petrator resisted arrest, spat at the cops,ndanced maniacally, made obscene gesturesnat a policewoman, and refused tondo as he was told.nThe police thought King was on PCP.nInstead, he was one of those recklessndrunks that MADD always warn usnagainst. Did the malt liquor bull have angun? He wouldn’t let himself be frisked,nand he kept grabbing at his waist. Evennif he didn’t, might he have overpoweredna cop, grabbed his pistol, and openednfire? It’s happened, and the police werenright to worry.nThey ordered him to stand still, andnhe laughed and tried to run away. Fournpolicemen grabbed him, and he tossednthem off. They tried to subdue him—ntwice—with an electric stun gun, butnRobocrook, unaffected by the 100,000nvolts, lunged at a cop. It was like anmovie “where the monster is shot andnkeeps coming at you,” said a highwaynpatrolman who was there, but did notnparticipate. The police told him to “assumenthe position,” meaning, lie spreadneagle on the ground, but he refused.nThey had to strike him for about anminute to get him to do so. But Kingnwas always in control. He could havenstopped the process at any time, or preventednit entirely, by doing as he wasntold. When he stopped resisting andnsaid he was ready to be cuffed, the batonsnwere immediately put away. Likenone juror, I think the cops “did whatnthey had to do to get him under controlnin extreme conditions.” They couldnhave shot him, but they didn’t, and annearlier liberal media campaign had outlawednthe traditional (and very effective)nchoke-hold as “racist.”nWe never saw King rush at the policenat linebacker speed, nor his repeated attemptsnto get away. The media didn’tnshow us the entire videotape, let alonentell us what happened before the cameramannstarted filming or who RodneynKing really was. All we saw was an editednversion. The excuse was “poor filmnquality,” but a producer for Court TVnsaid that was nonsense. The entire filmnwas of the same quality.nBut wasn’t King “almost killed,” asnvictimologist William Raspberry putnit? Sure, that’s why the hospital callednhim slightly injured, and why, shortlynafter his TV debut. King solicitedna transvestite prostitute and tried tonrun over the cop who intervened. Noncharges were filed. King was now thenTeflon transgressor.n6/CHRONICLESnNevertheless, the prosecutor wasnafraid to put the burly King on thenstand. The jury might have “focused onnhis character and background.” Well,nthey did, and they should have. Theynalso learned a little of what it’s like tonbe a cop. The police really are the thinnblue line between civilization and barbarism.nAttack the cops, tie their hands,nmake them feel like criminals, treatnthem like the enemy, and society disintegrates.nBut Rodney King is black and thencops are white. Doesn’t this proven”racism”? No, for the two black mennriding with King obeyed instructions andnwere untouched. But didn’t the City ofnLos Angeles’ Christopher Commissionnnote “racist” LAPD radio jokes aboutn”Gorillas in the Mist”? Come on. Donwe really expect working-class guys operatingnunder tremendous stress not tonmake ethnic jokes? Or should their privatenhumor have to pass muster with thenACLU, the NAACP, NOW, LULAC,nand presumably PETA as well?nThe jury ignored all this, and lookednat the facts. So, instead of being congratulated,nthey are beaten up by everyonenfrom George Bush to Jesse Jacksonnfor their verdict. The jury, we are told,nshould have found the police guilty tonassuage the “rage” and “anger” of blacknAmerica, specifically the residents ofnsouth-central Los Angeles. If they’re sonangry. Rush Limbaugh wanted to know,nwhy did the riots look like a “rap party”?nBlacks gleefully kicked whites to death,nlooted stores, and set ten thousandnbuildings on fire. “I saw them dancingnon ears, and on people’s faces,” saidnLimbaugh. “And they were laughing.”nAmidst all this, how did our publicnleaders react? L.A. Mayor Bradley hadnto be dragged kicking and screaming toncondemn the rioters, and even then henmerely tut-tutted them (unlike the jurors,nwhom he wanted lynched). GovernornWilson of California and PresidentnBush weren’t much better. They all subvertednthe jury, in effect handing a gasolinencan to the mob. Meanwhile, thencops were effectively disarmed, at thenrequest of black officials in Los Angeles,nand the troops were deployed bullet-lessnor much too late. A televised ordernto “shoot to kill” looters would havenbeen all that was needed, as MayornRichard Daley demonstrated during thenChicago riots of 1968. When the criminalsnwatched his announcement onntheir new TVs, and believed him, theynnnstayed home.nNow, having lost what it considers thenfirst round, the Establishment is callingnfor a retrial of the police on “civil rights”nviolations (refusing to give King a welfarencheck?). This obviously violates the constitutionalnprotection against doublenjeopardy, but no one cares. As withnmost of the Constitution, it can be safelynignored. If found guilty by what thenJustice Department will make sure is anheavily black jury, the police can be sentencednto ten years in a federal prison,nwhere they can be sodomized and murderednby black inmates. This is justice,nD.C. style.nSince the jurors, much to the Establishment’sndisappointment, can’t meet ansimilar fate, a liberal California newspapernpublished their names and home addresses.nAll that was missing were mapsnfor the lads of the “community” to follow.nThe Establishment’s intention isnto intimidate future juries. They mustnnot deliver politically incorrect verdicts.nThe change of venue has also beennattacked. When this routine legal procedurentakes place to protect mass murderersnand others beloved of liberals, it isndefended as necessary to a fair trial. ButnJnthe change to middle-class Simi Valleynyielded, we’re told in shocked tones, “annall-white jury.” This was about as accuratenas the rest of the media output: onenmember was Asian and another was Hispanic,nso it was only 83.3 percent evil.nRodney King, we’re even told by anblack leader, “didn’t get a jury of hisnpeers.” Well, excuse me, but it is thendefendants who are supposed to get anjury of their peers, and they did. To preventnthat in the future, leftist law professorsnnow suggest that juries have atnmost a few whites in all “sensitive cases.”nThis designation does not include,nneedless to say, black crimes againstnwhites.nFrom the media, one might think thatncrime in America is white on black, asnthey say. In fact, as the FBI statisticsnand common sense tell us, it is virtuallynalways the other way around. The fewncases of whites attacking blacks (HowardnBeach, etc.) become famous. We’reneven being told now that King is a hero.nA few days after the original incident,nwhen I defended the cops in the Los AngelesnTimes to what I might call the ragenof left-libertarians, I predicted a miniseriesnon St. Rodney. Stay tuned.nAs to the race riots themselves, thenquestion is why? We all get angry. Wen