CHRONICLES’ BACK ISSUES, TAPES, AND BOOKSrnThe Rockford Institute’s Rome ConviviumrnLEGENDS OF EARLY ROME; ROMAN MYTHS AND RITUALS—Audiotape—rnF-rom the earliest iron-age seltlemenis on the Palatine Hill through tales of Romulus andrnRemus and Aeneas, classicist Thomas Fleming describes how the legends of the Romansrninspired their greatness for 500 years, while art historian Gail Fleming explains their religiousrnpractices and beliefs,rnTape#:RFRl $12.50rnWRITERS IN ROME I: ROME THE WONDERFUL; CICERO, CATO,rnCLAUDIUS. AND CAESAR—Audiotape—Chilton Williamson, Jr., Chnmicles’ seniorrneditor for books, weaves together the impressions formed by British literary figuresrnduring their sojourns in the Eternal City; Thomas Fleming’s “Four C’s of Rome Lecture”rnincludes two heroes and two villains of the Roman Republic.rnTape #: RFR2 $12.50rnROME FROM REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE; RECREATING ROME—Audiotape—rnSrdja Trifkovic. Chronicle.’:’ foreign-afl’airs editor, tells the Roman version of the story thatrnis lold of all great nations—how, in becoming empires, republics destroy themselves;rnThomas Fleming brings new life to the Augustan age, during which the Emperor Augustusrn”found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble.”rnTape#:RFR3 $12.50rnIMAGES OF THE APOCALYPSE—Audiotape—Dr. James Patrick—theologian, architect,rnand provost of the College of Saint Thomas More in Fort Worth—illustrates hisrnargument that there once was a time when Christians attended Mass with thoughts ofrndeath and judgment on their minds by explaining the apocalyptic meaning of imagesrnfound in the mosaics of Rome’s earliest churches.rnTape #: RFR4 $12.50rnROMAN SPIES AND SPIES IN ROME; WRITERS IN ROME II—Audiotapi^rn.Srdja Trifkovic, Chronicles’ foreign-affairs editor, reveals the long history of Roman espionage,rnbeginning with the “elaborate intelligence network” of the Roman legions andrnending with the KGB and the Masons; Chilton Williamson, Jr., Clironicles’ senior editorrnfor books, reveals the indelible impressions left on American writers by the Eternal City.rnTape#:RFR5 $12.50rnRESTORATIONS: CONSTANTINE, ARNOLD, REINZO. DUCF.—Audiotapt^rn”All of Rome is like a palimpsest that has been written over time after time,” beghisrnThomas Fleming, in this lecture describing the Eternal City’s perpetual state of renewalrnand restoration, “and this process of recycling building material is also evident in the politicalrnand cultural history of Rome.”rnTape#:RFR6 $12.50rnROME IN THE AGE OF MARTYRS; PAPAL ROME—Audiotape—C/ironic/«.s’rnassistant editor. Aaron D. Wolf, provides a stirring and graphic account of the persecutionsrnof the eariy Christians in Rome and reminds us that all Christians are called to martyrdom;rnItalian journalist Marco Respinti argues that Rome cannot be properiy understood apartrnfrom its papal characterrnTapc#:RFR7 $12.50rnGOOD POPES/BAD POPES—Audiotape—While many saindy men and a handful ofrnsome of history’s most enthusiastic sinners have occupied the Chair of Peier. none hasrnever taught eiTor on a question of faith and morafs. Christopher Check, executive vicernpresident of The Rockford Institute, highlights some of the best (and a few of the worst)rnof the vicars of Christ, from Clement I through Leo XIII.rnTape #: RFR8 $12.50rnPIO NONO AND HIS ENEMIES; THE PAPACY—Audiotape—Italian journalistrnAlberto Carosa tells the story of the undeservedly maligned Pope Pius IX; theologianrnRoberto de Mattel explains how the papal tiara symbolizes the authority of the institutionalrnpapacy and argues that the decision to end the papal coronation ceremony has hadrnunhappy consequences for the modem understanding of sovereignty.rnTape#:RFR9 $12.50rnPAPAL ROME FROM NAPOLEON TO BERLUSCONI—Audiotape—Italianrnjournalist Marco Respinti explores the extent to which Rome’s papal character has manifestedrnitself as a sign of contradiction in the era of Napoleon and his spiritual descendants,rnincluding media mogul Silvio Berlusconi. Discover why the Italian right is as clueless asrnits American counterpart,rnTapeftRFRlO $12.50rnWHY I DON’T LIVE IN ROME; ITALIAN LESSONS FROM E.M. FORSTER—rnAudiotape—Has globalism ruined Rome or is Chronicles’ European correspondent, AndreirnNavrozov, overreacting? Decide for yourself after listening to this lighthearted accountrnof the fading glories of Roman life; Thomas Fleming considers Rome through thernprinciples—friendship and loyalty—that animated E.M. Forster’s fiction.rnTape #: RFRll $12.50rn”THE ETERNAL CITY THROUGH TIME” COLLECTORS’ SET—11 Audiotapesrnand One Back Issue—This collection includes the taped proceedings of the Januaryrn2001 Convivium, “The Eternal City Through Time” (tape #s RFRl, RFR2, RFR3,rnRFR4, RFR.”;, RFR6, RFR7, RFR8, RFR9, RFRIO. and RFRl 1). and a free copy of thernMay 2001 issue of Chronkk’s (boik. i.ssue #T015). 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