22 OF THE BEST MINDS . . .nNOW IT’S EASY TO READ THEIR BESTnMany eminent thinkers are now listening tonbooks as a means of significantly increasingntheir reading time.nColumnist George Will has stated, “Ingo through a book a week using timenotherwise wasted in taxis, shaving ornwalking.” (NY Times)n1007 GOD AND MAN AT VALE-Wm, E Buckley, Jr.n5 IVi-hour cassettes Purchase $25.95n30-Day Rental .$12.95n1021 FREE TO CH00SE-Mi7ton & Rose Friedmann9 lV2-hour cassettes Purchase $37.95n30-Day Rental .$16.95n1009 WEALTH AND POVERTY-Geo;ge Gildern9 IVz-hour cassettes Purchase $37.95n30-Day Rental .$16.95n1005 MEN AND MARRIAGE-George Gildern6 lV2-hour cassettes Purchase $27.95n30-Day Rental .$12.95n1022 SUICIDE OF THE WEST-James Bumhamn8 IVi-hour cassettes Purchase $33.95n30-Day Rental .$15.95n1024 THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OFnBENJAMIN FRANKLINn5 IVi-hour cassettes Purchase $25.95n30-Day Rental .$12.95n1004-A MODERN TIMES I (read in two parts)n-Paul Johnson Purchase $49.95n14 IVi-hour cassettes 45-Day Rental . $18.95n1004-B MODERN TIMES ll-Paul Johnsonn14 IVi-hour cassettes Purchase $49.95n45-Day Rental .$18.95n1023-A A HISTORY OF THE JEWS 1-Paul Johnsonn12 IVz-hour cassettes Purchase $45.95n30-Day Rental .$17.95n1023-B A HISTORY OF THE JEWS ll-Paul Johnsonn10 iy2-hour cassettes Purchase $39.95n30-Day Rental .$16.95nPaulnJohnsonnfFREETOCHGDSEiin(i()l)gt!VtVmYLE BK5r.n^S^SfCIVIL RICMT&aia,’ »nAuinaKESisGinsiilnMODERN TIMES InCOMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED BOOKS … ON CASSETTE TAPESn1025 SENATORIAL PRIVILEGE-LfO Damoren10 lV2-hour cassettes Purchase $39.95n30-Day Rental .$16.95n1011 THE CONSERVATIVE MIND-Russell Kirkn15 lV2-hour cassettes Purchase $53.95n45-Day Rental .$19.95n1028 THE BLOODY CROSSROADSn-Norman Podhoretz Purchasen$22.95n5 IVi-hour cassettes 30-Day Rental .$12.95n1015 E PLURIBUS UNUMn7 IVz-hour cassettesn-Forrest McDonaldnPurchase $29.95n30-Day Rental .$14.95n1010 THE REVOLT OF THE MASSESn-Jose Ortega y Gasset Purchase $25.95n5 IVi-hour cassettes 30-Day Rental .$12.95n1006 MARXISM-T/iorais Sowelln6 IVi-hour cassettes Purchase … $27.95n30-Day Rental .$13.95n1003 A CONFLICT OF VISIONS-TTiomas Sowelln5 iy2-hour cassettes Purchase , , , $25.95n30-Day Rental .$12.95n1001 COMPASSION VS. GUILT-TTiomas Sowelln51’A-hour cassettes Purchase , $25.95n30-Day Rental .$12.95n1002 CIVIL RIGHTS-T/iomfls Sowelln3 lV2-hour cassettes Purchasen$17.95’n30-Day Rental .$ 9.95n1016 THE SECRET OF FATHER BROWNn-G. K. Chesterton Purchasen$22.95n4 iy2-hour cassettes 30-Day Rental .$11.95n1014 RED HORIZONS-li. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepan10 iy2-hour cassettes Purchase $39.95n30-Day Rental .$16.95n1035 THE NAPOLEON OF NOTTING HILLn-G. K. Chesterton Purchase $22.95n4 1 V2-hour cassettes 30-Day Rental . $11.95n1033 GEORGE WASHINGTON: A BIOGRAPHYn-John R. Alden Purchase $33.95n8 PA-hour cassettes 30-Day Rental .$15.95n1030 IN PURSUIT OF REASON:nTHE LIFE OF THOMAS JEFFERSONn-Noble C. Cunningham, Jrn12 iy2-hour cassettes Purchase $45.95n30-Day Rental .$17.95n1034 THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.n-Hamilton, Jay and Madisonn14 IVz-hour cassettes Purchase $49.95n45-Day Rental .$18.95nNEW RELEASESn1041 CHRONICLES OF WASTED TIME, Vol. 1n-Malcolm Muggeridge Purchase $39.95n10 iy2-hour cassettes 30-Day Rental . $16.95n1042 CHRONICLES OF WASTED TIME, Vol. 2n-Malcolm Muggeridge Purchase $37.95n9 Vk-houT cassettes 30-Day Rental .$16.95n1050 INTELLECTUALS-Pflu/ Johnsonn10 iy2-hour cassettes Purchase $39.95n30-Day Rental .$16.95nlet’s face the facts: Listening to recorded books is the greatest educational breakthrough of the decade!nWith the average American commuter now spending well over one hour per day in his car, thenredemption of this otherwise “dead” time by listening to the CONSERVATIVE CLASSICS poses anlife-changing and revolutionary opportunity for all.nORDER TODAY … WE GUARANTEE YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK.nYes please put me in touchnMail order to: CLASSICS ON TAPE, P.O. Box 969,nwith the best minds.nAshland, OR 97520 or CALL (503) 776-5179 (9-6 M-F)nMethod of payment:nD Visa D MasterCardnD Check or Money OrdernAcct. No.nExp. Daten(UPS 2nd Day Air delivery service is available;nadd $2,00 per book.)nD Send me your catalog.nQty.nNamenAddresnItem # Title of Book Rent PurchasenShipping & Handling:nCity State, Zip_ _Phone_nnnTOTAL:nTotal ,n