already been giving intelligence and assistancernwith artillery spotting. Morerndamning evidence surfaced recently ofrnthe United States supplving Chinesemadernarms, including rocket-launchers.rnThe headline in The European wasrnblunt: “America lias ‘Joined War’ inrnBosnia.” The State Department deniesrnnearly all the charges, but in the 1960’srnthe United States also denied its role inrnVietnam.rnThings were looking bright for thernMuslims, brighter than they had lookedrnsince the 1940’s, when they helped tornbreak up Yugo-slavia and worked for thernNazis. Yugoslavia had been enforcingrnthe blockade against their Serbianrncousins with some effectiveness, althoughrnrumor has it that the Muslimsrnwere receiving weapons from NATO.rnThey are certainly getting help fromrntheir Muslim friends throughout thernworld.rnEmboldened by their NATO, particularlyrnAmerican allies, the Muslims decidedrnit was time to end an apparentrnstalemate and to launch an invasion fromrntheir safe haven in Bihac. This was arnrisky move, since success could not onlyrnattract a Serb counterattack, but it alsornput Slobodan Milosevitch—the onlyrnman who can force the Bosnian Serbs tornnegotiate—in a difficult position. ThernSerbian president is, in fact, a moderaternand under constant pressure from thernnationalists in and out of government.rnThe same pressures are being put onrnBoris Yeltsin by Russian nationalists, thernRussian military, and the Russian OrthodoxrnChurch, to support their SlavicrnOrthodox brothers and assert traditionalrnRussian hegemony in a strategic region.rnHeedless of the consequences, thernMuslims made their attack, and nightrnafter night the network anchormenrngloated over their success. The story wasrnalways the same. On the screen comesrnthe picture of a rocket and artillery barrage.rn”A familiar sight in Bosnia, butrnthis time it is the Serbs who are on thernreceiving end.” When some bright reporterrnthought to ask the Bosnian Serbrncommander. General Mladic, what hisrnresponse would be to the Muslim advance,rnhis laconic answer went: “If theyrnwant war, we’ll give them war.” A chillingrnstatement from such a source.rnIt was easy to predict the internationalrnresponse. The Muslims reopen thernwar, and the Serbs are blamed for hghtingrnback. NATO is given its first battlerntest in its almost 50-year history whenrnthe U.N. authorizes air strikes. The raidsrndo little to slow the Serb advance, andrnthen, nwsteriouslv. on Frida’, a strike isrncalled off on account of weather. Butrnthe weather is consistentlv bad at thisrntime of year in the Balkans, and thernplanes have electronic guidance svstems.rnStranger still, after the raid is called off,rnU.N. and NATO officials give interviewsrndeclaring the war over. The Serbs havernwon.rnWhat gives? Until that point, thernforces of the New World Order had beenrnthreatening fire and sword against anvrnSerb who stood up against them. EitherrnNATO is a tiger without teeth, orrnelse something happened we are notrnhearing about. If it is a question of U.N.rnhostages, then giving in is absolutely thernworst thing to do. Even they can’t bernthat stupid. Unconfirmed sources haverntold us that NATO did not call off Friday’srnraid, that six planes were shotrndown, and that one of the pilots is inrnBosnian Serb hands. Who knows?rnWhatever forced NAEO and the UnitedrnStates to back down, the result is thernsame. In this strategic crossroads of thernworld, for which Greeks and Gauls, Romansrnand Turks, Russians and Germansrnhave spent their lives and treasures, thernUnited States for almost nothing hadrnwon the hearts and minds of the dominantrnethnic group. Down to the breakuprnof Yugoslavia, the Serbs were passionatelyrnpro-American. Now, because ofrnthe stupidity, greed, and corruption ofrnthe American leadership, we have forfeitedrnthat friendship and brought thernSerbs and Russians back together. I dornnot know what George Bush, who got usrninto the Balkans War, would have done,rnbut no one could hae done worse thanrnBill Clinton, alternately bullying andrnbacking down. If the American peoplernhave longer memories than I think theyrnhave, this total fiasco should mean thernend of NATO, the end of the UnitedrnNations as a political and military force,rnand the end of America’s post-Cold Warrnpolicy of humanitarian iolence.rn—Thomas FlemingrnW H E N THE E L E C T I O N returnsrnshowed Republicans in charge ofrnCongress and Washington, D.C.’s MarionrnBarry with an insurmountable leadrnin the race for mayor, there was only onernthing to do: uncork the Jack Daniels andrncelebrate. Statehood for D.C. wentrndown the tubes.rnIn electing Barrv again, the citv’srnseething underclass was thumbing itsrnnose not onl at the rest of the countrvrnbut also at Congress, which holds thernkeys to the United States Treasury thatrnBarry has become so accustomed to looting.rnThe election was also the District’srnreferendum on the criminal justice system,rnthe archenemy of many voters whorncast their ballots for Barry because thernmaximum-security jail at Lorton, Virginia,rnis home to more than a few ofrntheir relatives.rnBut Barry’s election, predictable as itrnwas, paralleled the results in Arlington,rnVirginia. Arlington, too, thumbed itsrnnose at the rest of the country, not evenrna month after two carjackers murderedrnMeredith Miller, the young Floridianrnwho worked for Representative LesliernByrne (Virginia). Arlington’s proximityrnto the district bv car or taxi or the Metro,rnthe District’s heavily subsidized andrnmoney-losing subway, makes it a perfectrntarget for VVishington’s professionalrncriminals. In this case, the criminalsrnshot Meredith to death in Crvstal City,rnlocated in South Arlington just acrossrnthe Potomac from Washington, D.C. Arnfew hours later, the cops caught onernsuspect tooling around the District inrnMeredith’s car, the gun sitting in plainrnview on the front passenger seat.rnMeredith’s murder was just one of manyrncrimes perpetrated in Arlington by residentsrnof Washington, D.C, which is whyrnArlington’s election results are as interestingrnas the District’s.rnReaders of the Arlington Courier arerntreated to news about crime in the paper’srn”Police Reports” and “Court Reports,”rnwhich record the county’s arrests,rnrobberies, larcenies, vandalisms, vehiclerntamperings, and sentencings. OnrnNovember 4, four of eight sentencingsrnlisted in the Courier’s “Court Reports”rnshowed a convict’s address in the District.rnIndeed, in almost any given week,rnreaders are bound to learn of at least onerncriminal from the District being sentencedrnin Arlington County’s CircuitrnCourt. The Commonwealth’s attorneyrnfor Arlington puts the tally of crimesrnfrom Barr”s subjects at 10 percent ofrnthe total. ‘rnAnd Barry has pledged even more.rnJust a week before the election, as thernWashington Post reported, Barry, recognizingrnhow many of his constituents havernrelatives in the slammer, promised inmatesrn”more lenient parole laws . . .rnalong with possible conjugal visits andrn6/CHRONICLESrnrnrn