legitimate area of inquiry. The “Borking”rnof Clarence Thomas was done forrnpolicy reasons, but it had to proceed underrnthe guise of “character” inc]uiry.rnWhat, then, are my and others’ concernsrnabout Reno’s character? First,rnthere is the question of her “sexual orientation.”rnIn our campaign, Reno categoricall}’rndenied, without refuting thernevidence, that she is a “closeted lesbian.”rnNOW President and outcd-but-former-rnIv-closcted-lesbian Patricia Ireland is onernwho pushed Clinton to nominate Renornand said, “We need this kind of womanrnat Justice.” Reno, when asked afterrnher post-nomination triumphal returnrnto Miami bv the assenrbled media at thernMiami Airport what her sexual orientationrnwas, said: “Mr. Thompson is preoccupiedrnwith mv sexual orientation. 1rnam an old maid who has a strong affectionrnfor men.” Not exactly a categoricalrndenial anymore. The Miami Heraldrntransmogrified that weak-kneed rebuffrninto a stronger statement: “. .. who has arnstrong attraction to men.” Even thernHerald knew the “affection for” phrasernconstituted a winking admis.sion, so itrnmisreported what Reno said to the camerasrninto the “attraction” quotation,rnwhich is what ran in nearly every Americanrnnewspaper the next day.rnDas later Queer Nation weighed inrnwith an “outing” outside the Justice Departmentrnin which their spokespersonrnstated that “many homosexuals in Miamirnhae contacted us and told us thatrnReno’s lesbianism is common knowledgernamong the gay community.”rnNOW’s Patricia Ireland interestinglyrnweighed in, after the “outing,” with anrninteresting statement: “Ms. Reno shouldrnnot be judged on the basis of her sexualrnorientation.”rnAre Reno’s sexual proclivities, per se,rnthe core issue? Not these days, at leastrnnot to me. The issue has alwavs beenrnReno’s blackmailability because of herrncloseted proclivities. Blackmail occursrnbetween the ears of the blackmail target.rnReno cannot now come out of therncloset if she wanted to, because it wouldrnend her public career. She would ha’ernto admit she lied for 20 years.rnThe liberals have very recently madernthe point exquisite!} in the wake of AnthonyrnSummers’ book. Official andrnConfidential: The Secret Life of j . EdgarrnHoover, about J. Edgar Hoover’s closetedrnhomosexuality and the blackmail dangerrnit posed to this law enforcement officer’srnjudgment and integritv. No suchrneven-handed analysis has been broughtrnto bear upon Reno’s sexual proclivitiesrnbv anyone in the confirmation processrnor the media, even though I and othersrnhave conveyed evidence to the attorneyrnhired by Clinton, liberal Maryland attorneyrnLann Davis, to cheek out Reno’srnbackground prior to her nomination. Indeed,rnCommunications Director GeorgernStephanopolous responded to an inquiryrnin the White I louse briefing room da}srnbefore Reno was nominated aboutrnwhether the “sexual orientation” of thernAttorney General was relevant. He saidrnthat it was not.rnIf you don’t buy my analysis of whatrnmay be a problem here, how aboutrnReno’s immediate predecessor and boss,rnDade County State Attorney RichardrnGerstein, a life-long Democrat, whorndied in 1992 and whose front-page obituaryrnin the Miami Herald contained thernfollowing admonition of Gerstein: “Norn[closeted] homosexual can be a prosecutorrnbecause it gives every defendantrnthe blackmail option.” Gerstein did notrnknow of the Trojan Horse within his office.rnUpon Reno’s nomination, I and othersrngave the Senate Judiciary Committeernand the FBI evidence not only of Reno’srncloseted lesbianism, but also of her alleged:rna) use of “escort service” girls forrnsex. One such call girl, whose name isrn”Crystal,” has reputedly told the publisherrnof a certain “escort” magazine thatrnshe has received money for sex fromrnReno at Reno’s home; b) apprehensionrnbv a Broward County police officer in arnshopping-mall parking lot in the backseatrnof a car with a disrobed girl, as relatedrnby a homosexual Ft. Lauderdalerntalk-show host; c) long-standing relationshiprnwith a South Florida televisionrnnews anchorwoman.rnCould Reno really be blackmailed?rnIn 1987,1 persuaded her to open an investigationrnof some local pornographcrs.rnShe acknowledged in the September 24,rn1987, edition of the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-rnSentinel that she opened the investigationrnper my request. The pornographerrnthen announced publicly that if Renornpursued him, he would make the casernthat she is a lesbian. The investigationrnwas dropped, no explanations given. Irnwas successful thereafter in the federalrn’enue in determining that these pornographcrsrnwere indeed engaged in criminalrnactivity, as I had alleged to Reno.rnReno is more than willing to punishrnthose who threaten to open one of herrncloset doors. For example, shortly after Irnwent public with my assertions and evidencernof Reno’s lesbianism, the FloridarnBar, on whose Board of Governors sitrnReno’s campaign contributors, retainedrna Dr. Barry Crown to render an opinionrnthat I was “mentalh incapacitated” evenrnthough Dr. Crown had never met me.rnDr. Crown is reported to receive massivernexpert witrress fees from Reno’s office.rnThat ploy bv Reno’s supportersrnbackfired, as a neutral psychiatrist andrnpsychologist ultimately agreed to by thernBar certified me sane after a full batteryrnof tests. I am now one of the few certifiedrnsane lawyers in Florida.rnReno and her friends tried to use thernBar again when I blew the whistle (inrnthe pages of Chronicles) on the illegalrndistribution of pro-homosexual audiorntapes to the children of the Dade CountyrnSchool System. I beat that scam also,rnand thanks to Reno’s unsuccessful Barrngambits, the Florida Bar’s insurance carrierrnjust paid me $20,000 in damagesrnfor this frontal assault upon my FirstrnAmendment rights.rnAnother example of protective retributionrnby Reno is the ease of Jim Collier,rnwho brought evidence on massivernDade County electronic vote fraud tornJanet Reno, which evidence includedrnbogus computer cards being prepunchedrnand fed into the vote-countingrnmachines. Collier took these fraudulentlyrnpre-punched ballots directly tornReno, but Reno, rather than investigatingrnthe fraud which would inconveniencerna number of her political allies,rnhad the public-spirited Mr. Collier arrestedrnfor grand theft of ballots evenrnthough Collier took the “stolen” ballotsrnto Reno. Mr. Collier has told his talernto an interested in’estigator reportingrnto Judiciary Chairman Joe Biden andrnmay indeed testify at the confirmationrnhearings.rnAlex Cockburn wrote in the March 8,rn1993, issue of the Nation that Reno isrnnot beyond using unsavory methods tornaccomplish her goals. Mr. Cockburnrndoesn’t know the half of it when itrncomes to Reno’s desperate methods tornprotect herself and her carefully craftedrncloset of many doors. If she heads Justice,rnshe will turn the Justice Departmentrninto the latest oxvinoron.rnAt press time, homosexuality, evenrncloseted homosexuality, appears to be arnqualification ratlier than a detriment tornReno’s nomination, but there is onerndoor yet opening in the Reno closet.rnAPRIL 1993/5rnrnrn