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ChristiannKopff in the December 1991 Chronicles,n”The Veterans of Future Wars,” I wasnimpelled to look up a newspaper item,nclipped as I recall in 1924, quoting anspeech iTiade by.Senator John SharpnWilliams of Mississippi to his colleagues.nHe was given a respectful hearing. SenatornWilliams must be counted amongnProfessor Kopff’s “last of the Romans.”nHis speech, made today, would burlesque:n”I got a letter this morning from anman who said: ‘I heard you cheering thensoldiers on. I heard you trying to vitalizenthe war, and now here you are opposingnthe bonus bill.’ I did cheer them on. Inonce said to my friend from Alabamanthere, when we were talking about ournboys who were in France, that if minendied there I would not wear black, Inwould dress in white, like a bridegroom;nnot because he died, but because of thenthing for which I thought he was dying.nIf I am to learn now that one of thenthings he was fighting for was money Inwould not have said that. I would nevernhave thought it, I would never have feltnit. On the contrary, I would have feltnsorry that my boy was in the service.nMr. President, there are, after all is saidnand done, two classes of people in thisnworld—one class of ideals and of vision,nseeking all the time, however sinfullynweak they may be in their conduct, inntheir thoughts, at any rate in their feeling,nto approach nearer to their God andnto the God in history who controls thendestinies of mankind, who controls themnnot so much by arbitrary act of His, butnby accepting men themselves, the commonnconscience and the common sensenof common men, as His instrumentalitynto carry the world finally into accordnwith Himself. That is one class of men.nThe other class of men is the class ofnmen who, whenever they confer a servicenupon anybody or even upon theirnown country, begin to weigh in theirnminds as to how much it ought to benworth in dollars. This is one of thenthings that cannot be measured in dollars.nIt must be measured in honor, andnthe man who is not willing to be rewardednin honor is not worthy to be rewardednat all.n”Mr. President, whenever a boy goesnto fight for an ideal: to save the Union,nto save his country, to save civilization,nto save democracy, or to save anything,nand then comes back and proceeds toncollect every week, my answer is, thennext time you find civilization in dangernlet it sink.”n—Willard Z. FrancisnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSnRODNEY KING DAY win be the officialndesignation of April 29th on thennew American calendar, and the holidaynwill be marked by an annual spree ofnrioting and looting, all in a good cause.nThe jury’s verdict in the LAPD officers’ntrial came as a shock to the commentatorsnwho could only repeat, over andnover, “But we saw the tape.” What elsencould we expect from a generationnbrought up watching television? If wenhave seen something on TV, it must ben”true,” no matter what evidence or argumentnmight have been presented tonthe jury during the long course of thennntrial. That Rodney King is exactly thenkind of thug that we need police protectionnfrom, that in a decent societynhe would be either executed or workingnhis life away on the county farm, nonenof the pundits was willing to admit.nI knew we were in trouble on Thursdaynevening, when Mayor Bradley, variousnblack leaders, and Governor PetenWilson all recommended peace, whilenexpressing their sympathy for the outragenbeing felt in the black community.nOnce the riots were well under way,nGeorge Bush threw his support behindnthe looters. After a perfunctory appeal ton