THE ARTS OF LYINGn’ “^’W-V^’nLying is a fine art. But there is also the art of teUing the truth. In an agenwhen Arthur Schlesinger Jr. counts as a major historian, and Philip Roth isna literary giant, Chronicles is for its readers a real alternative.nThis monthly “magazine of American culture” offers essays by George Garrett,nJames Stockdale, Octavio Paz, Russell Kirk, “W^ker Percy, and Robert Nisbet,nand poetry by Fred Chappell, Charles Causley, P.J. Kavanaugh, Roy Fuller, andnDavid Slavitt. Plus a wide range of reviews, editorial comment, and reportagenon controversial issues.nChronicles gives new meaning to the term “cultural revolution.” In JacquesnBarzun’s words, “Chronicles actually lives up to the famihar claim of beingnan ‘independent’ journal.”nChnoniclesnA MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN CULTUREn934 North Main Street, Rockford IL 61103nTo Subscribe, Call 1-800-435-0715nnn