shall be placed naked in a glass cage inrnfront of their former place of employmentrnfor one year and be made to payrntwice what they stole.rnFour, big-time drug dealers and drugrnsmugglers shall be taken 50 miles out tornsea in an Army transport plane andrnpushed out the door. TV tapes of thisrnpunishment would be shown in thernUnited States as well as in Colombia,rnMexico, Peru, Bolivia, Nigeria, etc.rnFive, small-time drug dealers will berndropped by parachute onto a deserted islandrnwith a knife, some matches, and arnsupply of heroin, cocaine, and LSD.rnSix, persons who burn down buildingsrnfor the insurance shall be brandedrnwith a large “A” on their forehead (withrna red-hot branding iron) and be forced tornpay for rebuilding the burned property.rnIf life was lost as a result of the arson, thernarsonist will be burned at the stake in thernstreet in front of the burned building.rnThe relatives of the victim(s) can arrangernthe kindling and light the fire.rnSeven, all child molesters will be castrated.rnEight, hate mongers—people who arernconvicted of burning crosses on blackrnpeople’s lawns or painting swastikas onrnsynagogues or other crimes of this naturern—shall be punished as follows; crossburners,rnKu Kluxers, etc., shall have theirrnforeheads tattooed with “I Hate Niggers”rnand then be dropped off in Harlem; despoilersrnof synagogues will be tattooedrnwith “I Hate Jews” and then be droppedrnoff in front of the JDL office.rnNine, loan sharks, depending on thernsize of their business, will be thrown intorna tank at the New York Aquariumrnwith: a) leeches and electric eels; b) piranhas;rnc) a great white shark at feedingrntime.rnTen, miscellaneous goons, extortionists,rnstrong-arm men, muggers, conrnartists, etc., who prey on old or helplessrnor innocent people shall have the choicernof being: a) strapped underneath a subwayrncar for a month; b) handcuffed to arnshort-tempered gorilla at the Bronx Zoornfor a month; c) used as a tackling dummyrnfor the Pittsburgh Steelers for arnmonth; d) hung by their feet from therntop of the World Trade Center for arnmonth (all with TV coverage). Secondrnoffenders would get the same treatmentrnas big-time drug dealers (see numberrnfour).rnEleven, after release from prison, anyrnconvicted criminal who is caught with arnhandgun or knife shall have his weaponrnsurgically implanted between the cheeksrnof his posterior for a period of five years.rnTwelve, to be fair and to prevent unnecessaryrnsuffering, anyone convicted ofrna felony and wishing to avoid the statedrnpunishment may elect to: a) be fired intornorbit on the next unmanned spacernrocket; b) be buried alive; c) emigrate tornthe former Soviet Union.rnAll these punishments, which seemrnrather fitting, would be carried out withinrndays of conviction to save time andrnimmense amounts of taxpayer money. Irnhave only mentioned principal crimes.rnMisdemeanors like running up $4,000-rnworth of parking tickets, spray-paintingrnsubway cars, vandalizing public buildings,rnshoplifting, etc., could, I believe,rnalso be penalized in more memorablernand effective ways. Any ideas, folks?rn—jack LittlernThere are many ways to give to educational and charitable organizations such as The Rockford Institute, publisher of Chronicles: ArnMagazine of American Culture. Most people make direct gifts, which result in a “charitable deduction” from their taxable incomernin a given year. But there are other ways to give that can preserve income or assets for a donor and his beneficiaries, avoid capitalrngains and estate taxes, and benefit the Institute or other charities. These are often referred to as “planned gifts.”rnThe Rockford Institute’s Pooled Income Fund provides income to a donor or his beneficiary and can be initiated at the $5,000rnlevel or above. The amount in the fund can be increased each year, and the amount of income depends on the performance of thernpooled fund. This fund has both high income and growth-oriented investments, and the return is generally much higher than stockrndividends. 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