Announcing Brand’Pfew TitlesnFrom Krieger . . .nADULT LEARNING IN AMERICA:nEduard Lindeman and His Agendanfor Lifelong Educationnby David W. StewartnOrig. Ed. 1987 308 pp. $24.50n”Education is Life” was the maxim of EduardnLindeman. His philosophy of adult education, ornlifelong learning, is analyzed in this study of thenorigins of adult learning in America and other countries.nLindeman was a popular lecturer on variousnsubjects and the author of a number of books — butnonly one on adult education. Personal interviews andnLindeman’s scrapbooks are among the sources fornthis book, which sets forth the ideas and beliefs of anninspiring and influential leader in the American adultneducation movement.nVALUE THEORY AND EDUCATIONnby Peter F. Carbone Jr.nOrig. Ed. 1987nThe aim of this book is to demonstrate the manysidednrelationship between value and educationalnpolicy and practice. Although one aspect of that relationship,nthe connection between moral philosophynand moral education — has been thoroughly examinednduring the three decades, relatively little has beennwritten on the general import of value theory and theneducational process as a whole.nSTUDIES ON THEOLOGY AND EDUCATIONnby John L. EliasnOrig. Ed. 1986 240 pp. $14.95nTHE ADULT EDUCATION MOVEMENTnIN THE UNITED STATESnby Malcolm S. KnowlesnRev. Ed. 1977 442 pp. $24.50nCURRICULUM MODELS IN ADULTnEDUCATIONnby Michael LangenbachnOrig. Ed. 1987nThis book is an examination of several different curriculumnmodels found in adult education. The approachnis to focus on the primary purpose being servednby the adult education enterprise, like organizationalneffectiveness, liberal education and adult basicneducation and to describe representational curriculumnmodels from each. The descriptions will permitnanother way to view the otherwise complex field ofnadult education and enable comparisons of the differentncurriculum models.nADULT EDUCATION ANDnPHENOMENOLOGICAL RESEARCHnby Sherman M. StanagenOrig. Ed. 1987nThis is the only book length study of phenomenologynat work on the practices and theories of adult educationnand on the essential structures of adult learning.nMany examples of phenomenological investigationsnand examples of concrete problems and projects fornadvanced and professional work in the theory and thenpractice of adult learning and adult education arenpresented.nSELECTED WRITINGS ON PHILOSOPHYnAND ADULT EDUCATIONnby Sharan B. Merriam (Ed.)nOrig. Ed. 1984 200 pp. CI. $14.50, Ppb. $8.50nPERSPECTIVES ON COUNSELING ADULTS:nIssues and Skillsnby Nancy K. Schlossberg, Lillian Trolln& Zandy LeibowitznOrig. Ed. 1978, Reprint 1986 160 pp. $16.95nWhen ordering, please add $4.00 for first book, $1.00 for each additional for shipping. Paperback – $1.50 for first book, 75c for each additional to cover shipping.nQTy Krieger Publishing Company, Inc. /QTn’ ^P.O. Box 9542 • Melbourne, FL 32902-9542 • (305) 724-9542^nnn