hard-earned money to pay for extra policernand to repair the damage left in thernwake of the “celebrants,” while makingrnplans for the next “celebration”?rnOne need not be Nostradamus to predictrnthat there will be another incidentrnof mindless vandalism by ethnic groupsrnwho are all too aware that in America werndon’t punish acts of violence, looting,rnor desecration of our flag but insteadrnexpress our understanding of their “exuberance”rnand then pray that the nextrntime it won’t be our home or businessrnthat they consider their “spoils of victo-rnBut such ethnic violence is the normrnin California. When an anti-illegal alienrnrights organization in Marin County attemptedrnto attend in May what had beenrnadvertised as a public meeting of illegalalienrnactivists, the group must have feltrnmuch like the defenders of the Alamo,rnbecause they certainly were outnumbered.rnThey were there to protest the establishmentrnof a tax-funded hiring hallrnthat would be used to find employmentrnfor illegal aliens. But when they attemptedrnto enter the community centerrn(also tax-funded), they were greeted byrn300 hostile Latinos yelling their versionrnof “Yankee, Go Home,” followed by arnpunch thrown at one of the citizens. Justifiably,rnthe recipient of the punch retaliated,rnafter which police in “riot gear”rnwere called in to quell what one news reportrncalled a “clash.” “This is a crime,rnthis is an outrage,” shouted one of thernscheduled Latino speakers when thernmeeting was canceled.rnI agree, but it wasn’t the cancellationrnof a gathering of anarchists hell-bent onrnaiding illegal aliens and violating the immigrationrnlaws of our country that wasrnthe crime. Indeed, the crime lies in thernshameful apathy of American citizensrnand their elected representatives that allowsrnsuch treasonous activity to occur.rnIf what happened in Marin County,rnCalifornia, was an isolated incident, itrnwould be reason enough for Americanrncitizens in every area of the country tornstart straightening their backbones andrnfighting the immigration invasion ofrnour country. But this is by no means arnunique case. For instance, residents andrnbusiness owners in Silver Spring, Maryland,rnhave already spent $40,000 of theirrnown money attempting to block arn”HUD-funded” hiring hall for illegalrnaliens that was purchased, furnished, andrnmanaged with federal tax dollars. Thisrnoccurred after officials in MontgomeryrnCounty, Maryland, decided to spend arn$300,000 block grant from HUD on improvingrnthe lives not of poor Americansrnin need of low-cost housing but of illegalrnaliens. These same officials spentrn$20,000 to hire county workers to assistrnthese illegal aliens with assorted otherrnproblems and awarded an additionalrn$57,000 to Takoma Park, Maryland, forrnthe same purpose. Takoma Park, somernmay remember, passed a referendum lessrnthan two years ago that allowed “illegalrnaliens” not only to vote but to hold politicalrnoffice.rnThe next time you see a newspaper reportrnof a “hiring hall” being erected tornget hundreds of illegal aliens off thernstreets of your cities (as the answer to thernimmigration problem), you might askrnyourself what will happen when thernaliens so outnumber the citizens of thisrncountry that when the former screamrn”Yankee, Go Home,” you realize you nornlonger have a home to return to.rnOf course, this is exactly the goal forrnmany of our political elite, as LN.S.rnCommissioner Doris Meissner’s speechrnto the American Bar Association’s StandingrnCommittee on Law and NationalrnSecurity last May made perfectly clear.rnIt was captioned: “We Are TransformingrnOurselves.” The fact that she used thernroyal “we” to imply that all Americanrncitizens are responsible for this “culturalrntransformation” is not only arrogant butrnan insult to our intelligence. To the contrary,rnthe public has no control over presidentialrnappointees to the I.N.S., and itsrnonly “voice” in matters of immigration isrnthrough their elected representatives inrnCongress. So when Meissner declares, “1rndo believe that the Immigration Servicernshould be more than a vassal forrnCongress,” she exhibits a complete disregardrnfor the wishes of American citizensrnand utter contempt for their justifiedrnoutrage at seeing their countryrn”transformed.” It is eminently clear thatrnMeissner and others of her ilk would farrnrather be a “vassal” for the millions ofrnThird World immigrants and illegalrnaliens that annually enter our countryrnthan be a servant of American law andrnpublic opinion. According to her, “Immigrantsrnbelieve more fervently in Americanrnvalues than those that have beenrnhere for generations.” I, for one, wouldrnlike to see Meissner explain these valuesrnto the husband of the German touristrnwho was viciously murdered by “Asianrnimmigrants.”rnWe do not need a degree in politicalrnscience to know that any governmentrnofficial who maintains that “it is extraordinaryrnhow smoothly we are transformingrnourselves into an even more diversernnation,” while race riots are a daily occurrencernand states are going bankruptrnpaying the costs of that “diversity,”rnshould be removed from office—immediately.rnNot only has Doris Meissnerrndemonstrated her inability to deal withrnthe daily invasion of our country, shernhas callously ignored the will of the peoplernfor a moratorium on all immigrationrnfor an extended period of time. Sherndeafly has more interest in “making citizensrnout of amnestied illegal aliens”rnthan in safeguarding the sovereignty ofrnour country.rn—Ruth CoffeyrnOBITER DICTA:This month, we bidrnfarewell to our assistant editor, ChristinernHaynes, and welcome a new editorial assistant,rnMichael Washburn. Christinernis leaving to attend graduate school atrnthe University of Chicago, where she isrnthe recipient of a Century Fellowship.rnShe will study modern European culturalrnhistory and work part-time for the Universityrnof Chicago Press. Michael hailsrnfrom Brooklyn, New York, by way ofrnGrinnell College, where he majored inrnEnglish and founded and edited thernGrinnell Spectator, a reactionary studentrnnewspaper. 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