an acceptable subject for popularrnculture, an anti-Christian religion thatrnglorifies violence and spirit possessionrnapparently is.rn• The Benehts of Free Trade: Startingrnthis month, one of the lasting iconsrnof American pop culture, OshKoshrnB’Gosh overalls, will no longer be madernin America. While most of its products,rnincluding its popular Babv B’Cosh line,rnhave been manufactured overseas forrnsome time, the company had continuedrnto make its trademark product in itsrnhometown of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Nowrnthat the invisible hand has determinedrnthat Mexicans, Chinese, and Dominicansrncan make overalls better thanrnAmericans, look for prices to drop, wagesrnto rise, and peace and economic prosperityrnto spread like wildfire around thernglobe.rn• Pro-life and anti-euthanasia leadersrnin the United States who have, like theirrnfoes, abandoned federalism for the sakernof their cause, could learn somethingrnfrom Bob Collins, an Australian senator.rnThe Northern Territory, which he represents,rnadopted a law legalizing voluntaryrneuthanasia about a year and a half ago.rnAustralia’s federal government opposesrnthe territorial law, and a bill to override itrnwill be voted on sometime this spring.rnCollins, a staunch Catholic who opposesrnthe euthanasia law, also opposes the federalrnbill. A Northern Territory patriotrnand advocate of federalist principles,rnCollins recognizes the danger of givingrnthe federal government power over lifernand death, even when that gON’crnmentrnagrees with you.rn• Cultural Genocide Continues:rnFollowing attacks on the Confederaternbattle flag in South Carolina andrnMaryland, those who would deprivernSouthrons of their cultural heritagernopened fire on two new fronts. At thernend of January, the Virginia Senate, in arnsurprise move, voted to retire the staternsong, “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny,”rnwhich contains references to slavery.rnSince the Senate defeated a similar bill arnfew years back after the Virginia Housernhad approved it, the demise of the anthemrnis almost certain.rnThe battle then swung north to NewrnYork, where Republican GovernorrnGeorge Pataki called the Confederaternbattle flag “a symbol of hate.” Flis partymatesrnin the state legislature followed hisrncue and voted to remove the Georgiarnstate flag, which incorporates the battlernflag in its design, from a display of thernflags of the original 13 states. Both Patakirnand Virginia Governor George Allenrnhave their eyes on the White House, andrnapparenfly neither wants to be upstagedrnby South Carolina Governor DavidrnBeasley. Behind the scenes in all threerncases lurks the Christian Coalition andrnRalph Reed, who have joined with JackrnKemp in his attempt to “broaden” thernelectoral base of the Republican Party byrnalienating Southern whites. Apparently,rnReed and Kemp won’t stop until thernbase is so broad that Republicans can’trnwin a single election.rnO B I T E R DICTA: Chwmcles editorrnThomas Fleming will be debating GlenrnThurow of the University of Dallas onrnApril 10 in the Gorman Faculty Loungernat the uniersity. The debate’s tentativerntitle is “M.E. Bradford vs. Lincoln—rnEquality, Liberty, and American Constitutionalism.”rnDr. Fleming will be representingrnM.E. Bradford; Dr. Thurow, Mr.rnLincoln. For more information, contactrnHavden Head, Director of Student Life,rnat 972-721-5323.rnThe 16th annual meeting of the MidwestrnG.K. Chesterton Society will bernheld from June 26-28 at the ArchbishoprnCousins Center in Milwaukee. Amongrnthe speakers at this event will be the peripateticrnThomas Fleming, who spoke atrnlast year’s conference. The title of hisrntalk is “Southern Agrarians Look at Capitalismrnand its Effect on the Family.” Forrnmore information, write to Ann Stull,rn1419 E. S3rd St., Chicago, IL 60615.rnChronicles readers should consider arnsubscription to Middle American Newsrn($15, P.O. Box 17088, Raleigh, NCrn27619), edited by Chronicles contributorrnJerr’ Woodruff. A monthly paper, MANrnis an excellent source for updates on a varietyrnof Chronicles themes, from immigrationrnto the BATE.rnNorth Dakota poet Alan Sullivan hasrncontributed three new poems to this issue.rnA novelist who turned to poetry twornyears ago, Mr. Sullivan’s work has appearedrnin manv journals in the UnitedrnStates and the United Kingdom, such asrnPoetry, the Dark Horse, and the Spectatorrnof London.rnChronicles is now sold at the followingrnstores in Texas: Book People, 603rnN. 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