ANDY ROONEY, the eO Minutesnhumorist, found himself suspendednwithout pay by CBS in February after anhomosexual magazine, The Advocate,nattributed racial comments (“blacksnhave watered down their genes becausenthe less intelligent ones are the onesnthat have the most children”) to himn— comments he denies making, andnfor which The Advocate’s reporter hasnno proof. But Rooney is not alone innbeing silenced.nConsider the case of MichaelnFumento, author of The Myth of HeterosexualnAIDS. Mr. Fumento, whosenbook repudiates the notion that AIDSnis poised to break out into the generalnpopulace and hence must be consideredn”everyone’s disease,” had hisnbook rejected on explicitly politicalngrounds by several publishers before itnwas accepted by Basic Books. Lastnyear, a profile of him in Forbes magazinendrew a picket from a group callednACT-UP (AIDS Coalition To UnleashnPower) and anonymous deathnthreats, for the author of the profile:nThe magazine’s editor, multimillionairenMalcolm Forbes Sr. (since deceased),nbizarrely chose to receive thisngroup in his office for a two-hournharangue, and a week later ran anretraction of the piece in his magazine,ndenouncing Fumento’s “asinine”nviews,’ insisting that he would havenkilled the profile had he not beenntraveling at the time, and publishing anfull-page ACT-UP tract with his endorsementnat the top. (A few monthsnlater, ACT-UP drew further attentionnfor breaking into a mass at St. Patrick’snCathedral in New York, where membersntried to shout down CardinalnO’Connor, chained themselves tonpews, and desecrated the Host, untilnremoved by police.)nDays before the book’s official publicationndate in January, Fumento wasnfired without warning from his job asnan editorial writer at The Rocky MountainnNews. The News—which in responsento feminist pressure had recentlyninstituted sensitivity training coursesnfor its employees — explained his suddenntermination by stating that henmade too many phone calls. Numerousnnational television shows that hadnbooked Fumento called to cancel. Asnfor book sales, at least one letter hasncirculated to booksellers to keep Mythnoff the shelves, and at this writing thenWaldenbooks chain (the largest in thencountry) is not carrying the book,ndespite healthy sales in other stores.nHomosexual activists repeatedly insistnthat their only goal is “tolerance”nand the recognition of their “civilnrights.” The behavior of a good manynof them, and the complicity-by-silencenof others, tells another story. Calls forntolerance and free speech are tacticalnnecessities when such groups are weak,nbut when they acquire power theynquickly get down to the serious businessnof silencing the dissenting voices.n— Matthew KaufmannTHE ERIC VOEGELIN SOCIEtynwill hold its sixth annual meeting onnSeptember 1, 1990, in San Francisco,nin conjunction with the American PoliticalnScience Association. Two panelndiscussions are scheduled, the first onnthe religious views of Eric Voegelinnand Leo Strauss, and the second onnthe “end of history.”nIndividuals interested in attendingnthe meeting should contact the pro­ngram organizer, Ellis Sandoz, secretarynof the Eric Voegelin Society and directornof Louisiana State University’s EricnVoegelin Institute for American RenaissancenStudies. Established in 1987nto honor the memory of LSU’s mostndistinguished professor, the Institutensponsors a wide variety of interdisciplinarynconferences and oversees thenpublication of the 34 volumes ofnVoegelin’s collected works. For moreninformation, write to the Eric VoegelinnInstitute, 240 Stubbs Hall, BatonnRouge, Louisiana 70803-5466.nSAMUEL FRANCIS, who writesnour “Principalities & Powers” columnnevery month, was congratulated in thisnspace last year for winning the AmericannSociety of Newspaper Editors’nDistinguished Writing Award for hisneditorials in the Washington Times.nThis past February he won the awardnagain, the first editorial writer to benhonored twice by the society. We arendelighted to repeat our congratulationsnto him.nGREAT TOPICS, GREAT ISSUESnEconomic Nationalism — January 1990 — PeternBrimelow’s limited defense of economic nationalism.nWilliam Hawkins on unfettered trade. Alan Reynoldsnon foreign investment, Anthony Harrigan on transnationalneconomic strategies, and Thomas Fleming on imperialism.nPlus Janet Barlow’s analysis of the Pete Rosenscandal, Chilton Williamson’spraise for George Kennan’snmemoirs, and Charlotte Low Allen’s review ofnGeorge Gilder’s Microcosm.nWaiting for the End — February 1990 — Paul Gottfriednon “the end of history.” Thomas Fleming onnmillennialism, John Sisk on character and nuclearnanxiety, and Hugh Ragsdale on Gorbachev and thenprospect of Soviet reform. Plus Michael Lind on RobertnBoric, Allan Brownfeld on South African reform, J.O.nTate’s praise for Fred Chappell’s new novel, andnMark Krikorian’s discussion of illegal aliens and then1990 census.nTITLE/DATEnEconomic Nationalism – January 1990nWaiting for tlie End – February 1990nGovernment of tlie People – Marcli 1990nThe Two Cultures – April 1990nName _nAddressnBACK ISSUE ORDER FORMnEach issue $5.00 (postage & handling included)nGovCTranent of the People — March 1990—Don Andersonnon ward government in the South, Iia Mehlmannon the common problems of assimilating immigrantsnin Israel and the United States, R. Cort Kirkwood onnthe National Endowment for Democracy, and ThomasnFleming on why government ^r the people is not thensame as government o/ the people. Plus Clyde Wilsonnon the Virginian roots of American values and AnitanEvangelista on animal rights.nThe Two Cultures — April 1990 — Edward Wilsonnon the role of biology in the formulation of culture,nGeorge Garrett on the role of the artist, and ThomasnFleming on the science of moral reasoning and thenrise of “ethic specialists.” Plus Samuel Francis onnWhittaker Chambers, Murray Rothbard on the diarynof H.L. Mencken, Frederick Turner on angels, andnForrest McDonald on the harsh realities of the civilnrights movement.nQty. CostnTotal Enclosed $.nCity . State . ZipnMail with check to: Chronicles • 934 N. Main Street • Rockford, IL 61103nnnJnMAY 1990/9n