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Unsolicited manuscripts cannot bernreturned unless accompanied by a self-addressedrnstamped envelope.rnChroniclesrnVol. 19, No.O ScptL-mbcr 1995rnPrinted in thel’nilcd Sl.itcs of AmericarnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESrnOn Men vs. WomenrnCongratulations on vour extraordinaryrnMay issue, “N4en vs. Women.” As arnsingle, working woman in her 30’s, I’vernbeen embarrassed for my gender forrnnearly two decades (though some comfortrnlies in knowing that actual feministsrnare in the minority, despite the pressrnthey get).rnIt was utterly refreshing to read levelheadedrnassessments of the ravages ofrnfeminism on American society. I can usernthe word “ravages” with confidence, havingrnfive sisters who provide me with a livingrnlaboratory for observing feminism’srnreal-life effects. The sisters who swallowedrnit are now divorced, embittered,rnand/or living the uniquely American horrorrnof 16-hour days spent rushing fromrnthe office to the daycare center and tornthe mall.rn—Terry SullivanrnChicago, ILrnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnDEAR SENATOR JESSE HELMS, Irncan only ask if maybe the press againrnmissed your wry wit when they reportedrnthat you had called the rescue of AirrnForce Captain Scott F. O’Grady “somethingrnout of a storybook.” I agree. It hadrneverything but Lassie greeting thernchopper. Marines landed 50 metersrnfrom him. (What miraculous precision.)rnBosnian Serb officials claimed they capturedrnthe pilot. U.N. special envoy YasushirnAkashi says there was informationrnthe Serbs had the pilot. American militaryrnsources tried to make “third-hand”rncontacts with Bosnian Serbs through thernUnited Nations. Then CNN reportedrnfrom Bosnia that the Serbs had not capturedrnthe pilot. Ilmmm.rnAsked why it had taken six days forrnO’Grady to transmit to his NATO rescuers,rnAdmiral Leighton Smith speculatedrnthat it could have been because ofrnbad weather. Had O’Grady’s radio beenrntaken away by his captors and later returnedrnafter a deal was struck?rnThe media informed the public thatrnthe F-I6C was shot down near Banja Luka.rnA parachute was seen 25 miles southwestrnat the Serb town of Mrkonjie Grad.rnOK, but our pilot was picked up 12 milesrnfrom Bihac, a distance of 60 miles fromrnwhere he reportedly landed. Someonernmust have given him a lift.rnThe storybook story seems calculatedrnto restore faith in our top guns, to downgradernthe danger our pilots face from thernSerbs’ air defenses, in sum to grease thernway to launch an attack that will take usrninto war. Please call on me if your staffrncould use some competeirt advice outsidernthe usual channels.rn—John Peter MaherrnT H E P R E S I D E N T of these disunitedrnstates has been busy lately with his usualrnbait-and-switch tactics, ones which havernmade the newspapers more than everrnexasperating to scan. Recently, the administrationrnhad three different Bosniarnpolicies in one day, and the newlyrnproposed Clinton budget was a splitthe-rndifference maneuver that apedrnthe Republicans. The President is hardlyrnpresidential.rnI le can’t even run the White I lousernitself, which, because of several attemptsrnto attack its occupant (one kamikaze,rnseveral bullets, and no wonder), has nowrnbeen further removed from public access.rnAnd in an exquisite display of complexrnand interlocking fatuities, the Presidentrnhas apologized for his servants.rnSecret Service officers who, greeting arndelegation of 50 “openly gay and lesbianrnelected officials,” wore rubber gloves onrntheir hands. Before his apology, however,rnother protesters chanting “shame,rnshame” decorated the White Housernfence with scores of rubber gloves as theyrnleft the line of a Gay Pride Day parade.rnIn the first place, the original assortmentrnof homosexual politicos had beenrninvited to mend fences—they are one ofrnthe groups to which the President hasrnpandered and which he has “betrayed.”rn4/CHRONICLESrnrnrn