CULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnTHE SERBS, after a decade of beingrntreated as the designated demons of Europe,rnwere, in the first week of October,rntransformed by Western media andrnpohticians into a nation of Walesas andrnHavels. The ethnic cleansing and massrnrape stories were gone, replaced by thosernof freedom, democracy, and gallantry. AsrnMatthew Parris remarked in the Times ofrnLondon, “We love themAVe love themrnnot. If I was a brave Serb/beastly Serb, I’drnbe feeling confused this morning.” Thernentire Serbian nation was humanized inrnabout five minutes, which must be arnrecord even for CNN’s spin doctors.rnBut most Serbs did not care what thernrest of the world thought of them as theyrntook to the streets to depose SlobodanrnMilosevic. That misshapen communistrnapparatchik—who had never been anyrnkind of nationalist, let alone a “greaterrnSerbian chauvinist”—was determined tornmaintain power for as long as he couldrnfeed on the ever-shrinking innards of Serbia.rnBut he finally overplayed his handrnwhen he hastily called an election forrnSeptember 24. In spite of controlling thernmedia and the money, Milosevic wasrnbeaten, convincingly and on the firstrnround, by an unassuming lawyer of integrityrnand intellect, Vojislav Kostunica.rnHaving lost the vote, he tried to steal thernelection by fraud.rnUntil election day, even Milosevic’srnenemies had grudging respect for his creativerndeviousness. But when he foundrnhimself reduced to stealing wallets inrnbroad daylight, he was doomed. Thernmagic was gone. In the aftermath of thernelection, his subjects lost their respect forrnhim, and thus they no longer feared him.rnKostunica and his opposition partnersrnwere prepared for the attempted theft.rnThey immediately denounced the federalrnelection commission’s claim that Kostunicarnwas one percentage point short ofrna simple majority and called for a generalrnstrike. The catastrophic election resultsrnand the growing revolt threw Milosevic’srnmachine into a panic. “The Boss” obviouslyrndid not have an ace up his sleeve,rnand the initial trickle of desertions fromrnhis ranks turned into a flood. The desertersrnincluded some astute police generalsrnwhose pragmatism was coupled with insightrninto the mood in the streets. Thernfear that the military would violently suppressrnthe protests —as it did in Marchrn1991, when Milosevic ordered tanks tornthe streets of Belgrade—proved unfounded.rnFinally, on October 5, the police letrnhundreds of thousands of demonstratorsrntake over the parliament building and thernmain TV station. Milosevic’s reign hadrnended.rnMilosevic’s main problem in the crucialrnten days after the election was thatrnthe prospect of deliverance from his 13-rnyear rule had irrevocably gripped thernimagination of millions of Serbs. Theyrncould see the end of the disastious Milosevicrnera, and with it the end of sanctionsrnand of the institutionalized paranoia thatrnthrived on Washington’s SerbophobicrnBalkans policy, and the vision provedrncontagious—even within Milosevic’s establishment.rnAt the time of this writing, with everyrnWestern worthy and his uncle packingrnbags for Belgrade, there is still some talkrnof an attempted comeback by Milosevic,rnbut the danger is probably exaggerated.rnAs Serbia’s deposed ruling couple ponderrntheir shrinking options in the isolation ofrntheir suburban villa, they are more likelyrnbelatedly attempting to come to termsrnwith reality. Their fate may be humiliating,rnbut it is still preferable to that of previousrnBalkan despots on a losing streak—rnas the ghosts of Nicolae and ElenarnCeauseseu could testify.rn— Srdja TrifkovicrnI.U-486 is, by now, probably neatlyrnstacked on pharmacy shelves across thernfruited plain, right next to the Raid andrnRitalin, ready for every woman whornneeds a quick “final solution,” with orrnwithout parental consent—or that of usrnknuckle-dragging sperm donors.rnIt’s legal now, and, of course, thatrnmeans it’s ethical, too. Not like what thatrnother guy in Germany had in mind . . .rnwell, you know. Hey, if doctors prescribernwhat Pat Buchanan calls a “human pesticide,”rnit must be all right . . . right?rnThat’s our federal government at work,rnfolks. You know, the same one that gavernus Prohibition, public schools, incomerntaxes, and Waco. Actually, this wonderrndrug, chemically known as Mifepristonernand marketed as the “morning-after” pill,rnhas been around for decades before it wasrnfinally introduced to American lab rats.rnSanctioned bv Planned Parenthood andrnendorsed by the National Organizationrnfor Women, Mifeprex (the most commonrnbrand) is as popular in Europe asrnViagra is in America, and it probably willrnbe blessed by the next Pope, whoever shernhappens to be. And now it appears thatrnRU-486 will soon be manufactured inrnChina, a country that already has a trackrnrecord when it comes to tainted drugs,rncampaign financing, and populationrncontrol.rnThe French invented this stuff, pickingrnup where the Germans left off, andrnwith equal efficiency. Sometimes historyrnis funny that way. Perhaps they’re just tryingrnto get even with us for giving themrnthe Big Mac. Goincidentally, RU-486rnwas approved by the FDA the same dayrnPierre Trudeau died.rnNaturally, feminists still have muchrnwork to do, including collecting enoughrntax dollars from Christian pro-lifers tornmake sure that all women, especiallyrnthose who can’t afford it and don’t knowrnany better, have access to this deadlyrnproduct. Who wants more of themrnaround anyway? Too bad the little parasitesrnwon’t live long enough to sue thernpharmaceutical companies for peddlingrntheir poison; or better yet, their ownrnmothers, who were stupid enough not tornheed the admonition: WARNING! Thisrnproduct kills when used as intended.rnThere will be warning labels, won’trnthere?rnThe times have changed, and that’srnprecisely what the feminists are countingrnon. To them, RU-486 is not unlike modernrnwarfare. The lines are blurred; therernare no moral absolutes, only varyingrnshades of gray. There is no need for soldiersrnin this battle, which will be foughtrnwith smart bombs and antiseptics. Therernwill be no surgery, no mess to clean up,rnno dead bodies broadcast every night onrnCNN from halfway around the world; nornbabies being dissected inside the wombrnor murdered moments after taking theirrnfirst breath; no guilt, no Normandy, nornnapalm. And no blood and pain. Thernsilent scream will be easily drowned outrnby the voices of Madeleine Albright andrnPatricia Ireland lecturing I’s on global responsibility,rnethnic cleansing, populationrncontrol, and human rights. The onlyrnsights we’ll see are those filtered throughrnthe political lens of the New World Order.rnDECEMBER 2000/5rnrnrn