resist aggression.nAs the Gulf farce continues, we arenprovided with almost daily evidencenthat George Bush is a worthy successornto Jimmy Carter. It was under Garternthat the crusade for international humannrights came out in the open as ancampaign against national sovereignty,nand throughout the so-called crisis innthe Gulf, the key American decisionsnhave nearly all been justified on thengrounds of collective security, thenUnited Nations, or international humannrights. Within a mere 48-hournperiod, President Bush once again denouncednSaddam Hussein as anothernHitler, threatening him with a warncrimes trial, if there were any morenincidents of Iraqi soldiers shooting civilians.nAs if American soldiers havennever shot civilians, as if that were allnthat Heinrich Himmler was accusednof, as if the Nuremberg trials were notna travesty of every decent principle ofnnational and international law. AsnGhurchill among so many others insistednat the time, the worst of the Nazisnshould have been shot as soon as theynwere captured, without setHng a precedentnthat could some day be usednagainst Britain and America. As thentide turns against nuclear weapons, willnthe United States someday be requirednto pay reparations to the Japanese?nBut worse, far worse than the recklessnPresidential rhetoric was the U.N.nresolution to send a delegation to Israelnto investigate the killing of 21 Palestinians.nThe United States, eager to appeasenits vehemently anti-Ghristian alliesnin the Arab world, voted in favor ofnthe resolution, provoking the Israelincountermove: the decision to step upnthe settlement of Soviet Jews in EastnJerusalem.nMany if not most Americans probablyndeplore the excessive force used bynthe Israeli government against Palestinians,nand many if not most would bendelighted to see the United Statesnbegin lowering its foreign aid to Israel,nforeign aid that enables the governmentnof Israel to provide a welfarensafety net far in excess of what wenenjoy here. Some Americans, at least,nwould be content to see Israel withdrawnfrom its occupied territories andnallow the establishment of a Palestiniannstate. But these are all practical mattersnof Realpolitik, in which there is roomnfor disagreement. What is frightening.n6/CHRONICLESnhowever, is our blithe willingness tonabridge the sovereignty of an alliednstate by supporting the United Nations’nclaim to stick its nose in, everyntime there is a question of an oppressednminority. The day is coming when wenwon’t have the votes and won’t haventhe backing of the Soviets. GeorgenBush’s New World Order will seemnless attractive, when Americans have tonface a series of U.N. delegations thatncome to investigate conditions on Indiannreservations and to guarantee thenrights of Puerto Rican separatists andnblack nationalists.nThe Israelis are justifiably upset withnthe United States, and not just over thenU.N. resolution. There are rumors thatnthe Israelis, alarmed at the expansionnof Syrian territory right up to theirndoorstep, are hinting at the possibilitynof a strike against Syria. The possibilitiesnfor Armageddon appear to benmultiplying. If one can believe a reportnin the French L’Express, the Bushnadministration has serious plans of attackingnIraq as soon as the elections arensafely out of the way.n— Thomas FlemingnTHE IMMIGRATION and NaturalizationnService announced last Junenthat to “regain control of the border”nthe INS will now begin to deport andnpossibly jail aliens and smugglers enteringnour country illegally. If you’renwondering whether this hasn’t beennINS policy all along, think again. In thenSouthwest, repeat offenders have traditionallynbeen released just inside thenMexican border — not arrested, notnfingerprinted, just released, often to benapprehended again later in the samennight.nThis catch-and-release policy hasnlong been evidence not only of thenfederal government’s refusal to controlnillegal immigration, but of its ardentninterest in its proliferation. Remembernwhen Washington told us that thenImmigration Reform Act of 1986,nwhich amnestied 3.1 million illegalnaliens, would not be the precedent fornfurther amnesties but would merelynacknowledge present realities? Washingtonnlied. Last October the Housenpassed the Family Fairness and EmploymentnOpportunity ImmigrationnAct of 1990 (H.R. 4300), and as ofnearly November the bill had entered annnconference committee where lawmakersnare busy ironing out differencesnbetween the House and Senate versions.nSponsored by Democrat BrucenMorrison of Gonnecticut, the Housenbill grants two new amnesties to illegalnaliens, increases family-chain migration,ngrants permanent resident aliensnthe same immigration privileges as citizens,nand will cost the American taxpayernanother $3 billion annually. Thenbill will increase legal immigration tonthis country from roughly five hundrednthousand immigrants a year to sevennhundred thousand a year in 1992,n1993, and 1994, and then reduce thenlevel to 675,000 anually in subsequentnyears.nGongress’s timing is appalling. Atnthe very time a 1990 Roper Poll showsnthat 77 percent of Americans, includingn78 percent of blacks and 74 percentnof Hispanics, oppose increasingnimmigration, that one out of five prisonersnin American jails is an illegalnalien (a figure that has risen 600 percentnin the last decade), that unemploymentnis on the rise and a recessionnis on the way, and at the very time thatnGongress itself cannot figure out hownto balance the federal budget at itsnpresent level without raising taxes onncitizens legally residing in this countryn— it is now that our leaders proposenone of the most sweeping changes innU.S. immigration policy in more thanna quarter of a century. And amendmentsnthat would have forced Gongressnto reimburse cities and states fornadditional social service costs incurrednby the new influx of immigrants werendefeated on the House floor.nIn other words, cities and regionsnhardest hit by these immigration wavesncan expect no help from Washington.nLast June, when the Galifornia town ofnGosta Mesa banned the spending ofnlocal funds on aid for illegal aliens.nHousing and Urban DevelopmentnSecretary Jack Kemp personally intervened,narguing that no city has a rightnto restrict HUD funds. Nor can Galiforniansnexpect much help from theirnstate legislators. In 1989 the statenpassed a law providing medical coverage,nincluding pregnancy care, for allnillegal aliens who reside in Galifornia.nIllegal aliens have openly told stateninvestigators that the Medi-Gal programnis their sole reason for migratingnto America. Administrators of Califor-n