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Unsolicited nranuseripts cannot bernreturned unless accompanied by a self-addressedrnstamped envelope.rnChroniclesrnVoi.Zd, No. 2 Rbru^r> 1996rnPruited ill the I ‘iiitcd States of AmericarnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESrnOn Environmental ismrnWe who look to Chronicles for some cogentrncommentary on our environmentalrndilemmas aren’t getting enough fromrnChilton Williamson, Jr. Not that thoserncampfire meditations, gut-wrenching elkrnhunts, and encounters with the West’srnfast-vanishing anarchists aren’t worthyrnstuff; sometimes we can hear an echo ofrnEd Abbey.rnBut we need some Real Truth aboutrnresources in the West, and neither thernwelfare ranchers nor the land-grab miningrncompanies, or any other mislabeledrn”Wise Use” faction has the couragernto fess up and tell it like it is. We do notrnneed a piece of obfuscation by JimrnChristie, who invents something thatrndoesn’t exist, “The New ConservationrnMovement” (December 1995), andrnwho somehow tries to make arch (environmental)rnvillain Ron Arnold lookrnrespectable. As to the war of words betweenrnrecreational apologist Ed Marstonrnof Higli Country News, and rancherrnapologist Chilton Williamson over therntrue environmental situation in CatronrnCountv, New Mexico, and by inferencernto the situation in ten other Westernrnstates, we learn, again, that even goodrnmen often see just what they want to see.rnLet us never forget that the West isrndry, always will be dry, and even ought tornbe dry. This is one of J.N. “Ding” Darling’srn”Laws of Nature.” Its federal portionsrnappear to have been mismanagedrnby several somewhat compromised andrncorrupted land management bureaucraciesrn(BLM, U.S. Park and Forest Service,rnBureau of Mines, Bonneville Power, etc.)rnwho have maintained a century-old tiltrntoward the old-time extractive industriesrnand more recently caved in to the hedonisticrnrecreational and “industrial”rntourism industries.rnSome of the high country locals appearrnto feel that those of us who live eastrnof the Hundredth Meridian are not entitledrnto think of “their” federal landsrnas “our” federal lands. We to the eastrnhave already seen what cut-and-run loggingrncan do, what Big Materialism canrndo, what big electricity liberals (TV socialism)rnhas done, and we suspect thatrnthe Cowboy Economy is as much of arndead-end as Kenneth Boulding said itrnwas.rnThe rock upon which we must standrnto do what is right in the West is not thernshifting sand of hedonism, meism, andrnthe self-aggrandizement of the “WisernUse” movement, but rather the selfdenyingrnand resource-saving philosophyrnof duty, honor, and country.rn—David TillotsonrnLakemills, WJrnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnS I R JAMES GOLDSMITH in LernPiege (Paris, 1993) eloquently defendedrnthe nation and regional free trade againstrninternationalists advocating global freerntrade. He provoked a formal answerrnfrom the European Commission in Octoberrn1994. A month later the Englishrnversion of The Trap appeared, followedrnby a torrent of contradiction andrnpolemic from various academics, therngovernor of Hong Kong, and NormanrnMacrae of the Sunday Times. In the fallrnof 1995, Goldsmith took time from hisrnwork as leader of the Europe of the Nationsrngroup in the European parliamentrnand advocate of a referendum onrnBritain’s participation in the EuropeanrnUnion to publish The Response. It is arncalm but damning indictment of the futurernthat awaits us under the globalistrnregime established bv NAFTA andrnGATT.rnFor example. Goldsmith’s chapter onrn”The Story of Global Free Trade” showsrnthat while such trade causes phenomenalrngrowth in the Gross National (orrnnow. Domestic) Product, it increasesrnstructural unemployment and publicrndebt. In France, the GNP has grown 80rnpercent in the last 20 years, but real unemploymentrnrose from about 400,000 tornover fi’e million. This last figure is thernequivalent of 22 million in the UnitedrnStates. With our inferior educationalrn4/CHRONICLESrnrnrn