ber of potentially credible witnesses ofrnboth sexes. Keep notes, perhaps audio orrnvideo tapes.rnWhile certainly no one who worksrnwith or for you would ever become sufficientlyrndisturbed or angry to seekrnvengeance . . . it’s been known to happen.rnBy merely keeping a diary of thesernsorts of discussions, and by discussingrnher discomfort privately with friends, anyrnwoman can later bring a sexual harassmentrnsuit against a station, a productionrncompany, a magazine, or any businessrnand its executives. How much later?rnRemember Clarence Thomas?rnNow would your employees ever dornany of this? Why not? It’s a hard worldrnout there. Business slips, a company cutsrnback, someone’s fired. She demandsrnreparations. Outrageous? Irresponsible?rnWomen don’t act like that? Does anyonernknow of a male defense comparablernto Pre-Menstrual Syndrome? Courts sayrnthat PMS justifies premeditated murderrnsince women suffer diminished rationalrncapacity during certain times eachrnmonth. Hmmmm. If women are thernvictims of raging hormone imbalance,rndoes the expression “high-risk” come tornmind when considering a female over arnmale to fill a job? Feminists are correctrnin decrying the dark side of men. Theyrnare wrong in denying their own.rnWhy would an executive hire or promoterna woman when an equally qualifiedrnman was available? Suppose yournmust fill a high-pressure position withrnsomeone who will occasionally travelrnwith you. You’ve got a choice betweenrntwo equally attractive candidates, one arnyoung woman, another a man. Whyrnhazard travel with the woman, especiallyrnif you have any doubts about her abilityrnto keep the job? Why not give thernguy the break? Chances of him effectivelyrncharging sexual harassment arernslim, bordering on zero, should he becomernembittered about his failure in thernposition.rnBefore any guy dismisses feminism asrna showplace for irrelevant ensemblerncomedy, he should consider the case ofrnthe man sentenced for rape after sexualrnintercourse with a woman in plain viewrnof others at a party. They testified thatrnthe woman disrobed and openly solicitedrnthe fella’s attentions. However, herrnregrets the next morning propelled her tornthe police station. The courts ruled thatrnher alcohol intake incapacitated her fromrnrational participation just as certainly asrnif that man had tied her up. No one atrnthe party saw her drinking, but she admittedrnto having arrived inebriated. Arnman hits someone while driving drunkrnand the victim will sue him for everything.rnA woman hits on a man whilernprowling drunk and she will sue him forrneverything. A drunken driver is responsible,rna drunken woman isn’t. Thesernaren’t subtle messages.rnNaomi Wolf is a neo-feminist whornworries “that the national forums of debate:rnop-ed pages, political magazines,rnpublic affairs talk shows, newspaperrncolumns—remain strikingly immune tornthe general agitation for female access.”rnIn a New Republic article. Wolf constructedrna wall of statistics to prove thatrnwomen make up a tiny percentage ofrnthe guests on Crossfire, op-ed writers forrnthe Washington Post, and reporters forrnthe New Yor^ Times. Wolf’s numbersrnshowed women to be a minority of contributorsrnto Harper’s, the New Republic,rnthe Atlantic Monthly, the WashingtonrnMonthly, and National Review. And sherncounted fewer than six percent womenrnamong the nation’s talk radio showrnhosts. Wolf says this is discrimination.rnWhile searching recently to buy anrnair conditioner, I discriminated againstrnthe least efficient one I found, the leastrnproductive, the newest brands withoutrnperformance records, the machines thatrnwould threaten me with the highest bills.rnWho wants that risk in a world of whimsicalrnenergy costs? That’s informed discrimination,rnand perfectly rational. Rationalrndiscrimination is based uponrnknowledge. Irrational discrimination is arnproduct of ignorance. Employment discriminationrnbased solely upon race, religion,rngender, national origin, or disabilityrnreduces the pool of applicants fromrnwhich an employer can choose. It establishesrna test that’s certain to screen outrnpotentially productive employees. In thernlong run it will be inefficient—that is, ifrndiscriminating on the basis of gender is arnproduct of ignorance.rnBut sexual harassment (as well as childrnabuse) has become the 90’s equivalent ofrnthe charge of witchcraft. Today an executivernor a business that’s merely accusedrnof sexual harassment faces such potentialrnpublic derision that to risk it is foolhardy.rnWith the Supreme Court and thernEEOC having designated women as arnprotected class, any employer who ignoresrnthe potential liability of hiring orrnpromoting them needs solemn riskmanagementrncounseling. Media topicsrnare especially explosive, and it’s not rationalrnto hire shaky people around nitro.rnMen who “don’t get it” are likely to findrnthemselves enrolled in the Anita HillrnSanitarium for Wayward Boys.rnIn the present climate, Ms. Wolf’srnnumbers will not get better. Of coursernsome men are slimy, but, ironically, feministrnbattlefield victories have turned irrationalrndiscrimination against women inrnthe work place into its rational opposite.rnIn hunting for monsters to slay, feministsrnhave forgotten the adage: “Imaginationrninvents dragons where reality presentsrnnothing worse than lizards.”rn—Ted ByrnernJ IM MORRISON would have been 50rnyears old last December 8, and as thernworld press reported, the rock star’s finalrnresting place, the Gothic Cimetiere PerernLachaise in northern Paris—wherernBalzac, Chopin, and Oscar Wilde arernalso buried—has become a cult attractionrnfor a new generation of youngrnAmericans. American novelist DouglasrnCoupland describes these voung Americansrnas “Global Teens”: the 1990’s offspringrnof 1960’s-era parents. On the dayrnmy wife and I visited Pere Lachaise, hundredsrnof Global Teens flocked to Morrison’srngrave. Some even traveled to therntomb with their aging hippie parents.rnIronically, Morrison went into selfimposedrnexile in Paris to escape the publiernlimelight. During the late 1960’s,rnMorrison was lead singer of The Doors,rnand throughout his life Morrison attemptedrnto convev the image of a mysterious,rntroubled poet. His songs are fullrnof moody, obscure references to death,rnrebirth, and orgiastic, drug-induced experiences.rnMorrison’s penchant for selfdestructionrnled to frequent confrontationsrnwith authorities, among them onernwell-publicized arrest in Miami in Marchrn1969 for “exhibiting lewd and lasciviousrnbehavior by exposing his private partsrnand by simulating masturbation and oralrncopulation on stage.”rnMorrison’s short, excessive life endedrnon July 3,1971, in his Paris bathtub. Hisrnwife, Pam, found him dead, a victim ofrnheart failure. He was 27. Before droppingrnout of film school at UCLA, Morrisonrnwooed his future wife with talkrnabout Native American shamans whorntake peyote and see images “from thernother side.” Pam Morrison died of arnheroin overdose in April 1974.rnWith Hollywood filmmaker OliverrnStone’s 1991 movie The Doors, the Mor-rn8/CHRONICLESrnrnrn