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Unsolicited manuscripts cannot bernreturned unless accompanied by a self-addressedrnstamped envelope.rnChroniclesrnVol.18, No. 3 March 1994rnPrinted in the United States of AmericarnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESrnOn ‘Jack Kemp’rnHaving attended The National ReviewrnInstitute’s Conservative Summit in SanrnDiego last year, I can attest to the veracityrnof Llewellyn Rockwell’s and JeffreyrnTucker’s descriptions of Jack Kemp inrnrecent issues of Chronicles.rn”Wacky Jack” gave an appallingrnkeynote speech in which he panderedrnto the neoconservatives, rolled his shouldersrnas if addressing an audience of raprnmusic devotees, and made the “I Have arnDream” speech the organizing principlernof the conservative movement. Actually,rnit was worse. Kemp refused to use thernword conservative, instead repeating thernmoniker “progressive conservative” overrnand over. Even the neoconservativesrnwere wincing by the end of his harangue.rnLet us yell from the rooftops that Kemprncannot in any way, shape, or form be arnpart of any movement that is remotelyrn”conservative.”rn—Fred BirnbaumrnLong Beach, CArnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnIMMIGRATION is exclusively a federalrnresponsibility, but all states, like California,rnmust pay for federally mandatedrnmedical, educational, and social servicesrnfor immigrants. As Newsweek recentlyrnreported, 10.4 percent of all new immigrantsrnreceived welfare in 1990, as comparedrnto 7.7 percent of native-born Californians,rnand each immigrant welfarerncheck was on average more than 10 percentrngreater than that of the native born.rnCurrently some two million illegal immigrantsrnand their half-million citizenchildrenrnin California cost over $5.3 billionrnannually just for Medi-Cal, criminalrnincarcerations, education, and AFDC.rnMeanwhile the state’s population isrngrowing at more than 2.2 percent perrnyear, greater than that of either India orrnPakistan. This, plus the more thanrn600,000 (mostly immigrant) annualrnnewcomers to California, brings a spiralingrndemand for public services thatrnstate revenues are unable to meet.rnGranted that California’s revenues arerndeclining as the result of a two-year recession,rnGovernor Pete Wilson is correctrnin identifying “out of control” immigrationrnas an essential problem for whichrnpast U.S. legislators and Presidents Reaganrnand Bush are responsible. Nor hasrnPresident Clinton delivered much morernthan sound bites on the issue. For example,rnhe recommended strengtheningrnthe border patrol by 600 persons, somethingrnCongress had already authorizedrnlast year.rnDespite promises to control illegalrnimmigration under the Immigration Reformrnand Control Act of 1986 (IRCA)rnthrough employer sanctions, whichrnwould fine employers hiring illegal immigrantsrnwithout proper identificationrnand bring more border patrolmen andrninternal enforcement, our duly electedrnpoliticians have cynically failed to providernthe resources to do the job. Nor, asrnrequired under IRCA, has a secure identifierrnbeen developed for employmentrnpurposes, despite the widespread use ofrnfraudulent documents by more thanrnthree million illegal aliens working in thernUnited States. The border patrol is stillrn2,000 agents below the level authorizedrnby Congress in 1986. Budget restrictionsrnhave severely cut INS internal investigationsrnof employers hiring illegalrnaliens. Due to lack of detention facilities,rnover 250,000 so-called asylees arernworking with permits while they awaitrnadjudicated hearings that could takerndecades at the current rate of hearings.rnFewer than one-third of the asylees evenrnbother to show up. The great majorityrnare believed to be economic refugees,rnnot “true” asylees who are being persecutedrnfor their political views.rnTo make matters worse, in 1989, asrnthe United States slid into a recessionrnand unemployment escalated. Congressrnand President Bush eagerly embracedrnthe Immigration Act of 1990, which increasedrnlegal immigration by 40 percent.rnIn 1991 alone, legal immigration, includingrnIRCA amnesties, reached 1.8rnmillion. And legal immigration flowsrnwill remain at one million or more yearlyrnunder current law, a total greater thanrn4/CHRONlCLESrnrnrn