the MEOC pressured them to agree innprinciple to this proposed settlement:nthat between the two of them theynwould pay Sprague $1,500 inndamages; that they would attend antwo-hour “training class” conductednby a homosexual organization; thatnthey would have their housing situationn”monitored” — the word was notndefined — for two years by thenMEOC; and that they would write anletter of apology to Sprague. Duringnthis meeting the two women were notnrepresented by a lawyer. When one ofnthe women, just out of college andnwith a large college loan debt to repay,nsaid the settlement would bankruptnher, the MEOC informed her thatnbankruptcy would not make any difference.nThe Madison City Council president.nSue Bauman, while being a proponentnof antidiscrimination legislation,nthinks that the city housing lawnshould not apply to roommate situations,nand on September 19 the councilnvoted 19 to 2 to amend the lawnaccordingly. Mary Pierce of thenMEOC, citing a confidentiality agreement,nwill not comment on the case atnall. But as of this writing, according tonHacklander and Rowe’s lawyer, BrucenDavey, the MEOC is going aheadnwith its process, and taking the matternto its final stage — a public hearingnbefore a hearing examiner. Presumably,nwith the City Council havingnclarified their language, with the precedentnof the identical state law havingnbeen interpreted in their favor, andnwith several signs of duress evident innthe way their case was handled by thenMEOC, the two women have a goodncase. They will still be out their lawyer’snfee, however, and not contentnwith her MEOC action Ms. Spraguenhas filed suit in Circuit Court. Ms.nHacklander and Ms. Rowe will also stillnbe out their time and their distress.nThis is wh6re equity legislation willnget you. In the interests of protectingnhomosexuals — and, incidentally, convictednmurderers, whom (according tonMary Pierce) the two women alsoncould not legally have turned away —nthe city of Madison has proposed anseries of punishments that would violatenthe rights of even convicted felonsnon probation.nMadison is not just saying that homosexualityn(and a murder conviction)nshould be tolerated. Madison’s EqualnThere are a variety of ways to give to educational andncharitable organizations, like The Rockford Institute,npublisher of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.nMost people make outright gifts which result in a “charitablendeduction” from a person’s taxable income.nAnother option is to establish a Charitable RemaindernTrust. For example, suppose a person bought some stock at ancost of $20,000 many years ago that is now worth $50,000nand pays 3 percent in dividends. One way to lock in thencurrent value, avoid capital gains tax, and derive more incomenwould be to create a Charitable Remainder Unitrust.nPay-out percentages can be fixed from 5 percent to 8 percent,nand the investments are in secure income-producing investments.nIf the trust earns more than the agreed pay-out amount,nthat additional money is added each year to the trust so thatnthe size of the trust increases. Upon the death of the donor ornhis beneficiary, the trust would become the property of thenInstitute or other charities of the donor’s choice. Estate taxesnarc eliminated and there is a sizeable charitable deduction innthe year the trust is established. The amount of the charitablendeduction depends on the age of the donor and the incomenretained.n8/CHRONICLESnOpportunity Commission is sayingnthat homosexuality (and a murder conviction)nare such goods that they mustnbe protected with every bit of energynthe law will allow. Protecting this actualnlesbian and this theoretical murderernmust come even at the price of frightening,nharassing, fining, and “re-educating”ntwo ordinary, tax-paying citizens.nAnn Hacklander has said that shenpersonally had no prejudice againstnlesbians, but that Ms. Rowe was uncomfortablenwith the idea of living withnone, and so her roommate would hardlynforce it on her. After what Hacklandernhas gone through in the namenof tolerance, does anyone think she isnso friendly to the homosexual lobbynnow? (KD)nM.E. BRADFORD, who introducesnthe essay by Donald Davidson, is anprofessor of English at the Universitynof Dallas. A former student ofnDavidson’s, Professor Bradford is currentlynat work on a biography of thenpoet and essayist commissioned bynThe University of Virginia Press.nD Send me general information on the variousn”Planned Giving” options.nn Send me information on CharitablenRemainder Unitrusts.nCITY STATEnPHONEnnnIf you have a specific asset, such as slocks, that you arcnconsidering for a contribution and if you would like the Institutento evaluate the financial and tax implications for your gift, pleaseninclude the following information:nSS# (SPOUSE)nCOST OF ASSET ESTIMATED MARKET VALUEn