and Wesleyan University.rnHis first volume of verse, The BeautifulrnChanges, which appeared in 1947, wonrnthe poet early respect from critics as demandingrnas T.S. Eliot. Since that time,rnhis poetry has received many majorrnawards: two Pulitzer Prizes, a NationalrnBook Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship,rnand the Prix de Rome. His translationsrnof French drama into rhymed couplets,rnacclaimed throughout the Englishspeakingrnworld, have been honored withrnPEN and Bollingen Prizes. Wilbur isrnalso known for his collaboration (asrnlyricist) with Leonard Bernstein on thernshow Candide (recently revived).rnIn a long and useful career, Wilburrnhas created a distinguished body of workrnupholding the old conventions, both ofrnform and of civility. He is the living embodimentrnof the civilized traditions ofrnliterature and the opposite of the trendyrnanti-Americanism dominant in our culturerntoday.rnOne of America’s foremost historians.rnProfessor Fischer has devoted much ofrnhis career to exploring the origin and developmentrnof the American character.rnBorn in Baltimore on December 2,1935,rnhe received an A.B. from Princetonrn(1958) and a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkinsrn(1962). He has taught at Brandeis Universityrnsince 1962, where he is WarrenrnProfessor of History. He has also beenrnvisiting professor at Harvard, the Universityrnof Washington, and CambridgernUniversity. He is the author of ThernRevolution of American Conservatism,rnHistorians’ Fallacies, Growing Old inrnAmerica, Chronic Inflation, Albion’srnSeed, and Paul Revere’s Ride. He is a contributingrneditor to the Times Atlas ofrnWorld History.rnIn his highly praised Albion’s Seed, Fischerrntraced the regional peculiarities ofrnAmerican identity to the parts of Britainrnfrom which the settlers came. Whatrnemerges is not a simplistic portrait but arnvivid mosaic of diverse customs and traditionsrnthat define the parts as well as thernwhole. His works, although based on seriousrnscholarly research, are as readable asrnhistorical novels.rnHis most recent work, Paul Revere’srnRide, succeeds in debunking the debunkersrnwhile at the same time illuminatingrna crucial period in American history.rnSo far from being a nonentity whorngot lucky (the standard view of leftistrnand revisionist historians), Paul Reverernturns out to have been the communicationsrncenter of the well-organized circlernof Boston patriots who planned the firstrnphase of the American Revolution. Fischer,rnworking from neglected documents,rnshows how it was possible for sturdyrnfarmers and independent-mindedrnbusinessmen, working together, to standrnup to the greatest empire in the wodd.rnThe Ingersoll Foundation is thernphilanthropic division of the IngersollrnMilling Machine Company of Rockford,rnIllinois. The Rockford Institute administersrnthe prizes. Past recipients of the T.S.rnEliot Award are Zbigniew Herbertrn(1995), Wendell Berry (1994), FredrnChappell (1993), Muriel Spark (1992),rnMario Vargas Llosa (1991), CharlesrnCausley (1990), George Garrett (1989),rnWalker Percy (1988), Octavio Pazrn(1987), V.S. Naipaul (1986), Eugenernlonesco (1985), Anthony Powell (1984),rnand Jorge Luis Borges (1983). FrangoisrnFuret (1995), Murray Rothbard (1994),rnEugene Genovese (1993), Walter Burkertrn(1992), John Lukacs (1991), ForrestrnMcDonald (1990), Edward O. Wilsonrn(1989), Edward Shils (1988), JosefrnPieper (1987), Andrew Lytle (1986),rnRobert Nisbet (1985), Russell Kirkrn(1984), and James Burnham (1983) arernthe previous recipients of the Richard M.rnWeaver Award.rnOBITER DICTA: The painting on therncover of this issue is by Anna Mycek-rnWodecki, who has woven together traditionalrnPolish themes and images, includingrnthe “radiant eye” symbolizing God.rn(It is not a Masonic symbol.)rnA footnote to Theodore Pappas’s Octoberrnarticle on the “glamorous” world ofrnhigh fashion. The owner of Model TeamrnInternational in Manchester, England,rnan ex-policeman named Peter Martin,rnhas been convicted of six counts of rapernand five counts of indecent assault andrnsentenced to 20 years in prison; he wasrnoriginally charged with 19 rapes and 40rnother sex offenses. As reported in thernLondon Weekly Telegraph in October,rnMartin had been routinely assaulting hisrnunderage charges, including some asrnyoung as 13 years old, since 1981. His reassurancesrnto concerned adults were reportedlyrnso convincing that many of therngirls who tried to leave his agency werernreturned by their parents.rnLook for Chronicles at the followingrnstores in Oregon: Powell’s Bookstore,rnInc., 1005 W. Burnside, Pordand; TowerrnBooks, 1307 NE 102nd Ave., Portland;rnMedia Play, Lancaster Promenade,rnSalem; News & Smokes, 457 Garden ValleyrnBlvd., Roseburg; Barnes & Noble Superstore,rn18300 NW Evergreen Pkwy.,rnBeaverton. In Washington State, Chroniclesrnis available at: Bulldog News, 4208rnUniversity Way, NE, Seattle; HastingsrnBooks, Music and Video, 1704 W.rnWellesley, Spokane; Jimmy’s Newsstand,rnW. 521 Sprague, Spokane; UniversityrnBook Store, 990 102nd Ave., N.E., HastingsrnBooks, Music and Video, 151 N. 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