terested individuals we can find, willrnmake sure our governor, state representatives,rnstate senators, state attorney general,rneven county sheriffs hear our message:rn”Get Washington out of here! Thern10th Amendment says they don’t belongrnhere! Ohio is to be governed byrnOhioans, as dictated by the Constitution!”rnOur goal is a minimum of 100,000rnletters. Testimony before the HousernCommittee will come soon, followed byrncitizen delegations to the governor andrneach state representative and senator;rndemonstrations with the Ohio state flagrnproudly waved are a real possibility.rnThe next step will be to enact implementationrnlegislation along the lines ofrnColorado’s State Sovereignty Resolution,rnwhich sets up the “review” mechanismrnto identify which federal mandates thernstate will and will not obey, based onrnwhether the mandates meet a “ConstitutionalrnTest.” This may not impressrnthe feds, so Ohio should set up accountsrnthrough which moneys for major federalrnprograms, such as gasoline taxes and federalrnlicense fees, must pass. Ohio willrnmake monthly disbursements to the fedsrnfrom these accounts, but only if thernfunds are used for purposes that thernConstitution allows. Then, if the fedsrnwithhold funds from certain programsrninvolving the state, Ohio will simply stoprnmaking monthly payments and retainrnthe funds in the escrow account. In Colorado,rnthe amount of money sent to thernfeds compared to what comes back tornthe state is within 2 percent.rnThe issue is pregnant with possibility.rnNone of the 10th Amendment Resolutionsrn1 have read qualifies the wordrn”mandate” with the adjective “unfunded.”rnThe issue is not simply to stop thernimposition of hidden taxes on the statesrnand on the people. The issue is torncounter and confront unconstitutionalrnmandates that run roughshod over arnstate’s right to republican governmentrnunder Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitutionrnand an individual’s inalienablernrights under the Constitution. The issuernis that the checks and balances at thernfederal level no longer work: the threernbranches are, in concert, abrogatingrnAmericans’ freedoms with virtually everyrnnew law passed. It is time to shake therndust off the “forgotten amendment” andrnfor the states to enforce it, for we arernwitnesses to the exact situation thatrnthe amendment was written to guardrnagainst, something we, because of ourrnapathy, have allowed to happen.rnThe 10th Amendment Resolution isrnsweeping the country. It has passed thernlegislatures of Colorado, Hawaii, Missouri,rnand California. It has passed thernSenate and House of Illinois (not a jointrnresolution). It has passed the House ofrnOklahoma and of Louisiana (where itrnpassed unanimously). It has been introducedrninto the general assemblies ofrnOhio, Michigan, and New Jersey. It hasrnsponsors in Pennsylvania, Florida, Nebraska,rnIdaho, Utah, Connecticut,rnWashington, Maine, Wisconsin, andrnTexas who plan to introduce the resolutionrnin upcoming sessions. Representativesrnfrom Massachusetts and Tennesseernhave inquired about it, and the CeorgiarnState Chair for United We Stand Americarnis working to have it passed there.rnPeople are networking in 49 states nowrn(every state except Vermont), all withrnthe intention of waking up their staternlegislators to the constitutional meansrnour Founding Fathers granted us.rnOn August 27, the South CarolinarnState Libertarian Party passed a resolutionrnabout the “Crime Bill” that saidrn”honest citizens of reason cannot abidernillegal laws, designed for whatever cause,rnthat would deny lawful citizens libertyrnhard won and unalienable God-givenrnrights and provide a framework forrndespotism and tyranny now or in the future.rnHonor and duty compel us to callrnfor the immediate repeal of this illegalrnact.” And in the absence of such a repeal,rn”we must respectfully call upon thernLegislature of the sovereign State ofrnSouth Carolina to issue an ultimatumrnstating that they will not suffer this illegalrnAct to be enforced within the bordersrnof South Carolina, and, further, if agentsrnof the Federal government attempt tornenforce this illegal Act within the bordersrnof South Carolina, it will be considered arndirect violation of the 10th Amendmentrnto the Constitution of the United Statesrnand the state will take whatever legalrnaction is necessary to preserve itsrnsovereignty.” The resolution then urgesrnall citizens to join the Citizen Militiarnnow forming in South Carolina.rnOther states are acting boldly, too.rnWitness Governor Pete Wilson in California.rnThe Los Angeles Times reportedrnon August 26 that “Governor Pete Wilsonrnhas ordered his administration torndefy the federal government and refusernto implement the so-called motor-voterrnregistration law unless Congress forwardsrnthe money to pay for the new program.”rnThe article said that “Wilson’s FinancernDepartment estimates that it will costrnthe state $35.8 million annually [my emphasis]rnto implement the law.” They, ofrncourse, are expecting a challenge and arernpreparing to fight.rnThey, like we, now realize that thernlegal means to resist the statism thrustrnupon us are in our founding documents,rnin the 10th Amendment, which needsrnno interpretation as to what powers thernstates possess. The task before us is torneducate our state legislators to their responsibilitiesrnto protect us from unconstitutionalrnmandates from a federalrngovernment that wants to usurp thernguarantee of republican government.rnAnyone who wants to join this fightrncan call the Council for Domestic Relationsrnat 217-787-8454, or fax 217-854-rn4343, to find out his or her state coordinator.rnThe organization will send a 10thrnAmendment Resolution packet for arnthree dollar donation sent to CDR, P.O.rnBox 3362, Springfield, Illinois 62708.rn—Carl jahnesrnW H E N MEXICO defeated Irelandrnin the July World Cup soccer tournament,rnsome 5,000 “fans” turned PacificrnBoulevard in Huntington Park, California,rninto a riot zone. Radical politics, notrnsports, lay at the heart of the riot. Somern300 police officers were called to thernscene, and according to one news account,rnwhen the “fans” reached the “barricadesrnat Pacific and Florence, theyrnstopped, many walked out to the intersectionrnand began shouting ‘Viva Mexico,’rnas well as some anti-U.S. and antipolicernslogans. One group burned a U.S.rnflag.” Gunfire erupted from some of thern”fans,” and as police officers scrambled,rnother “fans” were heard shouting,rn”Down with Pete Wilson and you stupidrncops!”rnMy outrage at witnessing an Americanrncity being terrorized by a mob of screaming,rnrampaging Latinos is equaled onlyrnby the contempt I feel for the public officialsrnand media who continue to callrnsuch barbarity a “celebration.” A celebrationrnof what? The outcome of arnsports event? Or the knowledge thatrnAmerican citizens have become so intimidatedrnby ethnic groups that the onlyrnweapon law enforcement officers arernpermitted to use to stop the destructionrnof a city is pepper spray? Or that thern”only” recourse left to law-abiding Americanrncitizens is to fork over more of theirrn8/CHRONICLESrnrnrn